[From ManxNoteBook vol iii,1887]


THE ISLE OF MANN NATURAL HISTORY AND ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY.-3rd April.-A Meeting was held in the Industrial School, Ramsey, Dr. Tellet in the chair. Dr. Haviland reported that the deputation respecting the proposed invitation to the British Association had seen the Governor, who cordially approved the idea, and said that if the Association Excursion Committee fixed on the Island for one of their excursions, he would issue a formal invitation to the President of the British Association. Dr. Friend then read an admirable paper on "The Boundary Lines between Civilized Man, the Negro, and the Ape." Mr. E. C. Kerr was elected Treasurer to the Society in place of Miss A. M. Crellin, resigned; and a vote of thanks passed to Miss Crellin for her services as Treasurer. Dr. Tellet and the Rev. Wm. Morris, M. A., were appointed auditors of Society's accounts for the past year. Dr. Haviland's "Notes on the Antiquity of Man in the Island " was taken as read. A vote of thanks was passed to Dr. Friend for his interesting paper, regret being expressed that time did not allow of its being discussed at length.-6th May.-A Meeting was held in the Cronkbourne School-room, Deemster Gill in the chair. Six new members were eleded. Mr. A. W. Moore read an exhaustive paper on "Manx Literature," and an instructive microscopical exhibition of Biological Phenomena was given by Mr. Tooker. The President reported the proceedings of the Publication Committee and on the motion of the Rev. E. B. Savage, seconded by Dr. Richardson, the Committee was unanimously authorised to proceed with their labours. The Rev. E. B. Savage's resolution dividing the work of the Society into sections was adopted,-the Rev. J. Quine elected secretary of the Geological Section, the Rev. E. B. Savage Secretary of the Archaeological Section; Miss A. M. Crellin Secretary of the Botanical Section, and Mr. H. S. Clarke Secretary of the Entomological Section.-30th May.-The first excursion of the Society for the present session was made to the Mull Hills, about thirty members leaving Douglas by 10-35 train under the guidance of the Rev. E. B. Savage. After inspecting the Ogam Stones found at Ballaqueeney and at present in possession of Mr. H. Kelly, they examined the remains of the Tumulus with large Cist near the Alfred Breakwater, in which numerous Flint Flakes have been found. Proceeding along the coast by Perwick, where are the remains of one of the numerous Ancient Coast Forts, a short halt was made at the Chasms, where the Rev. S. Gasking, F.G.S., read an interesting paper on "The Geology of the District. " The Sound, Cregneeish, the Stone Circle on the Mull Hill-the remains of aboriginal dwellings, and Port Erin were visited in turn. A short meeting was held at the Falcon's Nest Hotel, under the presidency of Col. Anderson, at which the minutes of the last Meeting were confirmed, and Mr. A. W. Moore, M.A., was elected the Society's representative to the British Association.


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