From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX



A.D. 1299.

To all the faithful of Christ, who shall see or hear these present letters, Marc, by divine permission Bishop of Sodor, greeting in the Lord. Since it is holy to resist gainsayers by the testimony of truth, and to stop the mouths of those speaking unjustly. We therefore protest that the appropriation of the churches of St. Michael and St. Michaldus in Man, in our diocese, to the Abbots and Monks of Furnes by us, with the consent of our clergy, according to the tenor of these presents made, confirmed, and ratified, without compulsion or exaction made or to be made, or even fear of the said Abbot, although at the time of the appropriation he had the custody of the Isle of Man ; or of any others, but out of our entire and free will, for the honor of God and the blessed Virgin, and for the sake of our soul, and those of our parents and friends, and especially for the soul of the Lord Richard of pious memory, our predecessor, who is buried in the basilica of the aforesaid monastery ; We, by our own wish, properly and entirely, without a retention of a third part of the aforesaid churches, truly protest it, on the word of God, to be done. In testimony whereof we have affixed our seal to the present letters. Given in the Abbey of Russyn, on the morrow of the circumcision of our lord, in the year of our lord 1299, and 23rd of our consecration,



OMNIBUS Christi fidelibus presentes litteras visuris ye! audituris Marcus permissione divina Sodorensis Episcopus salutem in domino. Cum pium sit oblocutoribus per testimonium veritatis resistere et ora loquentium iniqua ob.. struere. Nos igitur appropriationem ecciesiaruin Sanctorum Michaelis et Michaldi in Mannia nostre dyocesis Abbati et Monachis de Furnesio per nos cx concensu tociiis den nostri tenore prescencium factam confirmatam et ratificatam per nullamcompulsionem coactionem factas vel faciendas vel pene timorem ejusdem Abbatis quanquam tempore appropriacionis custodiam insule Mannie habuisset vel quorumcunque aliorum, sed cx mera nostra voluntate et libera ob honorem dci et beate virginis et anime nostre meritum et parenttim et amicorum nostroruin et specialiter pro anima Domini Iticardi pie memorie predecessoris nostri qui in basilica prefati monasterii sepelitur sponte rite et integraliter absque retentione tertie partis predictarum ecclesi.. arum esse factam in verbo Dei veraciter protestamur. In cujus rei testimonium presentibus litteris sigillum nostrum apposuimus. Data in Abbatia de Russyn in crastino circumcisjonjs domini, MQCCO. nonogesimo nob et consecratjonjs nostre XXIIIO.


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