[Appendix B(58) 1792 Report of Commissioners of Inquiry]

APPENDIX (B.) N° 58.


The EXAMINAT1ON of Mr. PETER MOORE, Port Gauger at thePort of Douglas in the Isle of Man, taken at Douglas, October 11th, 1791.

THIS Examinant saith, that he is Port Gauger in the Port of Douglas, in virtue of a conflitutiori of the Treasury, dated 9th July 1791. He took the oaths of office on such appointment, but has not been called upon to give any security, nor has he received any written or printed initructions. He was not instructed in the art of gauging before he entered upon office. Since that he has been attending a schoolmafter at Peel to instruct himself in gauging.

His sole duty is to gauge all liquors coming into the port of Douglas, and has been on two ships fince his appointment.

His salary is twenty pounds a year, as he is informed by Mr. Jelly who once acted as Deputy Gauger. He does not confider himself as entitled to any fees ; but on the two vessels he has attended, he received gratuities, as he believes, to the value of about a guinea, or scarcely so much. He does not attend on the quay, except a warrant comes down with articles in it to be gauged, and has never received orders to give any other attendance.


Jno Spranger.
Wm Osgoode.
Willm Roe.
David Reid.


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