From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX





THE King, to all to whom these present letters shall come, greeting. Know that our beloved and faithful Reginald, King of Man, came to our authority and service, and performed his homage to us. Therefore we advise you, that ye may come safely and securely into the country of the said Reginald, King of Man, and transact your business there, as long as may be necessary to our authority and service. And in testimony thereof, etc. Witness as above, in the year, &c., the third.

Reginald, King of Man, has letters of the lord the king for protection, directed to the Justice of Ireland, and the Barons and other faithful subjects of the King of Ireland; but at the close of these letters was appended this clause

But if our enemies, or his, shall rebel against us, and him, to the loss of our or his land, then be ye earnest in your help, for the defence of our land and of his, to our safety and convenience, so long as he shall keep himself faithful towards us. And in testimony of this, etc. Witness, as above.




REX omnibus, ad quos præsentes lineroe pervenerint salutem. Scintis quod dilectus et fidelis noster Reginaldus Rex de Man venit ad felem et servitium nos trum, et nobis homagium suum fecit. Et ideo vobis mandamus, quod in terram ipsius Reginaldi Regis de Man, salvo et secure veniatis, et negocia vestra ibidem expediatis, cinarndin fuerit ad fidem et servitium nostrum. Et in hujus, &c. Teste ut supra, anno, etc., tertio.

Reginaldus Rex de Man habet litteras domini Regis de proteetione directas justiciario Hiberniæ et baronibus et allis fidelibus Regis Hiberniæ ; sed in fine litterarum illarum apposita fait hæc clausula.

Si vero inimici nostri et sul insurrexerint in nos et in ipsum, ad dampnum terræ nostræ et suæ, tune ei viriliter sitis auxiliantes ad terræ nostræ et suæ defensionem, ad fidem et commodum nostrum, quamdiu fideliter se habebit erga nos. Et in hujus, &c. Teste ut supra.




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