[Appendix D(9) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

N° 9.



LETTER from Lieutenant Governor SHAW.

SIRS, Castle Rushen, November 9, 1791.

IN the hope that you have long ere got safe to London, and in good health, after all your fatigues, which is most sincerely my wish, I do myseif the honour to transmit to you herewith a letter, which was in fact written, and only not copied, before you left this island. Also, a Memorial from Norris Moore, Esquire, who acts as secretary in the isle, but without establishment as to the office, or salary for the labour, but at the pleasure of the Governor or Lieutenant Governor for the time being ; and a Petition of Mr. John Cotteen, High Consable of Castletown and sheading of Rushen, and Chief Gaoler for the isle—cases which I would beg leave very earnestly to recommend, Sirs, to your protection. There is also a numeration or census of the people of the isle, taken at three several periods ; and respecting which I have to observe, that from a superstition in the people, which makes them unwilling to report thcii whole numbers, or the whole ot their families, they are in the census supposed to be considerable under the true number at each time; 2nd since the last, though so lately, the people are supposed to have increased very rnuch.

I understand that there are a few more memorials, but of a more public nature, preparing for my transmission ; and as it is probable therefore I shall have occasion to address you soon again, I shall only on this beg leave to add, that I am, with most sincere respect,


Your most obedient and humble servant,


His Majesty’s Commisioners of inquiry to the Isle of Man, &c. &c. &c.


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