[From Manx Soc vol XXI]

21st September 1787.

IN the first series of Mona Miscellany, pp. 80-85, was given an account of this disaster, in which was mentioned a French print depicting the sad event. Having received permission to copy this print, we are now enabled to present it to the Inembers of the Manx Society.

This print, representing the scene of the disaster, was several years ago picked up by the late Rev. G. S. Parsons, of Castletown, Government Chaplain, at an old print-shop in Paris. From him it passed into the hands of the late George Quirk, Esq., Water Bailiff, and was in the possession of Richard Quirk, Esq., Receiver-General, in 1871.

The picture presents a view of the Old Fort, the Old Pier, the greater part of which was washed away in 1786, and Douglas Head. The wreck of the boats (all one-masted), the struggling of the men, the fury of the sea, and the angry appearance of the sky, from which flashes of lightning are emitted, is very spiritedly drawn. The ballads relating thereto are given in the first series of Mona Miscellany.


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