Ballaugh Village, 1868

Plan Ballaugh Village, 1868

The old Parish Church is some considerable distance along the road exiting north but the village developed along the Peel - Ramsey road just after the bridge (famous for views during the TT races) - the new parish church is just off the map along the Cronk road - the then new Wesleyan chapel is shown on the edge of the village, the older chapel on the east on the road heading south to Ravensdale was then a hall - recent economies have forced the sale of the impressive chapel and the old hall pressed back into service.

A photograph of the village from the 1920's show little development

approaching Ballaugh Bridge from south ?c. 1910
approaching Ballaugh Bridge from south ?c. 1910
(courtesy Tom Kneil)

Ballaugh Bridge smithy probably abt 1905
(courtesy MNH)
Ballaugh Village (1920's)
Ballaugh Village, north of bridge (1920's)

The Public house near the bridge is the Raven - originally North Star..

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