[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]

Convention respecting the Aforesaid Agreement, 1357



THIS indenture made at Berewick on Tweed, the third day of October, in the year of Grace, One thousand three hundred and fifty-seven, by and between etc.

Item, that the truces be affirmed and held by competent kinds of lettars and oaths, by and between the King of England and all his people, as well in England and in Scotland, as in the Isle of Mann; and the King of Scots, and all the other people of Scotland and their adherents, by land and by sea, in every place, without fraud or evil intent, in order that the said sum be fully paid.

And that Sir Edward de Balliol, and John of the Isles, and all other allies and adherents of the King of England, be comprised in the said truces



31 ED. III.

CESTE endenture, faite a Berwyk sur Tweee le tierce jour d'Octobre, Van de Grace mill tres centz cinquant sept, par entre, etc., etc.

Item, qe trewes soient affirmez et tenuz par suffisante seurte des letres et serements par entre le Roy d'Angleterre et touz ses gentz, si bien en Engleterre et en Escocc, come en l'yle de Manne, et le Roy d'Escoce, et touz les autres gentz d'Escoce, et leur enherdantz, par terre et par mere, et touz liens et places saunz fraude ou mal engyne, tange la lite somme soit pleine-ment paie ;

Et qe monsieur Edward de Balliol, et Johan des Yles, et touz autres alliez et enherdantz du Roy d' Engleterre soient compris en les ditz trewes.


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