[Appendix D(24) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

N° 24.

The PETITION of JOHN TAUBMAN to the LORDS of the TREASURY for Harbour Debt.

To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury. The Petition and Memorial of John Taubman of Castletown, in the Isle of Man, Humbly Sheweth,

THAT upon the faith and credit of several acts and statutes passed in the said isle for the reparation and improvement of the ports and harbours previous to the year 1765, and in virtue of an order issued by the Governor, Council, and Keys, your petitioner was induced to lend the then Supervisors of said harbours the furn of three hundred pounds currency of the said isle at lawful interest, being six per cent as by bonds, dated respectively the first day of September 1763, . and twenty-fixth of May 1764, will appear.

That the said loan and sum of money was accordingly expended and laid out by the said Supervisors in the necessary repairs of the said harbours, as by authentic vouchers extant on the public records os the said isle will appear.

That upon a general settlement of all accounts respectig the said harbours, by and before a Committee appointed by the legislative body of the said isle, there appeared a balance due to your petitioner for principal and interest on the said bonds on the 28th day of December 1774, the sum of three hundred and ninety-three pounds seven shillings and three-pence halfpenny Manx currency, making in English money three hundred and thirty-seven pounds three shilling and four-pence halfpenny.

That after the said Isle became vested in the Crown, your petitioner repeatedly applied to Charles Lutwidge, the then Receiver General; for payment of his said debt, who, on the 13th day of October 1781, made him a payment of fifty pounds ; and afterwards, on. the 17th day of March 1786, your petioner received from Senhouse Wilson, the now Deputy Receiver General, a further payment of fifty pounds six shillings and two-pence halfpenny. ,

That after crediting the said payments, there still remains due to your petitioner on the said bonds for principal and interest the sum of six hundred and two pounds twelve,shillings. and six- pence three farthings British money, as by the account hereunto annexed.doth more fully appear.

That your petitioner has reason to think there hath. been several thousand pounds levied and collected from the dues and duties payable out of the said harbours since the year 1765, when they became vested in the Crown ; and yet.your petitioner could never prevail unpon the. Commissioners of the said harbours, or the said Receiver General, who received and ordered ;the expenditure of the said money, to, make your- petitioner any further payment than as already mentioned, alledging among other things, that by an act of Parliament passed in the. year 1770, intituled, " An Act for repairing; amending; and. supporting the several Harbours of the said Isle, which had made sorne imperfect Provision for the Payment of your Petitioners, and other the Harbour Debts," it is expressly directed that the said harbours must be put into sufficient repair before the said debts can be discharged:

That your petitioner is now informed, that by reason of some late very great breaches and damages made in the said-harbours (particularly, in Douglas harbour) by a great tempest, the annual funds arising out of the said harbours will not be sufficient to repair the said breaches for a considerable number of years to come ; so that your petitioner is now destitute of the least expectations of being ever paid his debt,-unless relieved by your Lordships.

That your petitioner is credibly informed there is at present-a great redundancy of cash arising from. the general revenues, of the isle in the hands of the Receiver General, or. his Deputy which would not only repair the said late damages in Douglas harbour, but is also amply sufficient to discharge the. harbour debts.

Therefore your petitioner humbly prays your Lordships will, in aid of common justice; order your petitioner payment of his said debt out of the general revenues of the said Ise in regard the said debt was a prior lien and charge, and is in all reason and justice entitled to a prior payment, and yout petitioner will never cease to pray, &c.


s. d.
1774 December 28th To the sum then due on settlement, Manx 3931 7s 3d in English
337 3 4
  Interest thereon froth 28th December 1774, to 13th October 1781,being six years, nine months, and fifteen days, at 6 per cent. per annum ;
137 3 4
474 6 9
1781 October 13th. Received
50 0 0
424 6 9
  Interest from the 13th October 1781, to 17th March 1786 at 6 per cent: per annum
112 4 0
536 10 9
1786.March 17th. Received
50 6 2
  Interest from 17th March 1786, to 17th March 1790, four years
116 8 0
602 12 6

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