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A.D. 1546.

THE King to all those to whom, etc., Greeting. In order that the reverend Father Henry Man, bishop of the Isle of Man, may be enabled to uphold his state, according to the requirements of the Pontifical dignity.

Know that we,

Of our special grace, and of our certain knowledge and mere motion, have conceded and given permission, and do by these presents concede and give permission to the aforesaid Henry Man, bishop aforesaid, that he may retain, together with his bishopric, the Deanery and dignity of our Cathedral church of Christ and of the blessed Mary the Virgin, his mother, at Chester, in our county of Chester; together with the parochial churches of the blessed Mary upon the Mount, in our city of Chester, and Fynyngley, in our county of Nottingham; and each of them in commendan, in and for the term of his natural life, together with his bishopric, and to receive all the stipends and daily distributions thereof, and also the fruits, rents, and revenues, as well as tenths, and all and singular emoluments and profits, and rights whatsoever, belonging and appertaining in any way to them, for his own use and benefit; and if he should require a title in them to convert and apply the same, as aforesaid, during his natural life, freely and lawfully, in such ample manner and form, that if he should remain personally in them, and should reside and continually remain in either of them, [it may be,]without hinderance of us or of our heirs, or of any others whom-soever, or of the Canons or Chapter of our Cathedral church of Chester aforesaid, or of their successors, or of the parishioners of the parochial churches of the blessed Mary the Virgin of Chester, and of Fynyngey aforesaid, provided that the cure of the parishioners in the said parochial churches be not left neglected and without pastoral care, but be duly served by some clerk. fitting for the purpose. And notwithstanding that among other Statutes, Ordinances and Provisions of our said Cathedral Church of Chester, made and published by us and by our authority, for the preservation of Divine worship in the same, and for the better government of the Ministers of the same, and delivered to the said Ministers, it may be deliberately set forth, and provided for to the contrary, and more especially in that statute where the residence of the Dean of the said our Cathedral Church aforesaid, for the time being, is established and provided for, thus beginning, "because to the watchful eye of a Rector, nothing is more desirable, that all things may be rightly governed, we resolve and will that the Dean shall always reside at home near his church, unless any lawful impediment shall remove him, the following statutes notwithstanding; namely, respecting the stipend of the Dean and Canons of our said Cathedral Church," where it is thus stated, the precentor for the time being shall faithfully note the days on which the Deans and Canons are absent, from the Dean, the sum of four shillings shall be taken for each day of absence, moreover, "of the election of officers," where it is thus contained, but at this election of the Dean and Canons, we will that all shall assemble and be present in the said our church, the impediments above enumerated ceasing, otherwise, as many as are absent at that time, all lawful impediment ceasing, shall be wholly deprived of that sum of money which, for that year they would have enjoyed from their Prebendary dues, or any other Statutes, Acts, Ordinances or Provisions made, published, ordered or provided, to the contrary, as well of our Cathedral Church of Christ and the blessed Virgin Mary, as of our Parliament of this our Kingdom of England, or any other thing, cause, or matter whatsoever, to the contrary notwithstanding.

In testimony whereof, etc.

Witness the' King at Westminster, 22nd day of January. By the King himself.




REX omnibus ad quos, ete., Salutem. Ut Reverendus Pater Dominus Henricus Man Episcopus Insulæ de Man statum suum juxta Pontificalis Digni-tatis exigentiam decentius tenere possit et valsat.

Sciatis quod nos,

De gratia nostra speciali, ac ex certa seientia et mero motu nostris, concessimns et licentiam dedimus, ac per præsentes concedimus et licentiam damus præfato Henrico Man Episcopo antedicto quõd ipse, una cum Episcopatu suo

hujusmodi, decanatuum et diguitatem decanalem Ecclesiæ nostræ Cathedralis Christi et beatæ Mariæ Virginis Genetricis ejus Cestriæ in comitatu nostro Cestriæ, una ciim ecclesiis parochial-ibus beatæ Mariæ super moxntem civitatis nostræ Cestriæ et Fynyngley in comitatu nostro Notynghamiæ, et earum quamlibet in commendam ad terminum et protsrmino vitæ ipsius naturales, simul cum Episcopatu suo hujusmodi retinere illarumque stipendia omreia et quotidiauas distributiones, ac etiam fructus redditus et prõventiis, decima.s quoque, emolumenta et proficua omDia et singula, a jura quæcumque ad eas qualitercumque spectantia et pertinentia persipere, atque in suos usus et ritilitatem, ac si illas in titulum obtineret, convertere et applicare durante, ut præmit-titur, vita sua naturali libere et licite valeat et possit, in tam amplis modo et forma ac si continue personaliter in eisdsm et earum qualibet resideret et psrpetuo maneret, absque impedimento nostro vel hæredum nostrorum aut aliorum quorumcum-que, aut canonicorum vel capituli dictæ Ecclesiæ nostræ Cathe-dralis Cestriæ aut successorum suorum, aut Parochianorum Ecclesiarum Parochialium beatæ Mariæ Virginis Cestræ et Fynyngles prædictarum. Dummodo cura Parochianorum in dictis Eeclesiis Parochialibus negleeta et inoficiosa non relin-quatur, sed per aliquem elericum edoneum debite deserviatur. Et eo non obstante quod inter cætera statuta ordinationes et provisiones dictæ Ecclesiæ nostræ Cathedralis Cestriæ, per nos et auctoritate nostra pro servatione Divini cultus in eadcm, et Regimine meliori ministrorum ejusdem facta et edita, ac eisdem ministris observanda tradita et dcliberata in contrarium caveatur et p.ovideatur, et præsertim in iklo statuto ubi sancitur et pro. videtur de rcsidentia Dccani dictæ Ecclesiæ nostræ Cathedralis qui pro tempore fuerit, sic incipiente. Quia vigilanti Rectoris occulo nichil est utilius ut omnia recte gubernentur, statuimus et volumus ut Decanus semper Domi apud Ecclesiam suam resideat nisi illum remoretur impedimentum legittimum, non obstantibus etiam statutes subsequentibus ; videlicet, de stipendio Decani et Canonicorum dictæ Ecclesiæ nostræ Cathedralis, ubi sic habetur, Præcentor qui pro tempore fuerit notet fideliter dies quibus absunt Dccani et Canonici, Decano pro singulis diebus absentiæ suæ auferentur quatuor solidos, præterea de electione officiariorum, ubi sic continetur, ad hane autem officiariorum electionem Decanum et Canonicorum omnes, cessantibus, quæ ante numeravimus impedimentis, in dicta nostra Ecclesia convenire et præsentes ipse volumus, alioqui quotquot cessante legittimo impedimento eo tempore abfuerunt, tota illa pecuniæ summa quam pro illo anno pro corpore præbendæ percepturi essent, omnino carebunt; aut aliquibus åliis statutis actibus ordinationibus sive provisionibus, tam Ecclesiæ nostræ Cathedralis Christi et beatæ Mariæ Virginis, quam etiam Parliamenti hujus Regni nostri Angliae inde in contrarium factis editis ordinatis sive provisis, aul aliqua alia re causa vel materia quacumque inaliquo non obstantibus.

In cujus rei, etc.

Teste Rege,apud Westmonasterium, xxii die Januarii. Per ipsuin Regem.



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