From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX


A.D., 1577.


THESE islands of Scotland, which use the ancient tongue, and are called the Western or Æbudæ Isles are thus usually reckoned. The first of them is Mana, by some falsely called Mona, but by the ancients Eubonia ; Paulus Orosius calls it Mevania or rather Menavia ; for in the old language tis called Manin. The last age called the town in it Sodora, in which the bishop of the islands had his see. It is a principality almost equally distant from Ireland, from Galloway in Scotland, and from Cumberland in England. It is twenty-four miles long and eight broad.

* We have omitted Hector Boethius, as he evidently confounds the Isle of Man with Anglesey.  


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