[From Manx Note Book, vol ii, 1886]

Meetings of Societies

THE MANX MUSEUM AND ANCIENT MONUMENTS TRUSTEES.—The first Meeting of the Trustees was held in the Council Chamber, on the 12th of August, when the Lord Bishop was elected Chairman, the Attorney-General, Treasurer, and the Rev, E. B. Savage, Secretary. The Secretary and Messrs. W. Kneale and A. W. Moore were appointed to prepare a list of such Ancient Monuments as they consider should be protected under the Act.

THE ISLE OF MANN NATURAL HISTORY AND ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY.—Thursday, 9th Sept.—An excursion to Dalby on this date under the leadership of the Rev. Ernest B. Savage, M.A., F.S.A., ;was most successful. Members and friends, to the number of about 50, left St. John's in carriages at 11 a.m., and driving by the Patrick road visited Raby Mooar, where they were met by Mr. Quirk, C.P., who kindly accompanied them over his estate. After visiting the Old Chapel and Burial Ground at Raby Mooar, the journey was continued by Glenmaye to Ballelby, from thence by the Cross Vein (old mine) at Foxdale to St. John's. At this latter place a meeting was held, one corresponding and eleven ordinary members were elected, and one corresponding and three ordinary members nominated. All present expressed gratification at the route which had been marked out by the leader, and had the weather only proved favourable the excursion would have been as pleasant as it was instructive.

THE SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.—A Meeting of the Isle of Mann Branch of this Society was held in St. James's Hall, Douglas, on the 19th of August. Mr. Goldie-Taubman, who took the chair, stated that he had been asked to summon the meeting to consider if it was desirable to reconstitute the Society, whose work in the Island, since the death of Mr. Skottowe, had fallen somewhat into abeyance. Mr. Strappini, who followed, paid a warm tribute to the zeal of the late Mr. Skottowe and his daughter, Mrs. Forrest, in the cause of the prevention of cruelty to animals, and proceeded to give an account of some specific instances of cruelty which had come under his observation. The Vicar-General then explained that the act for the protection of wild birds, which had been passed by the Keys, had not been rejected by the Council, who were thoroughly in accord with its main provisions, but that it had been found necessary to re-cast some of the details, and that it was in the able hands of the Clerk of the Rolls for that purpose. It was unanimously decided that the Society should be re-constituted, and that the Bishop should be asked to be its Patron. Mr. Strappini was re-elected Secretary and Treasurer; Mrs. Forrest, Dr. Nelson, Messrs. S. E. Broadbent, W. Kelly, J. A. Mylrea, and G. A. Ring were elected Members of the Committee, with power to add to their number.


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