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I SHALL be glad to know if there are any portraits of Bishops Levinz and Hildesley in existence ?

R. SODOR & MANN. Bishop's Court.

I HAVE a curious nickel medal, It inches in diameter. On the obverse it bears the " three legs," surrounded by the motto " We stand firm together." On the reverse, in the centre, "Sir Geo. Sheweld, Brewer Generall to the Knights of Laxey, Augt.14, 1749," surrounded by "In Love and Friendship." Can any of your readers enlighten me as to its history ?

JAMES GELL, (Attorney-General). Castletown.

CAN any one tell me who St. Splitlin is ? He has two days in our Calendar, one Splitlin sourey, or " summer," on the 18th of May, the other Splitlin genrey, or "winter," on the 8th of November.

W. KERMODE Ballaugh Rectory.

Is anything known of the site occupied by St. Kathren's Chapel ? It is placed in the Map" performed by John Speed, anno 1610" a short distance N.E. of Fleswick Bay and so appears in most, if not all, of the Maps of the Island down to the end of the last century; but I do not think that it is mentioned in any published during the present century. The modern church at Port Erin has the same dedication.

ERNEST B. SAVAGE. St. Thomas', Douglas.

ACCORDING to the Westminster Journal and London Political Miscellany for June 29, 1765, Silk Weavers were to be established in the Isle of Mann. Is there any record of this having been done ?




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