[Appendix D(31) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

N° 31.



. [In the Duke of ATHOLL’S Letter of the 20th of October 1791.]

1 . THE present ruinous situation of the Harbour of DOUGLAS speaks for itself. The advantages that would accrue, not only to the Isle of Man, but to the trade of Great Britain and Ireland, by carrying out a sufficient pier, and rendering the harbour safe and commodious, would, I am confident, immediately be proved, by the Harbour-funds yielding a sufficiency to pay the interest of the sum necessary to be expended. Mr. Vass, who, by orders of the Treasury Board, surveyed the Harbour of Douglas last year, gave in two plans ; one for repairing the present pier, the estimate of which amounted to about 2,600 1. but which being done, he reported that the pier could not be depended upon to stand ; the other plan went to make a good and complete new pier, the estimate of which amounted to 15,2001.

2. DERBY HAVEN is a natural Harbour, and has great capabilities; but it would be very expensive doing any thing to effect there.

3. PORT LE MARIE is another natural Harbour just behind Castletown ; and, as I am informed, might be rendered more commodious at a small expence.

4. PORT EARN, or ERIN, (from its being opposite to Ireland,) is a beautiful natural Harbour. I am informed that a pier might be carried out there at an inconsiderable expence, which would render it extremely commodious, and give five-and-twenty feet water.

5. PEELE Harbour is in a very neglected state : a pier, which was built before 1765, is entirely carried away, and none but very small vessels can now come in. From its situation,this Harbour being repaired would be of infinite service both to the island and the British trade ; and it may be put into convenient repair at an inconsiderable expence.

6. RAMSAY Harbour and Pier is fallen into extreme decay, and a bank of sand has choaked the mouth of the Harbour. I am afraid it would be expensive to remove this entirely ; but the Harbour may be much bettered at no great cost.

Upon the whole, I am of opinion, that from 20 to 22,0001. would effectually repair all the Harbours in the Isle of Man which are necessary to be kept up ; and so confident am I that the Harbour-dues would answer such an expence, that if the Harbours were mine, (and why they are necessary to belong to the public I am at a loss even to guess,) I would think it no bad speculation to expend that sum upon them.



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