[From Manx Note Book, vol ii, 1886]


Notes from the Registers The Parish of Malew

CHARLES the Second by the grace of god Kinge of England France and Ireland defender was proclamed Kinge att London May 29th and proclamed through all England Scotland and Ireland And was alsoe proclamed in the Isle of Man in Peeletowne at the Crosse May 28th att Castletown Crosse May 29th att Duglas Crosse May 30th and all Ramsey Crosse May 31th 1660 with shouteinge & ca . . ing + shootinge of musketts and ornans drinkeinge of beere with great rejoiceinge, the Governor James Chaloner beinge at the said places attended with the Officers Civill and Spiritual 24 Keyes the Captaines of ye Fishes and above 60 horse besides the Officers . . . . + in each Town aforesaid.

+ Word Illegible

The date, May 28th, in the above entry is very noteworthy. It would appear that the Restoration was proclaimed in Peel on the day before it was proclaimed in London. The authorities in the Isle of Mann were evidently ambitious of the honor of being the first " to bring back the King." There is a melancholy interest too in the fact that poor James Chaloner presided over all these rejoicings, when we remember that he was excepted from the benefit of the Act of Indemnity, and his property was confiscated, on the charge that he had sat as one of the Commissioners in the High Court of Justice in January 1649 at the trial of the late King. Meanwhile, however, Chaloner died no doubt a broken-hearted man, though there is every reason to doubt the statement made by Cumming, (Manx Society Vol. X., p. 64), on the authority of Anthony Wood, that " he anticipated judgment by taking poison."


1660 — Tho: Tunman fillius Jo: of ye Greene baptized May 21th.

Agnes Halsall daughter to Anthony & Kathrin his wife baptd November 4th


1660 — Jo: Shymyne and Eliz: Kenvige who lived togeather in Kk Malew & she came from Jo: Cesars to Kk Arbory to be married and were married by Sr Jo: Crellin without Banes or Lycense June 3d 1660.


Under the date September 15th, 1660, occurs the entry —

1660 — Here endeth the Willers Court And the Spirituall Court restored.

The Willers' Court was, of course, the Civil Court set up, during the Lordship of Fairfax, for the probate of the wills of deceased persons.

Ann Watterson (benvanes sister) buried October 3d

The tidings that Mr George Harrison Schoolmaster in Castletowne dyed att London came into the Isle about the 20th ffebr in ye yeere.


1661 — Hen: Cotteene & Quiggin's child in Castletowne bapt: there without my knowledge.

Samuell Rutter by Divine providence Lo: Bope of ye Isle landed in Ronoldsway 7ber 21th, and upon Tusday after beinge St Samuells day 7ber 24th came to Castle Rushen; And was instald October 8th

Whoever heard of the 24th September being " St. Samuel's Day ? " It is hard to acquit the worthy Vicar of a desire to flatter the new Bishop by canonizing him ! Rutter had been Archdeacon since 1645, and private Chaplain to James, Earl of Derby, and afterwards to his widowed Countess and her son, Earl Charles, by all of whom he was very highly esteemed. Earl James, writing to his son, describes Mr. Rutter as one " for whom you and I may both thank God." Rutter was consecrated March 24th, 1660-1, and died in May, 1662.


1661 — Tho: Harrison, who perished by water in Kk Santan River upon st Anns day May 10, was buried in Kk Malew Churchyard May 12th

St. Anne's Day is July 26th. We fear the occurrence of the accident in Santan river upon St. Ann's Day was not an " undesigned coincidence ! "

Jo: Kewley his child buried & the mother churched by Edward Brew ffebr 15th

Edward Brew was, as we have seen, the Parish Clerk.


1662 — Jony Tellot daught: to Tho: buried Church May 8th.

Randle Hickams wife Issable Quirk was buried ye 3 of June by ye Clearke; likewise

John Laces wife was buried by him ye 18th of June, & a stranger was buried ye 20th by ye same Clerk.

Mr William Christian of Ronoldsway late Recr was shote to Death at Hangoe hill the 21th of January. he died most penitently and most Curragiously, made a good end, prayed earnestly made an excellent speech and the next day was buried in the Chancle of Kk Malew

This was the famous Iliam Dhoan.# In his " excellent speech" he said inter alia, " I need not inform you, for you all know, that I was brought up a son of the Church of England, which was at that time in her splendour and glory; and, to my endless comfort, I have since continued a faithful member of the same: witness several of my actions in the late times of liberty." In connection with this, it is interesting to find that when Charles, Earl of Derby, in July, 1660, issued a commission from Derby House, Westminster, " in order to the settlinge of religion and all ecclesiasticall affayres as they were in my late Father's tyme," — one of the witnesses to the execution of the document was William Christian. (See Keble's " Life of Bishop Wilson," p. 51.)

John Mile a poore boy that went a begging was buried ffebr 20th


1662 — A childe of John Lace was bapt: by Edward Brew Clerk in ye absence of ye minister & upon necessity ye 18th June

fferdinandoe Huddleston son to Major William Huddleston & his disceased wife Eliz: (this day buried) bapt. August 20th

Antho: Halsalls son, ye Gentlewoman's child att Roundheads & Capt: Nowells cousin were bapt: by Crow.

Hennereta Maria Parre daughter to Sr Tho: and Ellinor his wife was borne the 27th of 9ber at one a clocke in the afternoone the winde at north & by east the sign in the secreats [sic] 3 dayes before ye change of the mone; And was baptised ye first day of December.

Illeg: Eliz: Sheman daught: to John (who in Capt: James Lasley his service) & Sisly Seddan bapt March 8th.

The sd Sisly tooke her Corpall oath upon ye Bible before Tho: Parre Vicr Edward Brew Clerke & John Tunman; that the sd Jo: Sheman is the father of the sd child; And her mother Ann Seddan is bound for the sd Sisly her daughter that she will satisfie the law in case ye ad daughter goe out of the Country before she hath satisfied ye law for the sd offence.

See " Manx Note Book," Vol. I., p. 98, and Vol. II., p. 49, seq.


1662 — William Calister and Mary Crellin of Holmetown were married by me haveinge the Vicr Generall's Lycense as hereunto annexed appears: and Sr Jo: Crellin & Wrn Cosnahan bound upon record to keep ye office harmles.

Robt Crellin & Mar: Quiggin were married in K. Christ Rushen by Mr Richd Thompson 8ber 26th 1662.

Domin: Jo: Crellin & Cath Tyldisley Nupt: octave die Decembris Ano prdicto in St Lupi.

Note that in the last three extracts given above, and all three taken from the same page of the Register, we have the Rev. John Crellin, Vicar of Arbory, who was not a graduate of any University, called, by courtesy (as literate Clergymen usually were) "Sir" and " Dominus," the proper title to this day of a Bachelor of Arts, while the Rev. Richard Thompson, Vicar of Rushen, is rightly styled " Mr." being a Master of Arts.*


1663 — Ann Norris daughtr of Tho: Webster Aprill 3d.

Elizabeth ffargher caught: to Thomas the webster baptised March 6th.


November 24th

1663 — William Saint cu Dorothy Preston were married the sam day in Kk Christ Rushin by Mr Rich: Thompson.


1663 — . . Tunman son to Tho: buried in Church 8ber 7th

T: Corrin perished by sea, & was found & buried October 9th

Mally Watterson who dyed in Castletowne and buried in Kk Christ Rushin Novem 10th.

William Watleford buried Church Nov 25th

David Murrey infant buried in Church Decembr ye third day.

Eliz: Tunman als Middleton in Church 10ber 25.

Eliz: Tyldisley alis Moore who dyed in Kk Malew and buried in Kk Arborie 10ber 25th.

Marriott ffargher alis Harrison obiit in Church Jan: 28th.

It is to be feared that this obiit is put for was buried.

Major Tho: Stanley + died in the Castle of Rushin Jan: 28th and was buried in Kk Arbory Chancle under the Alter Jan: 30th 1663.

Hen: Crebin of the Milln was buried in Kk Santan because his friends were there March 17th 1663.

Wardens in Anno 1663. — Tho: Quaile, Clicur, Tho: ffargher jur. John Bell, Tho: Quaile, Taylor. — Castletowne: John Quill, Xpto: Kewne.

*cf. Note Book Vol. I., p. 58.
+ See under Burials, August 5th, 1649.

Wm Harrison hath given in his accompt and hath given ye remainder to his succeedinge Churchwarden, Tho: Quaile, Taylor, to wilt 3s 6d & is to take up 20d yet due (all discharged by Tho: Quaile, Taylor).

Jo: Calister hath given in his accompt with ye remainder to Tho: ffargher to will as 2d.


1664 — John Hathorne son to Jo: beinge unbaptised 5 years was by the Ld Bopes order bapt 17th of July.


1664 — Richd Morgan & Ellin Lucas were married by Sr Jo: Crellin without my consent August 9th,


1664 — William Shymyne buried in Church January 19th

Moore daughter to Tho: (breeke), ffebr 3 day.

" Breeke" — Brickmaker. (See Baptisms 1667.)

The average number of Entries in the Register about this date is Baptisms — 44; Marriages — 12; Burials — 35.


1665 — Note yt a child of Tho: Norris was bapt: by Mr Halsteed in ye Chapple Aug: 6th.

Note that this day Wm Sant had a child Bapt: by Mr Halsteed.

It: a child of John Kissags.

John Halsall son to Anthony and Cath: his wife baptised 8ber 26th.

Jane Harrison daughter to John Largy and Iny Kneele baptised ffebr 21th,

" Largy," apparently for Liargagh=of the hill-side. See Baptisms 6 July 1669.

* Manx Note Book, Vol 1., p. 98.
+ vicar Of Santon and Chaplain of Castle Rushen.


1665 — fferdinandoe Halsall son to Mr Anthony Halsall buried in the Chancle of Kk Malew November 13th ano: predicto.

Mrs Elizabeth Christian. of Ronoldsway buried November 19th

The wife of Illiam Dhoan.


1666 — Jane Bridson grani buried 8ber 4th,


1667 — Isabell Wattleworth, daughter to Henry and Mary his wife bapt. by Mr Halsteedt in the Chapel contrary to order March 31th and a child i.e. daughter of Tho: Norris May 2th.

Richard Norris son to Tho: the faulkener and the quaker his wife bapt: April 14th

Tho Bridsonn sonn to Tho: the Webster & Jane his wife bapt: June 5th

John Bridson, son to Christopher Webster baptised July 14th,

Note: that att ffleshwicke on Sathurday the 13th of July 1667 Richd Read cu sociis had their boat almost Loaden with herrings, and on Tusday after, the most were loader, all had sufficient, and sac continued with such an aboundance, that they brought theire boats full to Duglas, Castletown, and Peele, and sould for 12d 10d and some for 9d and 6d a Maze, and very fatt fish.

Manxmen will not need to be told that a mease of herrings is five hundred, i.e. 5 x 124=620 fish.

Hugh Moore son to Tho: the breekeman baptized October 6th.

The father was a brickmaker, see Burials 1664, and Baptisms 1679.


1667 — Edward Brew Clerke of the parish buried June With

poore: Tho: Norris son to Sr Willm buried 7ber 19th.

Note: that I have given to John Shimmin, Clarke, all the 3ds that I received for buriails till this 5th of November from the death of Edward Brew.

Mr John Halsteed Vicar of Kk St Ann and Chaplin of Castle Rushin ffebr 23th within the Chancle dove.

Ellin Vaughen alis cald Cooke drowned herselfe in a little river above Crossag and was buried without the Church stile betwixt the Cross and Wm Shimmins Croft hedge March vjth.

Tho: Clarke buried in Church March 22th Easter day.


1668 — Mary Robinson daughter to Mr Samuell Robinson Schoolemaster att Castletowne and to Brigit Crow his wife bapt: Aug 6th

Margtt Norris daugh: to John Norris hatter and Salisbury his wife Aug 23th,

Salisbury was a common female Christian name at this time.

Alice Norris daughter to Tho: the falkner baptized the said day.

Brigitt Connagh daughter to Dennis (Irish man) and Jony Taylor his wife baptised ffebr 7th.


1668 — Lewes Crideene cum Alice Moughtie July 13th 1668.

Richd Watterson's son and John Watterson (2d) and Wm Gall her brother in law have bound themselves in vl ad usu dom that there was nor impediment of pr contract Consanguinity or any other lawful cause to hinder theire sd marriage; And to secure the office.


1668 — Mary Wattleford alis Brew in the Church buried with her child December both.


1669 — Antho: Halsall sonn to Anthony and Cath: his wife baptised Aprill the 4th,

Tho: Norris sonn to Tho: (and grandchild to Deemster Norris) and Dorothy ffox his wife baptized May 2th.

John Harrison son to Jo: of ye Largie* baptised July 6th.

Cha: Harrison son to Jo: of Poulsallaght baptised ffebr 6th.


1669 — Mrs Martha Christian alis Talhurst buried May 9th,

William Mcynustey an Irishman buried August 27th.

Is this the equivalent or origin of our Manx Surname Watterson, Mac-ny-ushtey ?

Robt: Mosse an Englishman and a seafearing man burser of a ship was buried under the south chancle window 9ber 13th,

Mr Tho: Moore of the Abbey buried 10ber 3 day.

Ellin Harrison alis Bridson wife to William an Englishman buried Decembr 7th,


1670 — Tho: Norris son to Mr Tho: Norris and Dorothy his wife baptised August the 2th,

1671 — Margrett Lowcay daughter of Mr Henry Lowcay,§ Mr of the free Schoole of Castletowne baptized March 7th.


1671 — Ewan Christian cu Eliz: Ceasar May the 2th,


1671 — Mr Ewan Christian ++ of Ronaldsway buried Aprill 25.

*See Baptisms, 21 Feb., 1665.
+ See p. 75.
§ Manx Note Book, Vol. 1., p. 103
++Ib p 99.


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