[From Chapter 1 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]


Nine members of this family, which has contributed several distinguished men to the service of the Manx State, served in the Manx Church. The first was JOHN, who was Vicar of Jurby in 1575 and of German in 1585. Four of them, except for a brief interval from 1656 to 1667, were Vicars of Santon in succession, from 1614 to 1731, WILLIAM, from 1611 to 1618, JOHN, from 1618 to 1656, HUGH, from 1667 to 1691, and JOHN, from 1691 to 1731.

It is said the first JOHN was the only clergyman in the island who ventured, during the rule of Lord Fairfax, to baptise children according to the rites of the Established Church. The last JOHN was vicar general. Bishop Wilson wished to appoint his son, of the same name, Vicar of Santon, in 1731, but Lord Derby declined. The bishop then made him vicar-general, while still a curate, and, a few days later, he appointed him to the Vicarage of Braddan, which was in his own gift. He held this living till his death in 1750. These three JOHNS, and HUGH, together with Joseph and Jullus (see below), were all buried underneath what is called "the great broad stone" at Santon. John's son, Joseph succeeded him as Vicar of Braddan, where he remained till his death in 1768. He translated the Second Book of Samuel into Manx. Finally, Joseph's son, JULIUS, was Vicar of Braddan in 1786, having previously been Curate of St. George's, but he died in the same year.

A fuller genealogy of the Cosnahan family was given by Cannon Stenning.


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