From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX



MAGNUS, by the grace of God, King of Mann and the Islands, to all his bailiffs and his faithful subjects dwelling in Mann and the Islands, greeting. Know all, that we, for the salvation of the souls of all our kindred, have released all the vessels and goods of our beloved brethren and special friends the Prior and Convent of Coningshead from Thol +and all other demands and customs through all our territories. Wherefore we command you to protect and everywhere defend his men and all his possessions, and that, from henceforth forever, ye neither require nor receive Thol from his vessel nor his goods, nor suffer any damage or injury to be done to him, or to his men, by any person throughout our territories. And because we desire that this our alms should endure for ever, vve have affixed our seal to this present writing, in witness for us and our heirs. Dated at the Abbey of Furness, on the day of the Invention of the Holy Cross,++ in the year of grace 1256.


[note the given latin script kept the abbreviated hand and used characters not representable within the HTML latin alphabet - as the resulting scan is not usable I have decided to omit it ]

* The consent of Coningshead, situated in the parish of Ulverstone, County Palatine of Lancaster; was built by Gabriel Pennington, in the reign of Hen. II. It consisted of a hospital and a priory of black canons

+ Tribute or custom paid for passage.

++ In the Latin church the 3rd of May.


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