[Appendix C(54) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]


Liber Juramentor.

The Oath to be administered to the several Captains, Officers, Soldiers, and others, who are to be sworn to assist the Deputy Searchers of the several Ports of this Isle, pursuant to the Honourable Governor’s Order in that Behalf, bearing Date the 11th October 1755.

You shall with diligence and attention carefully observe what goods are landed in this Isle from on board any ship or boat ; and if the same be so landed without an entry, or if you shall have any intimation that any goods are so landed, you shall seize the same according to the Governor’s order for that purpose.

So help you God.

11th October 1755.

The above OATH was administered to the several persons underwritten

Richard Ellison
William Kissag
Richard Ellison
James Brew
John Scolfìeld
John Buchannan
Silvester Callister .
John Buchannan
Thomas Bell
Thomas Quayle
James Parr
Silvester Fairbrother
John Cotten
John Callister
Joshua Brew
John Fairbrother
Wm. Qualtrough, my +.
Edwd. Walkington, my +.
Thos. Christian
James Harrison
Will. Quayle, his +
James Scofield
Richard Slater
William Chapman
William Ingolsby

James Clark, his +
John Kelly
James Lace
Randle Fare
John Kermod, his +.
John M’Creach, his +
John Callister
Wm. Wainwright, my +
John Hamilton
Robert Wood
Robert Cotteen, my +
James Cowll
Thomas Taubman
John Redfern
Wm Curlett, my mark +
John Kowen
William Killey
Jon. Saint
Richd. Halsall
William Killey
Hen. Killey, my mark +
John Moore
Wm Quayle
Thos. Corkill

By and bfore me, JOHN QUAYLE, Comptroller


At Castle Rushen, the 3d January 1756,

The within Oath was this day administered to Phill. Higgins

Sworn by me

Dan Mylrea

Phillip Higgins
John Shimmin

The before-going Oath was administered to the several persons whose names are subscribed at the dates prefixed to their names by

JOHN QUAYLE, Comptroller

Feb 8th, 1759

George Young, his +
William Quayle, his +
Patrick Lace
Randle Farbrother

Nicholas Corkill
Philip Fargher
Isaac Palmer

Richard Slater died 1772 aged 67 - rank Captain of Castle Rushen; in 1757 Richard Slater noted as a Smith in list of Castletown inhabitants.

See under Military for Garrison in 1765


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