Composed by the Rev. Vicar-General Cosnahan, who died in 1749.


TAN traa ain ceau, tán chor cheet er,
Caid vees yn ghless dy roie?
Myr shoh ta shin er nyn yurnah
As cosney gys yn oaie.


O M'annym! S'mennic ayns dty hraa,
Honnick oo yn shilley hreih;
Naboo lurg naboo cosney roish,
As dobberan vooar ny-yeih.


As myr gig imbagh veg my geayrt,
Shoh vees yn stayd ain hene ;
Nyn gaarjyn vees my-geayrt y mooin
As cur nyn mannaight lhien.


Ny sniessey, as ny'sniessey tayrn,
Gys giattyn dowin yn oaie;
Kaad hie nyn dyraghyn rhymboo,
As hig nyn sluight nyn-yeih.

At the oiel-verree on Christmas Eve, the churches are all decked with holly and evergreens in various devices, when about midnight each one, bearing his own candle, sings carols of which the foregoing is a specimen.

For a more particular account of this Manx custom, see "Customs and Superstitions," in this volume.


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