From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX



A.D., 1573.



BE it remembrid that one Manaman Mack Clere, a paynim,* was the first inhabito’ of the ysle of Man, who by his Necromancy kept the same, that when he was assaylid or invaded be wold rayse such mystes by land and sea that no man might well fynde owte the ysland, and he would make one of his men seeme to be in nombe’ a hundred. And was never wont to charge his subjectes with other service, saving onely, that on Midsomer even, they shuld all bring gruene rushes some to a place called Wragfeld, and,some other to a place called Man. The which Mananam was after conquerid by St. Patryke of Irelande who slew all of that ysle which forsooke not their sorcery, and christenid the rest. Which ysland was the governid by Irishmen untill one Orry sonne to the kinge of Denmarke invaded and conquerid the same, who was the first that called himself kinge of Man, and reigned therein with his offpririge duringe the contynuance of 12 descentes in succession. And in the tyme of the reigne of the last Orry, Alexander kinge of Scottes subdued and overcame the same Orry and vanquyshid all that were of his bloode and name, except onely one of his sisters which fiedde into England caryenge with her the charters of that yslande, wher she was by the king nobly and hono’ably entreated and receyvid, And was by the king gyven in mariage to Sr. Wilim. Montague a knight, that was father to Sr. Wilim. Montague the first Erle of Salisbury of that Surname, who by the ayde of King Edwarde the third his maister, recoverid the sayd ysland in his wyfes ryght and enjoyid the same meny yeres, till at the last he morgaged it to Anthony Beke patriarke of Jerusalem, and bishop of Daresone for a sume of money, who enjoyed the same for the space of vii yeres. And after his deathe the sayd Willm. Erle of Salisbury solde the same yslande to the lorde Scroope in the dayes of Kirige Richard the seconde. And the lorde Scroope did forfayte the same by Attaynder unto Kinge Henry the fourth. Who first gave the same yslande to Henry Percy, Erle of Northumberland for the tearme of his lyf, who beinge after slayne at the battell of Shrewsbury, the sayd King Henry the fourth gave the same ysland of Man to Sr. John Stanley knight, Lieutenant of Ireland, and Threasoro’ of his house, who lefte the same to Sr. John Stanley his sonne, father to Sr. Thomas Stanley, knt. of the garter Lieutenant of Ireland, and lord Chamberleyn to Kinge Henry the sixt, who created him lord Stanley, and he had yssue Thomas lord Stanley, and of Man, after created Erle of Derby by Kinge Henry the seventh, and made constable of Englande, and knight of the garter, who had yssue, George lord Stanley, who in the right of Jane his wyf, was also lord Strange of Knockinge, and dyed, his father ‘yet lyvinge, but left his sonne called Thomas, who was Erle of Derby, lorde Stanley, Strange, and of Man, who had yssue, Edward Erle of Derby, lord Stanley, Strange, and of Man, father to Henry, Erle of Derby, lord Stanley, Strange, and of Man, now lyvinge in ano Dni. 1573.

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