[Appendix B(59) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

APPENDIX (B.) N° 59.


The EXAMINATION of Mr. ROBERT JELLY, Riding Officer of the Port of Douglas in the Isle of Man, taken October 10th, 1791.

THIS Examinant saith, that he is Riding Officer in the port of Douglas, in virtue of a constitution from the Treasury, dated the 5th Day of May 1791 and formerly acted as Port Gauger and Deputy Controller in the port of Douglas ; as Port Gauger, under the authority of the late Receiver General ; as Deputy Controller, under the authority of the then Controller.

When he was appointed Riding Officer, he took the oath of office before the Collector and Controller. He has not given any security for the execution of his office, and has never had any instructions as Riding Officer.

He has a salary of forty pounds a year, and takes no fees or gratuities.

His station is from Greenwich Point, about seven miles to the fouthward of Douglas, to Maughold Head, about twelve miles to the north of Douglas.

The duty of his office is to visit the coast within these limits, to meet and correspond with the other Riding Officers either in person or by letter, and to inquire and learn if there is any smuggled goods upon the coast, or landed, and to get the best information he can, and to acquaint the Officers of the Customs all over the Island, as also the commanders of king’s and revenue cutters therewith. He has kept a journal since the first day of June, and from that day to the 1st day of September, when the Commissioners arrived, he has been twenty times out in the day time, and none in the night.

He has not made any seizure since he has been a Riding Officer. The journals of the Riding Officers are, he understands, delivered once a year to the Deputy Receiver General for inspection ; and that is, as he believes, the only regular check or examination they undergo. He does not keep a horse, but has one engaged, which he can have by night or by day whenever he wants it, according to agreement. He delivers in a paper with observations on the revenue, dated 10th October 1791 and signed by him


Jno Spranger.
Wm Osgoode.
Willm Roe.
David Reid.


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