From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX



A.D. 1546.

THE King to all to whom, etc, Greeting. Since the bishopric of the Isle of Man is destitute of a pastor, and has been sometime vacant, through the death of the last bishop and incumbent of the same, and is vacant at this present time, and which exists in full right of our gift, concession, and patronage.

Know that we, of our special favor, as well as of our certain knowledge and mere will, have given and conceded, and by these presents do give and concede, with charitable intent, to our beloved chaplain Henry Man, professor of sacred theology, the said bishopric of the Isle of Man aforesaid, and we appoint and depute the said Henry Man to be bishop of the, said bishopric, with all and singular the advantages, rights and emoluments whatsoever, as well spiritual as temporal, of the said bishopric, together with all superior liberties, privileges and gifts, manors as well as houses, lands, tenements, pools, waters, fisheries, and all churches whatsoever in the said bishopric, appropriated and annexed to the bishop of the same for the time being. To obtain use and enjoy the same, and that he may enjoy freely and lawfully as long as he may live, in such ample manner and form, as the aforesaid late bishop and incumbent whilst alive, or any other of his predecessors, by right of the said bishopric, held, enjoyed, occupied and possessed, together with all emoluments whatsoever, accruing and appertaining thereto, at any time since the death of the said bishop and incumbent thereof, without let of us or of our heirs, or of any others whomsoever, any act or statute by our Parliament heretofore published, or to be published to the contrary, or in any other affair, cause or matter whatsoever, in any way notwithstanding, and notwithstanding that express mention exists of the true annual value or surety of the premises, or of any one of them, in these presents, and entrusting by these presents to the care, rule, government, and administration of the said bishopric, and of those dwelling therein, to the said Henry, in the Lord.

And furthermore, since the said Island is situated nigh to the territories of our enemies, and on the high seas, and the bishop of .the same for the time being was with difficulty compelled to the payment of Tenths and First Fruits, in times past, or the bishopric of the same we are informed, was or is taxed at this present, we therefore of our abundant grace, do also exonerate and will the said Henry to be quit and free, during his natural life, as aforesaid, from all payment of Tenths, as well as of First Fruits, by these presents.

In testimony whereof, etc.

Witness the King at "restminster, the twenty-second day of January.

By the King himself.




REX, omnibus ad quos etc, Salutem. Cum Episcopatus Insulæ de Man, per mortem naturalem ultimi episeopi et incumbentis ejusdem, jam pastore sit destitutus ding; vaeavit, ac vaeat in præsenti, qui de nostris donatione concessione et patronagu pleno jure existit.

Sciatis quod nos, de gratia nostra speccaai, ac ex certa seientia et enero motu nostris, dedimus et concessimus, ac per præsentes damus et concessimus, intuitu caritatis, dilecto capellano nostro Henrico Man saeræ theologiæ professori, dictum episeopatum Insulæ de Man prædietum, atque eundem Henrieum Man in episeopum dieti episeopatüs præficimus et deputamus, eum omnibus et singalis præfati episcopatus commoditatibus juribus et emolumentis quibuseumque, tam spiritualibus quam temporal-ibus, præeminentiis que libertatibus privilegiis et donis maneriis quoque domibus terris tenementis stagnis aquis piscationibus, necnon cum ecelesiis quibuseumque, dieto episcopatui, et episcopo cuicumque ejusdem pro tempore existenti, appropriatis et annexis, eisdemque uti, frui et potiri, ac gaudere libere et potiri, ac gaudere libere et licite possit et valeat quoad vixerit, in tam amplis modo et formå sicut prælibatus ultimus episeopus et ineumbens ejusdem dum vixit, vel aliquis alius prædecessorum suorum jure episcopatus hujusmodi tenuernnt, gaudebant, occu-pabant et possidebant, una cum emolumentis quibuseumque, aliquo tempore citra mortem ipsius episcopi et incumbentis hujusmodi, accrescentibus et contingentibus, absque impedimento nostro vel Hæredum nostrorum aut aliorum quorumeumque ; aliquo actu sive statuto antehac Parliamento nostro in contra-rium edito et imposterum edendo, aut aliquå aliå re causå vel materia quacumque, in aliquo nou obstante, et eo non obstante quod expressa mentio de vero valore annuo aut certitudine præmissorum vel eorum alicujus, in præseutibus minime facta existit. Curamque regimen et gubernationem, et ad adminis-trationem ejusdem episcopatus, et in eodem degentium, eidem Henrico in Domino committentes et committimus per præsentes.

Et deinceps, quia dicta Insula in propinquioribus partibus inimicorum nostrorum, ac in alto Mari cousistit, ad præstationem et solutionem Decimarum et Primorum Fructuum retroactie temporibus, et episcopus ejusdem qui pro tempore fuerit minime cogebatur, aut episcopatus hujusmodi, ut informamur, taxabatur aut taxatur in præseuti, nos igitur ex uberiori gratia nostra dictum Henricum durante, ut præfertur, vitå suå naturali, ab omni præstatione et solutione tam Decimarum quam Primorum Fructuum hujusmodi, exoneramus, et quietum fore ac liberum volumus etiam per præsentes.

In cujiis rei, ete.

Teste Rege apud Westmonasterium vicesimo secundo Die Januarii.

Per ipsum Regem.



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