[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]

 Order of William, Earl of Salisbury, 1399


A.D. 1390.

WILLIAM, Earl of Salisbury and Lord of Man and of the Isle of Wight, to our Treasurer in London for the time being. Since we have retained near our person, for our council, Huth Hould, William Hankeford, William Brinchele and John Penrose, sergeants; William Skeltone, William Sturtone, apprentices; Thomas Banke, Attorney in the Exchequer; Thomas Brokehampton, Attorney in the Common Bench, and Walter Thorley, receiver of Cornwall, receiving from us, each of the above named, annually, forty shillings, in such manner as pleases us, that is to say, at the Feast of Saint Michael and at Easter, in equal portions, and likewise Pier Bartone and Stephen Falle, to each of them, at the periods aforesaid, twenty shillings. And to March, Attorney in the King's Bench, at the periods aforesaid, six shillings and eightpence. We command and charge you to cause to be paid to each of these above named, their fees aforesaid, at the periods aforesaid, until you receive other commandment from us, by virtue of these our letters. Written at London the 21st day of November, in the thirteenth year of the reign of King Richard the second since the Conquest. Commencing the half of their Fees abovesaid at the Feast of St. Michael last past,


GILLIAM Comitie de Sarisbire et Seignour de Man, et del Ile de Wighte a notre Tresorer en Loundres quere est on qui pour le temps. Purcco que. rrous avorous retenuz deners nous pour nre consaile Huth Mould, William Hankeford, William Brinchele et Joban Penrose, Sergeountz, William Skeltone, William Sturtone, apprentices; Thomas Banke, Attorne en Lesclreker; Thomas Brokehampton, Attorne en le coiiion Banke; et Walter Thorley, recevor de Cornwaille, Pregnaunt de noes. cheseun sousnomes p an quarent sould, p taiint come vous plerra cest assavoir as fest de Segnt Michel et Pask p ouwell portions, et auxi Piers Bartone et Estephen Falle a cheseun de eaux as termes subditz vint soilld. Et a March Attorne en le banke de roy as teanes subditz sis sould eopt deynere, si vos mandoms et chargeoiris que vous facetis paier a cheseun de ceux desuys nomes leury fees sousditz as termes avauntditz tang. vous dietz antre mandoment de nous p garant di cestes nos tres. Eser, a Loundres le xxi° jour de Novembr. lan du reign le roy Richard Second puis le conquest treszime comenceant la moitie de lear feez susditz a le feste de Saynt Michael darrein passe, (Cum Sigillo.)

1 Biblio. Bod. Oxon


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