[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]

Form of Truces commenced with the Ministers of Scotland.


A.D. 1357.

THIS indenture made at London on the eighth day of May, in the year of Grace one thousand three hundred and fifty-seven.

Present, the honorable fathers in God and noble Lords, etc., etc.

Witnesses that at the urgent instance and request of the aforesaid messengers, and in the hope of a good peace, they have made truces from the sufferings of war generally, by sea as well as by land, from the day of the making thereof to the festival of St. Martin in the the winter next ensuing, present all those who have made faith and fealty to the King of England and of France, as well in England as in Scotland, Ireland, Gascony, Bretagne, Wales, and in the Isle of Man, and all those who have made faith and obedience to David, King of Scotland, without any injury, damage or grievance being done by one to the other in any manner, and without fraude or evil intent.



31 ED. III.

CESTE endemure, faite a Loundres, viii. jour de May, l'an de Grace mill ccclvii.

Parentre, les honurables piers en Dieu, et Nobles seignurs, etc., etc.

Tesmoigne que, a la grande instance et request des avantditz messages et en espoire de bone pees, sont prises trewes et soeffrance de guerre generates, sibien par meer, come par terre, de jour (le la feisance de testes tanque a la feste de Seint Martyn en Yver preschein a venir, parentre touz ceux qui sont a la foi et obeissance du Roi d' Engleterre et de France, sibien en Engleterre, come en Escoce, Irlaund, Gascoigne, Bretaigne, Gales, et en l'Isle de Man, et touz ceux qi sont a la foi et obeissance de monsieur David Roi d' Escoce, saunz nut mal, damage, on gre-vanee, faire de Fun a l'autre eit aucune manere, et sanz fraude, on mal engyn.


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