[From Slater's Directory, 1857]



here; but from the frequent sittings of different courts of Law, and the number of pupils educated at the college, the town generally presents an animate appearance. The principal hotel is the 'George' in the Market place, and adjacent to the castle, eligibly situated for commercial men, visitors, &c., combined with comfort and convenience. Considerable quantities of agricultural produce are brought to the market place, which forms a fine area, almost square, ornamented in the centre with a chaste fluted freestone column, nearly fifty feet high, in the Grecian style erected, in 1836, to the memory of the late venerable Lieutenant-Governor C. Smelt. There is a branch of the City of Glasgow Bank, of which Mr. Gell is the agent; also a branch of the Douglas and Isle of Man Bank (Messrs. Dumbell, Son & Howard), of which Mr. M’Meiken is agent.

The places of worship are the parish church, one mile and a quarter north of Castletown (the living in the gift of the crown) Saint Thomas’s Chapel, forming part of King William’s College; and Saint Mary’s Chapel, on one side of the parade; the latter, which was first erected in 1698, and rebuilt in 1826, is a chaplaincy in the gift of the governor; the present incumbent is the Rev. Edward Ferrier, M.A., the government chaplain. In the chapel is a tablet erected by public subscription, to the memory of the late chaplain Rev. G. S. Parsons, who was greatly respected. ‘The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have each a chapel, and there is one for the Roman Catholics, in College green. Near the grammar school are two alms-houses, one founded by the late R Robert Quayle, Esq., of New Hill ; and the other by the late Rev. G. S. Parsons, Government Chaplain. Both are for the accommodation of poor women, Mr. Quayle's for four and Mr. Parson’s for eight. There being no legal provision for the poor, begging prevails in the island to a considerable extent, the poor being otherwise dependent on the offertory in the churches, and in the income arising from charitable bequests. In this town an effort has been lately made to abolish begging from house to house, by voluntary measures. In October, 1855, at a public meeting, a committee was appointed to attend to the relief of the poor and to administer the funds contributed by the inhabitants for the purpose. The experiment has hitherto been eminently successful. Amongst the charities of the town are the soup kitchen, from which the poor are supplied with soup during the winter half of the year; the coal fund, from which coals are dispensed gratuitously to the poor, the coals being stored in the commodious cellars under Mr. Parson’s alms-house, which were devised for that purpose; and the Dorcas Society for furnishing clothing to the needy poor gratuitously; these charities are supported by voluntary contributions.

Half a mile north-east of the town,and about three hundred yards from the shore stands King Williams' College, one of the finest public buildings in the Isle, erected in 1830. in the early English style; it is two hundred and ten feet long and one hundred, and thirty-five feet long, including Saint Thomas’ chapel, which stretches from the centre at right angles with the college; from the intersection rises a square embattled tower, ninety-seven fees high, The buildings cost upwards of £l,500.; the accumulated fund, left for educational and other purposes in the hands of trustees, supplied £2,692. 1s. 5d., and the remainder was furnished by voluntary subscriptions, One hundred and thirty pupils, chiefly boarding, are educated in the college, and are prepared for the British and Irish universities, and for the professions; and several students are educated on the foundation for the Manx church. The college contains four spacious classrooms, and a library is attached to the Institution. On the 14th January, 1844, the college, with the exception of the vice-principal’s house, was destroyed by fire, but was restored by the liberal contributions of friends in the Island, and was rendered more commodious than before. There is an excellent grammar school, in College lane; and in the same street is Halsall’s school, for the free education of girls. In Douglas street, is the Taubman’s school, in which twenty-five boys are taught gratuitously, and in Hope-street, is the National Day and Sunday school, for boys and girls, the greater number of the scholars receiving a free education. An infants’ school is about being added. The market-house and assembly rooms were built in 1830, and are situate in the centre of the town, The assembly rooms are now used as a custom house. The weekly market is held on Saturday. Population in 1841, 2,281, in 1851, 2,501.

BALLSALLA is a village of prepossessing and respectable appearance, consisting of about one hundred houses: it is situate in the parish of Malew, nearly two miles north from Castletown, at the point where the Peel and Douglas roads separate. The retiemable remains of Rushen Abbey are to be seen on the rivers bank, it was erected by Ewan, Abbot of Furness, on lands granted for that purpose, in 1134, for King Olave II. (Kleining); who conferred upon it great liberties, immunities, &c., for the education of youth and support of the poor. On part of the same site and adjoining the ruins, is the Rushen Abbey boarding-school, a superior establishment for young ladies, conducted by the Misses Stowell. This is the largest and most English looking village in the island; the roads in the vicinity are generally lined with newly-cut hedgerows and the country round being well sheltered with wood, and varied with gently-swelling eminences, the prospects, thought not very extensive, are pleasing. Not far from Ballasalla are extensive lime-works, and an ochre, umber and Roman cement manufactory. The Primitive and the Wesleyan Methodists have each a chapel, and the Malew parish school is here. An infant school has lately been established in connexion with the parish school. Fairs are held on the 12th August and 29th September. Population included with the parish.

MALEW parish lies in the sheading of Rushen, in the southern division of the island, and is comparatively very extensive, being eight miles in length from north to south, and at least four in breadth from east to west. Besides the parish church, there is a chapel of ease, dedicated to Saint Mark, situate about five miles from Castletown ; the living is a chaplaincy, in the gift if the vicar of the parish. The parish also contains one Primitive and two Wesleyan Methodist chapels exclusive of those in Castletown and Ballasalla. At the village of DERBYHAVEN, a building has lately been purchased by donations procured by the Rev, G. Harvey, Chaplain and Bursar of King William’s College, to be converted into a school house, and to be used on Sunday’s for divine service. There is a commodious harbour here and excellent anchorage. Near the village is Saint Michael’s Island, on which is the remains of an old church, and a fort now used as a light house, the fort was termed ‘Derby Fort,’ by the famous Charlotte de la Tremouille, Countess of Derby (wife of James the 7th Earl, who was beheaded at Bolton 1651), in memory of the successful defence of Latham House. A great portion of the parish is fertile, and the northern part, which is mountainous and not susceptible of tillage, has several slate quarries, and likewise produces lead ore, Two annual fairs are held at Saint Mark’s—one on the 5th of January, the other on the 12th of May. Population of the parish, in 1841, 3,085,and in 1851, 3,232.

Post Office Arbory-street, CASTLETOWN, George Duck, Post Master.—Letters from all parts arrive (from Douglas) with Insular Mails generally about seven pm and are despatched thereto generally about half-past six.a.m. The arrivals and despatches of the English mails being regulated by the sailing of the packets from Douglas, Castletown and Ramsey
Money Order Office open from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.


Barker Capt. Wm. College green
Barnett Mr. John A. Arbory st
Beatson Dr. George, College green
Bell Miss Sophia, Arbory st
Bentley Mr Thomas. Knock Rushen
Boyd Mr. Thomas, Malew st
Brine Mrs Anne, Crofts
Brown Rev. Thomas Edward, M.A. Vice Principal KWC Derbyhaven
Burman James, Esq. secretary to his excellency the Lieutenant Governor, North Abbey Cottage
Cain Mrs Elizabeth Jane, Malew st
Caley Mr. Philip, Parade
Campbell Mrs. Esther G., Crofts
Cary Capt. —,J.P.. Beach House
Clark Rev. John Thomas, Saint Mark’s glebe -
Clucas Mr. Thomas, College green
Craig Mrs. Catherine, Malew, st
Crellin Mrs. Catherine M. Westhiill
Crellin Robert Q.. Esq.Westham
Crosby Rev, Thomas, Crofts
Cunningham Patrick T. Esq. MH.K Crofts
Davidson Rev. H. C. Castle st
Dickenson Sir, William, Ballasalla
Dixon Rev. Robert, D,D.King William’s College
Downes Mr. William, Crofts
Ellis Rev. Philip B. Sea Mount
Faulder Mr. Henry, Parade
Ferrier Rev. Edward, M.A. (government chaplain), Crofts
Gell James, Esq, (high bailiff), College green
Gelling Misses Jane and Catherine, Castle st
Geneste Mrs. Elizabeth, College gn
Gick Mrs. Catherine, college green
Gill Rev. William, Malew Vicarage
Gray Mrs. Frances, College greem,
Harvey Rev. Gilmour, King William’s College
Hope His Excellency the Hon. C., Lieut.-Governor of the Isle of Man, Government House, Castletowm
Jeffcott the Misses Catherine and Anne, Malew st
Jeffcott John Moore, Esq. M.H.K.Crofton,
Jefferson ‘Thos. Esq.Balasalla House
Kelly Mis, Margaret Ann, Parliament square
Kibble Miss. Sarah, College green
Lee Mrs, —, Malew st
Leyland Mi’. Daniel, Parliament sq
Llewehyn mrs. Christian Catherine, Arbory street
Moore Mrs. Anne, Springfield terr
Moore Thomas, Esq. C.P..M.H.K. and J.P. Crescent Cottage
Moore Thos, jun. Esq.Great Meadow
Peake Mr. Jaumes B. Crofts
Pearson Mr. James, Crofts
Qualtrough Mrs. Betsy, College gn
Quayle Mark Hildesley, Esq. (and clerk of the rolls) Douglas st
Quayle John, Esq. M.H.K. Douglas st
Quirk Mrs. Jane, Crofts
Raynes Mrs. Ann, Crofts
Sparrow Rev. William Charles, College green
Thompson Mrs. Jane, College green
Underwood Thomas,Esq.MD.Parade
Wallace Captain William, Crofts
Wilkinson Rev. William, Malew st
Worthington Mrs. Margt. Ballasalla


Ashbrook William, Mill st
Edwards Elizabeth, Crofts
GRAMMAR SCHOOL, College lane— Rev. Wm. C. Sparrow, master
HALSALL’S SCHOOL, College lane— Harriet Finnigan, mistress
Rev. Robt. Dixon, D.D. principal
Rev. Thomas Edward Brown,, MA. Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, vice-
Rev.Gilmour Harvey, third-master
Rev. Hught Coleman Davidson,. teacher of English and Modern Literature
Mons. Henri Van Laun, teacher of the French and German Languages
Alfred D.. Lemon drawing master
Rev. Gilmour Harvey, bursar and Chaplain
NATIONAL SCHOOLS (Saint Mary’s) Hope st, Thomas Kay, master Elizabeth Beath, mistress
NATIONAL SCHOOL., Saint Mark’s glebe—Phillip Mylrea, master
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, Ballasalla— John Cain master
Stowell the Misses — (boarding), Rushen Abbey, Ballasalla—(See advertisement)
Stowell Miss Nessy, College-green
TAUBMAN'S SCHOOL, Douglas st— John Watterson, master


Burman James (and secretary to the Lieutenant-Governor, clerk of the council, and registrar-general of births and marriages), Castle Rushen
Clucas John Thomas, Castle st
Gell James (high bailiff of Castletown, seneschal of the Bishop's barony, deputy registrar of births and Marriages, deputy water-bailiff of Derbyhaven, commissioner to take affidavit: in English chancery, Q.B. C.P. and exchequer, president of Law Society, and visiting magistrate for the gaol of Castle Rushen), Chancery lane
Gell & Gill, Chancery lane
Gelling Frederick LaMothe (and regulator of weights & measures, and notary public), Castle st
Gelling John D. Malew st
Gill Henry C, (and clerk to the justices), Chancery lane
Jeffcott John Moore, M.H.K. Malew street
Moore John George (and notary public), Douglas st


Clague William (for H. Whiteside, miller, Nunnery Mills, Douglas), Arbory' street
Cowin John(steam packet),Malew st
Gell Jas. (and hon. sec. to the Royal Association for Promoting Fine Arts in Scotland), Chancery lane
Kewley Jas. (forWater Work's Co.) Castle Rushen
M'Meiken ,John (for Gas Co.), Arbory street
M'Meiken John (and hon. sec. to the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society for Castletown, Derby Haven, Port St. Mary, and Port Erin), Arbory st
Mylchreest James (custom house) Malew street
Thomson James, Market place


Convery John, Malew st
Thomson James (and appraiser), Market place


Boyd Robert, Malew st
Clague Robert, Malew st
Gelling Thomas, Malew st
Kermode Henry, Malew st
Kermode John F. Arbory st
Kewin Jane, Malew st
Radcliffe Thomas, Castle st
Wood James, Malew st


BANK OF MONA {branch of the City of Glasgow Bank, Chancery lane-(draws on Prescott, , Grote & Co. London) , James Gell, agent
DOUGLAS and ISLE of MAN (Dumbell, Son and .Howard)-(branch) Arbory stree.t-(draws opon William, Deacon & Co. London- John M'Meiken, agent


Boyd Thomas, Quay
Bridson Richard, Ballasalla
Bridson William, Ballachrink
Corkhill Lewis, Hope st
Cowell John, Douglas st
Curry William, Ballasalla
Lougmuir John, St. Mark's glebe
Oates William, Ballasalla
Quayle Thomas, Douglas st


Harrison Richard, College green
Moore John, Quay


Backwell Matthew James (and engraver, printer and bookbinder), Malew street;
M'Meiken, John (and circulating library), Arbory st
Stowell Joseph John, Malew st


Bochan David, College green
Bridson John, College green
Corrin Thomas, College green
Cretney Thomas, Arbory st
Cubbon John, Malew st
Kaighen John, Ballasalla
Kermode Henry, Malew st
Kinvig Juhn, Arbory st
Shimmin Edward, Ballasalla


Quayle Robert & Co. (and maltsters), Douglas street


Barden Thomas, Market place
Carr John, Hope st
Delanry Henry, Market place
Gell John, Marketplace


Chesterman Joseph, ,Malew st
Jones Thomas, Arbory st
Watterson Richard, Douglas st


Anchors Thomas, Hope st
Cowell John, Douglas st
Eyre Margaret. Arbory st
Ockerly William, Marketplace
Varley Robert, Hope st


Gelling James, Ballasalla
Martin John, Malew st
Quayle John, Hope st


Corrin William, Arbory st
Stowell Jas. John (and stationer), Malew street


Anchors Thomas, Hope st
Clark John, Quay
Dinwoody Thomas, College green
Doyle Samuel, Parliament square


Kelly Henry, Arbory st
Rothwell Elizabeth, Malew st


Cain William, jun: (and merchant), Malew street
Clague William, Arbory st


Clague.Ellen„Arbory st
Harper Catherine, Malew st
Kewley Edward, Malew st
Martin John (glass and china), Malew street
Swales Thomas. Arbory st


Anchors Thomas, Hope st
Anderson Robert, Ballahick
Bell John, Mill st
Bell William, Ballavell
Blyth James, Ballaquaggin and Ballaglonney
Blyth John, Ronaldsway
Brew John, Kerrow mooar
Bridson Philip, White stone
Bridson Robert, Ballachrink
Bridson Thomas, Closeclark
Bridson-Thomas, Ballashimmin
Bridson Thomas, Silverbourne
Bridson William, Ballachrink
Bridson Wiliiam, Buillaue
Bridson. William, Cordeman
Bridson William, Knockbreck
Barrows William (steward), Creggans and Clogh-chor
Cain Charles, Ballacubbon
Cain John, Rensheant
Cain Robert, Clogh-chorveg
Cain Thomas. Lhergy
Callister Paul, Cronkrenney
Callister William, Shenvalley
Callister William, Ballageraii
Clague James, Ballag and Billown
Clague John, Malew st
Clague Thomas, Orrisdale
Clucas Thomas, Ballamodda-beg
Coole Thomas, Ballabeg
Coole William, Grennaby
Corrin William, Fildraw
Cowell John, Douglas st
Craine, Robert, Ballakew
Craine Robert, Ballaghunveark
Craine William, Ballaghunveark
Craine William, Bullagreney
Creer John, Arbory st
Cretney-'Thomas, Tosaby
Cubbon Robert, Ballaquayle
Curphey John, Cordarnan
Fargher Peter, Ballawetson
Fargher Thomas, Derby haven, Ballagilly and Langness
Fargher William, Cooilcam
Fargher William, Barrule
Gale James, Ballanauk
Gale John, Ballawoods
Gawne Thomas, Crossack
Gelling Richard, Billown
Halsall James, Cordeman
Halsall John, Moannry-mooar
Jefferson Wm. B. Ballahott & Ballaveil
Keggin Samuel, Clogh-char
Kelley John, Malew st
Kelley John, Ballown
Kelly Richard, Moanney-mooar
Kelly William, Ballanank
Kennaugh Henry, Ballatrollog
Kennaugh Margt Moaney-mooar
Kennaugh Thomas, Silverbourne
Kennish Thomas, Mullinaragher
Kermode Christopher, Ballavoaden
Kewin John, Ballakewin
Kewish Patrick, Ballachrink
Kinnish John, Ballacrook
Kneale Philip, Halsall's hill
Lowey William, Glashen
Maddrell William, Grenaby
Maddrell Robert: Red gap
MooreThomas, Clraighrotyr
Mullin Robert; Ballakewin
Mylchreest Humphrey,Ballamodda.mooar
Mylchreest William„ Billown
Preston William, Bilown
Quaggin John, Thahalloo-vell
Quayle John, Billown
Quayle John, Ballamodda-beg
Quayle William, Kerrow-mooar
Quayle William, Giatt
Quine John, Ballakilley and Ballachurry
Quine William, Ballakewin
Quinney John, Ballastrang
Quirk Robert Charles, Scarlett
Radcliff Richard, Ballachink
Radcliff Thomas., Fildraw.
Radcliff Thomas, Cronky-view
Roney William, Karrookeill
Sayle Charles, Ballavarvana
Shimmin Edward, Corlheah
Shimmin Jnhn, Ballagarey
Shimmin John. Ballagranjey
Shimmin Robert, Ballakilley
Shimmin Thomas, Ballachrink
Shimmin William, Grenaby
Taggart John, Ballagilbert
Taggart William, Gibdale
Taggart William, Red gap
Taggart William, Closeclarke
Teare William, Silverbourne
Thomson James, Arbory st
Tonge William, Black hill
Turnhull Robert, Derby haven
Watterson John, Ballarobin
Watterson William, Keirookeill


HOUSEHOLDERS (life), Frederick La Mothe Gelling, Castle st
LIVERPOOL and LONDON, James Mylchreest, Malew st
NORTHERN, Joserph John Stowell Malew st
PROVIDENT,John M'Meiken,Arbory st
ROYAL Walter Brown, Arbory st
SCOTTISH WIDOWS' FUND (life) James Gell, Chancery lane
SUN (fire), John Cowin, Quay
TIMES (fire and plate glass), F. L Gelling, Castle st
UNITY, Henry C. Gill, Chancery la,


(See also Shopkeepers. &c.) ,
Marked thus * are also Seedsmen

Cain William, jun, Malew st
Doyle Samuel, Parliament square
* Duck George, Market place
Gelling Stephen, Malew st
* Harrison Edward, Market place
Kegg Ann, Arbory st
M'Gray Jane, Malew st
M'Meiken John, Arbory st
Mylchreest James, Malew st
Taggart John, Malew st


Austin: Frederick. Malew st
Corlett Edward, Bank st
Kewin Edward, Malew st


Ellain Vannin, Edward Corlet,Quay
George (family and commercial), William Ockerby, Market place
Union, Margaret Eyre, Arbory st


Boyd Thomas (and sail maker), Quay
Brown Walter (& tinman),Arbory st


Cooper John, Arbory st
Kelly William, College green
Moore, John, Quay
Stowell Flaxney, Hope st
Stowell James. Malew st


Jefferson William H.. Ballahott
Moore Thomas, Ballown
Quirk Robert Charles, Scarlett-(See advertisement)


Dakin John, Arbory st
Taubman .John & Co. Arbory st,
Wilby & Co. Castle st


Bell William, Derby Haven
Chesterman John, Arbory st
Cretney Thomas, Arbory st
Dinwoody Margaret, College green
Jones Thomas, Parade
Kelly Henry, Arbory. st
Kinvig Isabella, Arbory st
Stowell James, Malew st


Clague John, Castletown Mills
Cubbon Jamre, Ballasalla
Kinnish Thomas, Mullinarogher
Maddrell Robert, Grenaby


Bellion Helen, Crofts
Buchan Catherine, College green
Bridson Jane, Ballasalla
Curry Sarah, Ballasalla
Kermode Jane, Malew st
Kitchin Elizabeth and Eleanor, Malew street


Gelling Fredck, Le Mothe, Castle st
Moore John George, Douglas st


Carran Henry (Of music),Arbory st
Pleinier Mons. - (French and German), College green
Van Laun Henri (of French and German), College green


Cubbon John, Arbory st
Karran John, Arbory st
Kelly Philip, Ballasalla
Kermode John (and leather cutter) Malew street


Anchors Thomas. Hope st
Boyd Thomas, Quay
Brine & Stowell, Quay
Claque Charles. Arbory st
Clague Henry, Ballanorris
Clarke John, Quay
Corlett William, College green
Dinwoody Thomas, College green
Doyle Samuel, Parliament square
Kerruish Hugh, Queen st
Moore John, Quay
Quirk Robert Charles, Scarlett
Turnbull Robert, Derby Haven


Boyd John, Ballasalla
Caugherty Henry, Ballasalla
Cluck Robert. Ballasalla
Corlett William, College green
Corlett William, Ballasalla
Harper Catherine, Malew st
Kelly Catherine, Douglas st
Kennaugh John, Malewst
Kewley Edward, Malew st
Martin John, Malew st
Rothwell John, Malew st


Kelly Henry (& marble), Arbory st
Lewin James, Malew st
Qullliam & Creer, Hope st


Cain Robert, Hope st :and Ballasalla
Clague James, Croft.
Costain John, Hope st


Harris Catherine, Arbory st
Schofield Ann, Parliament square
Stowell Margaret, Malew st


Bennett Edward, M.D. Arbory st
Cregeen Jonathan, Arbory st
Jones John, Malew st
Underwood Thomas, M.D. (and surgeon to the household & medical officer to the troops), Parade


Cannell William, Mill st
Caveen Thomas; Malew st
Claque William, Crofts
Collister Thomas, Malew st
Bridson Thomas, St. Marks glebe
Bridson Thomas, Ballasalla
Fargher William, Malew st
Kaighin Thomas, Ballasalla
Lawson John, Ballasalla
Ore Richard, Arbory st
Quayle James, College green
Quayle Rottert, College green
Watterson George, Arbory st
Welsh Henry, Arbory st


Cubbon John, Arbory st
Hudson John (and leather cutter) Malew street


Anchors Thomas (Hope and Anchor), Hope street
Bell Ann, Ballasalla
Brine William (Crown), Quay
Cain William, Mill st
Christian Charlotte (Black Cock) Arbory street
Clarke John, Quay
Connor John(Liverpool Arms),Bank st
Convery John (British), Malew st
Cowley William, Malew st
Gelling Margaret, Four roads
Hamlin Thomas (Foresters' Rest), Queen street
Harrison Robert, Malew st
Kelly Catherine (Ship), Derby haven
Kneale Elizabeth, Ballasalla
Patty James, St. Mark's glebe
Piggott William, Quay
Place William (West of England), Castle street
Quayle William, Bank: st
Quilliam James, Quay
Quinney Emma, Malew st
Turnbull Robert, Derby haven


Boyd Thomas, Quay
Cain Robert, jun. Hope st


Torrance G. & Co. Ballasalla, North quay and Douglas -- Thomas Muncaster, manager


Duck George, Market place
Harrison -Edward, Market place
McMeiken John, Arbory st
Mylchreest James, Malew st
Taggart John, Malew st


Bridson Jobn, road surveyor, Ballasalla
Cain Thomas, millwright, Ballasalla
Chesterman John, accountant, Arbory at
Corlett William,sumner, Ballasalla
Corran Jas.painter and glazier, Malew st
Cowley William, gardener, Ballasalla
Dinwoody Thomas,ship chandler,College green
Muncaster Thomas, manager of the umber and ochre works, Ballasalla
Mylchreest John, hat manufacturer, Malew street
Phillips Jas. temperance hotel, Malew st
Rogers Thomas, watch maker. Arbory st
Swales Thomas, marine store dealer, Arbory street
Teare William, millwright Ballasalla
Thomson James, coroner, Arbory st

Public Buildings, Offices, &c;.


PARISH CHURCH, Malew-Rev. William Gill, vicar, and surrogate for marriage licenses,& Rev. J. E. Brown,M.A.curate
SAINT MARY'S CHURCH, Parade-Rev. Edward Ferrier, M. A. incumbent ; Rev. W. C, Sparrow, curate
SAINT MARK'S CHURCH, Dreemfreaie--Rev. John Thomas Clark
SAINT THOMAS' CHURCH. King William's College - Rev. R. M.. DIXON, D.D. dean; Rev. Gilmour Harvey, chaplain
METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPEL Castletown Rev.Thomas Crosbie
METHODIST (Wesleyan) CHAPELS, Ballasalla, Ballageary and Ballamoda
METHODIST (Primitive) CHAPEL, Hope street; Ballasalla

(Sub-port under Douglas)
Principal Coast Officer Robert Q. Crellin Esq
Tide waiters William Archer. James Watterson,Wm.Bel1,& T.T. Lawson
ALMSHOUSES-(Rev G. S. Parson's), College lane -
ALMSHOUSES (Quayle's), College lane .
BARRACKS, Market place-Wm.Thompson, barrack sergeant
BIRTHS & MARRIAGES-CIVIL REGISTRY James:Burman, Esg. registrar general, Castle Rushen-James Gell, deputy registrar, Chancery lane
CASTLE RUSHEN, Castle. street-Noel Gillett, gaoler
GAS WORKS, Mill street-John M''Meiken, secretary; William Senior, manager
HARBOUR MASTER'S OFFICE,, Quay-James Mylchreest, harbour master
HIGH BAILIFF'S OFFICE, Chancery ln James Gell, Esq. high bailiff'
HOUSE OF KEYS, Parliament square
ISLE OF MAN LAW SOCIETY, Castle Rushen-James Gell, president, James Burmann, Esq. secretary; J. L. Gelling, Esq. treasurer; Jas. Llawellyn, librarian
POLICE STATION,Castle Rushen-Robert Rhodes, chief constable
ROLLS OFFICE Castle Rushen-Mark Hildesley Quale, Esq. clerk of the. rolls; James Kewley, head clerk
TOWN HALL. Arbory st
WATER WORKS, - James Kewley, secretary; William Kelly, manager


To DOUGLAS, Coaches, from the Union Hotel, every morning (Sun. excepted) at ten,


To DOUGLAS, Robert Varlry, from Hope st, and - Boyde, from the Union Hotel. daily.



to LIVERPOOL„ the Ellen Vannin, from the Quay three times a week in Summer, and once in Winter, John Cowin, agent


To DOUGLAS, the Mary.

To LIVERPOOL-, the Ellen Vannin Steam Packet, the Jersey Lily, the Nimrod, the Prince Albert, the Flower of the .South, the Charlotte, the Thistle the Friendly, and the Cyclops.

To WHITEHAVEN, the Refuge, the Nimrod, the Catherine, the Farmer, the Charlotte, the Lady Gordon, the Thistle, the Union, the Castletown, the Midsummer, the Village Girl and the Daisy,


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