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THE King to the sheriffs, and all his bailliffs and faithful subjects in the counties of Chester, Lancaster, Cumberland, and Westmoreland, to whom, etc., greeting. We have learnt from certain persons that Robert Bruce, our enemy and traitor, is striving with all his power, and purposes to despatch all his navy during the present winter, from the outward Islands, to our Island of Man, for the purpose of destroying it, and of
establishing there a retreat for him and his accomplices, our enemies and rebels; and likewise to seize upon all victuals and other necessaries in the Isle of Man, aforesaid, to his own use and for the support of the said his accomplices; and for the supply of his navy, which, if permitted, would plainly tend to our damage, and to the disgrace and dishonor of our whole king- dom, and to the delay of our expedition to Scotland. And since we desire to oppose wickedness of this kind, in all possible ways, we command all and every of you, firmly enjoining you, to afford advice and assistance to our beloved and faithful, Gilbert Makasky, seneschal of the venerable father, Antony [de Bek], patriarch of Jerusalem and Bishop of Durham, of the Island aforesaid, in providing the navy with victuals and other necessaries, in your parts, and in sending it to the said Island of Man, whenever required by the said Gilbert, upon our part, so to do. And that ye permit all those who are willing to proceed with this expe- dition, to the said Island of Man, with the aforesaid Gilbert, at his expense, to depart freely, to whom we concede our special licence for proceeding to the said Island. In testimony whereof, etc. Witness the King at Berwick upon Twede, the 15th day of December.

By writ of privy seal.



4 ED. II.

REX vicecomitibus, et omnibus ballivis et fidelibus suis, in comitatibus Cestr', Lane', Cumbr', et Westmerl', ad gnos, ete. salutem.

Intelleximus å nonnullis quod Robertus de Brus, inimicus et proditor noster niliter pro viribus, et propoilit totum navigium suum, de iilsulis forinsecis, usque ad Iilsulam nostram de Man, in præsenti hieme, transmittere, ad iilsulam illam destruendam ; et ad receptamentum inibi, pro se, et complicibus suis inimicis et rebellibus nostris, ,habendum ; et etiam omnia victualia, et alia necessaria in Insula de Man. prædict,, ad opus suum, et sustenta- tionem comphcum suorum prædictorum, capienda; et ad navigium suum prædictinn inde muniendum; quod in nostri dispendium, et totius regni nostri dedecus et obprobium, ac expeditionis nostræ Scotiæ retardationem, si permitteretur, cederet manifestë. Bt, quia volumus hujusmodi malitiæ modis et viis, quibus poterimus, obviari; vobis omnibus et singulis, mandamus firmiter, injun- gentes, quod dilecto et fideli nostro, Gilberto Makasky, seneschao venerabilis patris Antonii patriarchæ Jerosolymitani et Episeopi Dunelm', de insulå prædictå, ad navigium, cum victualibus et aliis necessaries, in partibus vestris providendum, et usque ad dictam Insulam de Man mittendum, præbeatis consilium et juvamen, cum per ipsum Gilbertum, ex parte nostra, fueritis requisiti. Bt omnes illos, qui cum hujusmodi navigio, ad prædictam Insulam de Man, cum præfato Gilberto, sumptibus ipsius Gilberti, se divertere voluerint, liberë abire, permitatis ; quibus ad dictam Insulam eundi licentiam concedimus specialem. In cujus, ete. Teste Rege, apud Ber' super Twedam, XV die Decembris.

Per breve de prevato sigillo.


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