[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]




THE King to knights, freemen, and all others, tenants in the Island of Man, to whom, etc., greeting. Know, that since our lord E [dward] of illustrious memory, formerly king of England, our grandfather, was long since seized, in his demesne, of the Island aforesaid ; and certain of our faithful subjects, claiming the aforesaid Island as their right, have sought from us with importunity, to cause justice to be done to them, we, as well for ourself, as for them, being desirous that whatsoever is just in this particular should be done, have appointed our beloved William le Taillour of Karlile, Haver Macoter, and Gilbert Makstephan, conjointly and separately, to seize the aforesaid Island, with its appurtenances into our hands, and to safely keep the same, until we think fit to order otherwise, seeing that they answer to us for the issues thence arising. And therefore we command you to be complying, aiding, and assisting to the said William, Haver, and Gilbert, in form aforesaid, whenever, and as often as ye shall be forewarned by them, or by one of them, in this matter, upon our part. And that ye in nowise neglect this matter. In testimony, etc. Witness the King at Twedemouth, the 30th day of May.

By writ of privy seal.


7 ED. III.

REX, militibus, liberis hominibus, et omnibus aliis, tenentibus, de Insulå de Man, ad quos, ete., salutem. Sciatis quod cum, celebris memoriæ, dominus E. quondam Rex Angliæ avus noster, dudum seisitus fuisset, in dominico suo, de insulâ prædictâ ; et nonnulli fedeles nostri, eandam insulam, ut jus suum, vindicantes, petierunt anobis cum instantiâ ut eis ende justitiam heri faciamus, nos tam pro nobis, quam pro ipsis, volentes in håe pante fieri quod est justum ; assignavimus dilectos nobis, Willielmum le Taellour de Karliolo, Haverum Macoter, et Gilbertum Makstephan, conjunctim et divisinm, ad insulaeu prædictam, cum pertinentiis, in manum nostram seisiendum, et salvo custodiendum, quousque aliud inde duxerimus demandandum; ita quod de existibus indë provenientibus, nobis respondeant. Et ideo vobis mandamus quod eisdem Willielmo, Havero, et Gilberto, et eorum euilibet, in præmissis, intendentes sitis, respondentes, et auxiliantes , in formâ prædictâ, quotiens et quando per ipso, seu corezen aliquem, super hoc, ex parte nostrâ fueritis præmuniti; Et hoc nullatenius omittatis. In cujus, etc. Teste Rege, apud Twedeinouth, xxx die Maii.

Per breve de privato sigillo.



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