[From Manx Note Book vol 3]


YN chied ree va ayn Manninan beg Mac-y-lhear
Cha row eh laccal keesh, agh mayl beg ass y cheer

Cha mooar eh dooin jough chamoo gless dy feeyn

Agh bart leaghyr glass shen ooilley dagh blein.

Trog erriu, trog erriu, O Vanninee chree,
Trog erriu, trog erriu, nagh caill shiu nyn mree,
Trog erriu, trog erriu, O Vanninee dooie,

As yiow sbiu, veih’n Ree, yn cairys ta come.

V’ad bea~hey myr sboh gyn kiarail ny imnea,

As Manninan reill harroo, ayn’s shee lesh y kay,

Gynsagh daue cairys’ cha row echey ghoo yee,

Jig skielley da Mannin tra ta’n Ree am Creestee. Trog erriu, trog erriu, &c.

Tra, harrish sostyn, va Ree Yamys reill,
Kiare-as-feed ny charraneyn hie gys Lunnin ny whail,

Lhig dauesyn t’aynnish agh myr shoh ja~noo reesht

As nee ad sauail Mannin veen woish y keesh. Trog erriu, trog erriu, &c.


Ren troo farg as goanlys, cur mow Illiam Dhoan,

Ta bodjal feer dhoo, getlagh nish er y tonn,

Ver eh boand er nyn dhieyn, nyn dhalloo as nhee,

My big keeshyn da Mannin nee eb brishey nyn shee,
Trog erriu, trog erriu, &c.


As shiuish fir crauee, ny chaghteryn shee,
O gow jee kiarail, bee ny boghtyn laccal bee,

Coyrlee jee, coyrlee jee, coyrl jee dy braew,

Dy chur chaghter da ri Ree oh, coyrl chur jee dane.
Trog erriu, trog erriu, &c.


Oh Eirinee. Eirinee, Eirinee, boght,
Er lhiam bee shin laccal chammah bee as yn jough,
Lheid yn ancbairys shoh, dy bragh cha row rieau,
Yn bodjal lurg shoh, bee nyn dhalloo goit veue. Trog erriu, trog erriu, &c.


Agh mannagh jean sostyn cur keesh er y feeyn,
Vu mayd slaynt gys y Ree, as slayfit y yen rein,
Ny noidyn dewel castit as shin hene ec shee,
Nee mayd gin as veh gennal, as slaynt ec nyn gree. Trog erriu, trog erriu, &c.


Ver mayd moylley da sostyfi as moylley da’n Ree,

Ayns gin gys nyn slaynt, cha n’aase mayd dy bragh skee,

As tra nee ny noidyn oc chaglym dy cbiu,

Nyn v’uill nee mayd dbeartey dy bauail ad voue.


Trog erriu, trog erriu, lesh dunnallys cree,
Trog erriu, trog erriu, na bee shiu cha dree,
Trog erriu, trog erriu, 0 Vanninee chree,
As foddee dy bee mayd, foast gennal ayns sbee.

Translated by W. J. CAIN.


The first great King in ancient Mann
Was Mannanan Beg Mac y Lhear;
No tax but a bundle of rushes green
He took from year to year,
As rental small from out the land;
Nor did he e’er our drink withstand.

CHORUS—Arouse, arouse ye, Manxmen dear;
Arouse, arouse ye, Manxmen true,
And ye will get from the King your due.

In this good way they lived and loved Without distress or care;
And Mannanan, in the mountain mist, Ruled peacefully and fair;

Will Manxmen hear good tidings now
That the King doth the cross of Christ avow?
When James was England’s King of old,

Arrayed in their carranes,
The twenty-four to London went,
To strive for Manxmen’s gains;

Then let them do the same again,
That they the taxes may restrain.
‘Twas envy, hate, and malice dread,
Did Illiam Dhoan destroy;

And now a cloud hangs o’er the wave, That will our peace alloy ;—
If taxes come on Manxmen dear,
Our peace will quickly disappear.

Ye clergymen, that herald hope,
Should take unceasing care
That, in their native land, the poor
Be not deprived of fare;

Advise them strongly then to send
To the King, who is the people’s friend.
O yeomen! yeomen, poor and pinched, Methinks that ye will miss

Both meat and drink ;—there never was Injustice such as this;
For ere this cloud be rolled away,
Your land will surely fall a prey.

If England taxes not our wine,
Right nobly we will drink
Health to the King and to the Queen;
And then, when foemen sink,

And peace arrives, and wrong departs, Drink and be merry in our hearts.

We will give praise to England,
And praise to England’s King;
And we will never tire to drink
Their health, as we shall sing;
And when their foes swell as a flood,
To save them we will shed our blood.

Chorus after last verse—
Arouse, arouse, with hearts so bold;
Arouse, arouse, be not so slow;
Arouse ye, Manxmen dear of old;
We yet may cheer and comfort know

Versified by J. M. SUTHERLAND.


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