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A.D. 1546.

THE King to the Reverend Fathers, Edmund bishop of London, George bishop of Chichester, and Paul bishop of Bristol, Greeting.

Since we, by our letters patent, of our special grace and of our own certain knowledge and mere motion, have given and con-ceded the bishopric of the Isle of Man lately vacant by the natural death of the incumbent, to our beloved chaplain Henry Man, professor of Sacred Theology, and have bestowed the said bishopric, which lawfully remains in our gift, concession, and patronage, upon him, and have nominated, preferred, and assigned the said Henry Man to be-bishop and, pastor of the said bishopric, with all and singular the profits, rights, and emoluments of the aforesaid bishopric, whatsoever, as.well spiritual as temporal, with gifts, liberties, and privileges, committing and entrusting the care, rule, government, and administration of the said bishopric, and of those living therein, to the said Henry, in the Loxd, and have invested him in such bishopric as more fully appears by the same our letters patent, and this we have thought fit to signify unto you, and every of you, by these our writings; requiring you by the fealty and love in which ye are bound to us, firmly commanding you to consecrate the aforesaid Henry Man by us nominated, ordained, and appointed to be bishop of the same, to the episcopal insignia, as is the custom, diligently and effectually, exhibiting and imparting to him the ceremonies requisite and usually observed in this particular in every church, chapel, or proper oratory wheresoever placed for divine service, within our kingdom of England, upon any Sunday after the receipt of these presents, with the greatest celerity possible, to be limited and assigned by your will, ye summon to you and each of you who shall undertake the duty of this office, bishops, ar suffragans, fulfilling the duties of his office, in sufficient and requisite numbers, to be in attendance and assisting to you in this ministry; and moreover for the receiving, requiring, and admitting, from the said Henry, the oath at consecration and benediction to be required, performed, and exhibited as well to us as to our heirs and successors, according to the statutes of this our kingdom of England provided and appointed; and to per-form, exercise, pursue, and expedite all and singular those things which shall be necessary, as well according to law, as the statutes of this our kingdom of England, or in any way fitting or requisite, notwithstanding that the said bishopric lies within the province of York, and in the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of the same, all other statutes of this our kingdom, before made and published, or to be made or published in future notwithstanding.

In testimony whereof, etc.

Witness the King at Westminster, the XXII. day of January. By the King himself.



REX Reverendus Patribus Edmundo Londoniæ, Georgio Cicestrensi, et Paulo Bris-tolliæ, Episcopis, Salutem.

Cum nos Episcopatum Insulæ de Man per mortem naturalem ultimi Incumbentis ejusdem nuper vacantem, dilecto Capellano nostro Henrico Man, Sacræ Theologiæ Professori, per Literas nostras Patentes, de Gratia nostra speccaai, ac ex terta seientia et mero mote nostril, dederimus et concesserimus, ac eidem contu-lerimus dictum Episcopatum qui de nostris, Donatione, Concestione, et Patronatu pleno jure existit, atque eundem Henricum Man in Episcopum dicti episcopates et pastorem nominaverimus præfecerimus et deputaverimus, cum omnibus et singelis præfati episcopates commoditatibus juribus et emolementis quibuseumq; tara spirituAlibus quam temporalibus, donisq.; libertatibus et privilegiis, curam quoq; regimen gubernationem et administra-tionem ejusdem episcopates et in eodem degentium, eidem Hen-rico in Domino committentes et commisimus, ac inveltiverimus eumdem in episcopatu hujusmodi, prout per easdem literas nostras patentes plenius liquet et apparet, hoc vobis, et veltrum cuilibet, duxerimus per hæc scripta nostra significandum ; rogantes, ac in fide et dilectione quibus nobis tenemini, firmiter vobis mandantes quatenus praefatum Henricum Man ad episcopatum Insulæ de Man, per nos, ut præmittitur nominatum ordinatum et præfec-tum in episcopam ejusdem consecrate, ipsumque prout moris elt, episcopalibes insigniis investire veletis diligenter cum effectu, necnon ad exhibenduin et iinpartiendum illi ceremonies in hae parte requisitas usitatas et observatas, in quacumque ecclesia capella, sive oratorio decenti divino cultui deposito decenter et ornate, ubieumq ; infra regnum nostrum. Angliæ constituto, aliqua die Dominica, post receptionem præsentium cum ea qua poteritis matura celeritate, vestro arbitrio limitanda et deputanda, accitis vobis et vestrum euilibet, qui munus executionis hujus-modi duxerit obeundum, episcopis sen suffraganeis executionem officii sui obtinentibus, in nuinero competenti et requisito, in hujusmodi ministerio assidentibus et congruenter opitulantibus ad recipiendum insuper exigendum et adinittendum, ab eodein Henrico consecrand. et benedicend. juramentum tum. nobis hæ successoribus nostris, juxta et secundum statutorum hujus Regni nostri Angliæ provisorum et ordinatoruin, exigendum præstandum et exhibendum; eæteraque omnia et singula faciendum exequendum exequendum expediendumquæ, tam de jure quam de statutis hujus regni nostri Angliæ in hac parte neces,-saria fuerint sen quomodo libet oportuna vel requisita, vobis tenore præsentium conjunctim, et vestrum euilibet per se divisim committimus, ac plenam in domino concedimus potestatem, eo tamen non obstante quod dictus episcopatus infra Provinciam Eboracensem, et de jurisdictione archiepiscopi ejusdem existit ; aliquo etiam statuto sive statutis hujus regni nostri in contra-rium antehae editis et factis sive imposterum edendis sive imposterum edendis sive fiendis, non obstantibus.

In cujus rei, etc.

Teste rege apud Westmonasterium, xxii die Januarii. Per ipsum Regem.



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