[taken from Chapter 3 Manx Worthies, A.W.Moore, 1901]

 WILLIAM FARRANT (b. 1826, d. 1891),

of Ballamoar, Jurby, the eldest son of William Farrant, of Ballamoar, and Susanna Eleanora Curphey, received his early education first in Ramsey, from the Rev. Archibald Holmes. Then after studying privately in Douglas, he went to Magdalen College, Oxford. He was a good classical scholar, and both spoke and wrote French. German, and Italian with ease. Being in weak health after he left Oxford, he spent several years travelling, visiting, among other places, the Crimea, the war with Russia. On his return to the island, in 1856, he was made Captain of the Parish of Jurby, and, in 1858, he became a Justice of the Peace, and a member of the House of Keys. He continued to be a member of the self-elected House till its dissolution. Its confidence in his ability was shown by his appointment, in 1860, as joint commissioner with the late William Callister, to negotiate with the Commissioners of Woods and Forests on their behalf. In 1874, he was elected as a member for Douglas, and, in 1883, he was returned for Glenfaba continuing to represent this latter constituency till his death. An able, cultured, and eloquent man, he possessed considerable influence in the House of Keys, of which he was, for some years, the virtual leader. Conservative in his polities, his convictions were so strong that they often brought him into conflict with those who thought differently. But he always retained the admiration and respect of all, whether they differed from him or not. As an administrator, he did very good service, being member of the Education and Harbour Boards. As a landlord, he did much to improve his estate, and, as an arboriculturist, he was an expert, succeeding in growing many rare trees and shrubs at Ballamoar. Conspicuous in every movement having the welfare of the Manx people for its object, he was highly esteemed generally, and his tenants and neighbours were greatly attached to him.

see also appreciation in Ellen Vannin vol II #8 p346; memorial notice for Widow


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