[From Manx Note Book, vol ii, 1886]


WE append a summary of the most important Clauses of this Act, which will be of especial interest to our readers:


" 3. A body of trustees is established for carrying into effect the purposes thereof, which body shall consist of the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, the Attorney-General for the time being, the Speaker of the House of Keys for the time being, and of four other persons, to be from time to time appointed for periods of five years by the Governor by warrant under his hand."

The Rev. E. B. Savage, and Messrs. W. Kneale, W. Kitto, and A. W. Moore are the persons so appointed.


" 6. The trustees may take such steps and make such regulations as to them may seem advisable for the establishment and maintenance of a public museum within this Isle, and for the safe custody of the articles which may be within the museum, and for the same may accept articles, being objects of archaeological, ecclesiastical, physical, historical, technical, or industrial interest, which may be given, granted, devised or bequeathed to them, and may, with the means at their disposal, otherwise purchase or acquire any such articles."

" 7. Until suitable premises be provided for the museum, the trustees may, for the purpose thereof, make use of such rooms in any of the Government buildings as may be set apart for such purposes by the Governor."


The trustees are empowered to become guardians of Ancient Monuments, and if thought desirable to purchase them; and by Clause

" II. Any person may by deed or will give, devise, or bequeath to the trustees all such estate and interest in any ancient monument to which this Act applies as he may be seized or possessed of, and it shall be lawful for the trustees to accept such gift, devise, or bequest if they think it expedient so to do."

Penalty for injury to Ancient Monuments:
" 12. If any person injures and defaces any ancient monument to which this Act applies, such person shall on summary conviction be liable, at the discretion of the Court by which he is tried, to one of the following penalties (that is to say):

(1) To forfeit any sum not exceeding five pounds, and, in addition thereto, to pay such sum as the Court may think just for the purpose of repairing any damage which has been caused by the offender; or
(2) To be imprisoned, with or without hard labour, for any term not exceeding one month."


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