Douglas Head War Memorial

The Examiner Annual of 1922 carried following:

Douglas Head War Memorial


The above is a photographic reproduction of a simple but imposing memorial cross which has been placed on Douglas Head, on that spot of Manx soil which is the last object to be seen by Manxmen when leaving their native land. It is the gift of Mr .J. Leigh Goldie-Taubman, M.L.O., and was formally unveiled by the Lieut.-Governor on November 11th last. The memorial is constructed of red sandstone, and stands 28 feet high. The shaft and runic cross weigh nine tons, while the base, which is made of rustic limestone from Castletown, weighs no less than forty tons. The arms of the cross measure, end to end, 6 feet 3 inches. In the centre of the shaft, the words, " The Great War, 1914," are inscribed. On each side near the base, a slate tablet is let into panels. The inscription on one tablet reads : " This monument is erected by John Leigh Goldie-Taubman, of the Nunnery." The inscription on the other tablet reads: "To the chivalry of the men of this Island and all who died for us. A token of profound admiraiion and deep gratitude. ' These leave a notable example to such as be young, to die willingly and courageously.'-(II. Macc. vi. 28.)"-The work of construction, which cannot be spoken of too highly, was carried out by Mr T. H. Royston, of Douglas.

The cross was blown down and shattered in a gale on 11th Oct 1928 - a smaller and simpler replacement, using it would appear the same panels was erected in its place.

[see also Manx Quarterly #28]

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