[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]

 Grant by the Earl of Salisbury of a yearly Rental for Life to W. Faryndon, 1381


A.D. 1381.

WILLIAM de Montagu, earl of Salisbury and lord of Man, to all the faithful and loyal of our said land of Man, and to all our Ministers, tenants, and others of those parts, greeting. Know that we have given and granted to our very dear and bølovcd friend Mr. William de Faryndon, a yearly rent of forty pounds, to take annually of the issues of our said land of Man, from the term of St. Michael and Pascal in equal portions for the good and pleasing service that the said Mr. William has rendered to us and is bound to render in the manner that is comprised by indenture between us the said Earl, and the said Mr. William Faryndon in future for the term of his life. To have and to hold the same yearly rent of forty pounds to the said Mr. William for the term of his life, Giving and granting by these presents that if the said rent be unpaid in part, or in whole for one month after any of the terms assigned, that we grant full permission to the said Mr, William to enter upon the said land of Man, and there to distrain and hold the distress thereof, full power being given to him over the same rent and of arrears if there be any. Therefore we order and command you all, and each of you, that to the said Mr. William be attentive, aiding and assisting in all which appertains to the income aforesaid according to the form and manner aforesaid, these being witnesses, Thomas Strete, R. S., R. H, R. R., R. L., and others.

Tn testimony of what we have done, and here inscribed we have put our seal. Done at our Manor of Donyate, the day of the assumption of our lady-, the year of grace one thousand three hundred and eighty-one:*


GILLIAM de Montage Conte de Sarisbirs, et Seignour de Man, a touz noz foialx et loialx de nostre dite terre de 2-Man, et a touz nos Ministres, tenantz, et sutres telles parties, salutz. Sachez nous avoir done et grante a trescher et bien ame Monsieur William de Faryndon, une Annuele rente de quarant livres, a prendre annuelnent des issues de nostre dite terre de Man, as tennnes de seint Michel et Pasqe, per owels, porceons, pur le bone et greable service qe le dit Monsr William a nous ad fait et foy oblige affaire, en manere qest compris per endenture ente nous le dit Conte, et le dit Monsr William Faryndon, en temps avenir, pur terme de sa vie: A avoit et tenir mesme lannuel rente de quarant livres, a dit Monsr William pur terme de sa vie: Voillantz et grantantz per icestes que si la dite rente soite aderere en partie ou en tout, per nn mois apres null des termes assignez que adonques bien lise a dit Monsr William dentrer en la dite terre de Man, et illseqes destreindre, et la distresse retenir, tanq; plein gree a lui soil faite de mesme la rente et des arrerages si null y soient : Par gnoi mandoms et com-andorns a vows touz, et a chescun de vous, que a dit Monsr William soiez entendantz, aidantz, et respoignantz, en quant que touche lannuete susdite, solonu la fourine et manere susdite : Per iceux tesmoignes; Thomas Strete, R. S., R. H, R. R., R. L., et autres. En tesmoignance de duoi a icest escript avoms fait mettre nostre Seal. Done a nostre Manoir de Donyate, le jour de Lassumption de nostre Dame, Lan du Grace Mil troys Centz quatre vyngtz oyt.

* A seal of red wax is attached to the above document. The charges on the shield are 3 Fusils in Fess ; over the coat a coronet; supporters 2 griffons. Inscription,

Will . . . . teacute Comees Sarû et dus de Man et do Dynbigh.


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