[Appendix D(25) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

N° 25.


PETITION of JOHN STEVENSON and his WIFE to the LORDS of the TREASURY to recover Harbour Debt,

To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty’s Treasury

The Memorial of John Stevenson of Largadoo, in the Parish of German in the Isle of Man, and Christian Stevenson his Wife,

Humbly Sheweth,

THAT upon the saith and credit of several acts of Tynwald, or Statute Laws, passed in the said isle for the reparation and improvement of the ports and harbours thereof previous to the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty-five, and by virtue of an order issued by the Governor Council, and Keys of the said isle, in pursuance of the said acts, your memorialist, Christian Stevenson, (then Kelly, a widow,) was induced to advance and lend to the then Supervisors of the said harbours for the purposes aforesaid, the sum of three hundred pounds British, at lawful interest, being 6 percent. per annum, as by their bond, bearing date the 12th of January 1764, may more fully appear.

That the said loan or sum so advanced was accordingly expended and laid out by the said Supervisors in the necessary reparation and improvement of the said harbours, as by authentic vouchers now remaining upon the public records of the said isle may also more fully appear.

That upon a general settlement of the public accounts respecting the said harbours in the year 1774, by and before a Committee appointed by the Legislative Body of the said isle, there appeared a balance due to your memorialists for principal and interest on the said bond, on the 28th day of December 1774 aforesaid, the sum of four hundred and eighty-five pounds twelve shillings and six.-pence currency of the said isle as by the report or certificate of the said Committee, subjoined to the statement of the said accounts so settled, may also more fully appear..

That after the said isle became vested in the Crown, your memorialists repeatedly applied to Charles Lutwidge, then Receiver General, but since deceased, for payment of their said settled demand ; in consequence whereof the said Charles Lutwidge did, on or about the 13th of October 1781, make your petitioners a payment of fifty pounds British : and your petitioners did also afterwards, on or about the 17th day of March 1782, receive from Senhouse Wilson, Deputy Receiver General of the said isle, the sum of fifty pounds six shillings and two-pence farthing of the like currency in further payment of their said demand.

That after crediting the harbour funds of the said isle with the said payments so made to your memorialists as aforesaid, there remained due and owing to them for principal and interest of their said demand on the 17th day of March last the sum of seven hundred and seventy-eight pounds thirteen shillings and ten pence British, which, with the interest since accruing thereon still remains justly owing, to your memorialists.

That your memorialists have reason to think that there have been several thousand pounds levied and collect from the dues and duties arising from the said harbours since the year 1765, when the laid isle became vested in the Crown as aforesaid ; but notwithstanding repeated applications, as well to the Commissioners of the said harbours as to the laid Receiver General, who received and directed the expenditure of the said dues and duties, your memorialists have not been able to obtain any further payment of their said demand, save as aforesaid ; they the said Commissioners and Receiver General alledging, that by an act of the British Parliament passed in the year 1770, entitled, " An Act for repairing, amending, and supporting the several harbours of the said isle ;" and which last mentioned and had made some imperseál provision for the payment of your memorialists said demand, together with other the debts belonging to the said harbours, it is directed that the said harbours must be put into sufficient repair before the said debts can be discharged.

That your memorialists are now informed, that owing to certain considerable damages and injuries recently sustained in the said harbours, the annual funds arising therefrom will not be sufficient to repair the said harbours for many years to come ; by means whereof, your memorialists prospect of being paid their said demand is now become so distant and uncertain, that the injury to your; memorialists will be greatly increased, unless relieved by the wisdom and justice of your Lordships.

That your memorialists are also credibly informed, that there is at present a considerable surplus arising from the general revenues of the said isle now remaining in the hands of the Receiver General, or his deputy, which would not only be amply sufficient to repair the said damages, but also todischarge and satisfy the several debts incumbent upon the said harbours

In tender consideration of the premises your memorialists humbly pray, That your Lordships, out of your wonted justice, may be graciously pleased to order payment of their said demand to your memorialists out of the general revenues of the said isle, or that your memorialists may obtain such further and other relief in the premises as to your Lordships may seem meet, and the nature and circumstances of their case may appear to deserve ; and your memorialists shall for your Lordships ever pray, &c.







£ s. d.

December 28th.

To the sum due this day upon settlement by the Committee, Manx 4851. 12s. 6d. English

416 5 0


Interest on the said sum of 4161. 5s. from 28th December 1774, to 13th October 1781, being six years nine months and fifteen days, at six per cent.

169 14 9

October 13th.

By cash received

585 19 9
50 0 0


535 19 9


Interest on the said sum of 535 l. 19s. 9 d. from 13th October 1781 to 17th March 1786, being four years five months and three days, at six per cent.

142 6 0


678 5 9


By cash received from Senhouse Wilson

50 6 2½


627 19 6¾


Interest on the said mm of 6271. 19s 6¾d. from 17th March 1786, to 17th March 1790, being four years, at six per cent. per annum

150 14 3


£778 13 9¾




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