[From Pigot's Directory, 1837]



MAOWN parish lies in the southern division of the island, in the sheading of Glanfaba; it is the only parish in the Isle of Man not washed by the sea, and is upwards of five miles in length by an average breadth of two and a half. The small parish church is five miles west of Douglas, and six and a half east of Peel, standing on a hill about half a mile south of the road between these towns ; the living is a vicarage, in the gift of the crown. The eastern, central and western parts of this district are in excellent condition, being well cultivated ; but the northern and southern portions are hilly, and comparatively unproductive. There are two vestiges of antiquity to be observed in this parish-the ruins of St. Trinian's chapel, a little beyond Crosby; and a druidical temple, on the north side of Mount Murray. A fair is annually held at Greba, in this district, on the 2nd of February.

CROSBY is a small but respectable village, on the road between Douglas and Peel; five miles west of the former, and about the same distance east of the latter. The Wesleyan methodists have a neat chapel at the village, close by the border of the high road.


Cameron Dr. Donald, R.N. Meadow bank
Chapelbow Mrs. Mary, Crosby
Clucas Mr. Thomasas Corvaley
Corlett Capt. William, Crosby
Duggan Rev William, Vicarage
Faulder Mr. Joseph, Ellerslie
Hay Capt James, E.I.C.N.S. Hope's Lodge
Karran Mr. William, C. P. Ballingan
Lockhart Norman esq. Ballagarvey
Moffat Mr. David, Crosby
Palfreyman Mr..Geo. Eyreton castle
Quayle Mrs. Robert, Crosby
Quayle Mr. William Crosby
Read Mr. John Crosby
White Mr. John, Crosby


Bridgen William, Ballaconnabeg
Cain William, Ballagrawe
Cannon John, Knabb
Christian Caesar, Creggbeg
Clucas Thomas, Ballafreer
Cottier John, Ballalong
Cottier Robert, Ballacincas
Creer Philip, Ballacotch
Creer Thomas, Ballawilleykilley
Cretney Robert, Ballahutchen
Faulder Edward, Ellerslie
Faulder Joseph, jun. Ballacallin
Hollingworth Mary, Baltafreer
Hunthon George, Ballaconna
Kay Ann, Ballabeg
Kay John, Braaid
Kelly Philip, Ballagrawe
Kelly Robert, Ballavechall
Kelly William, Trollaby
Miller James, Ballaquinney
Moore Edward, Conneazle
Quine Thomas, Ballahaddy


Burrows James (Halfway House)York cottage
Garrett James, Peel road
Kelly Thomas, Creggbeg
Mylchreast Henry, Creggbeg


Cretney Joseph, joiner, Ballabeg
Kissack William, cartwright, Ellerslie
Shimmin Hugh, tailor, Crosby
Welsh Joseph, miller, Ballaquinney


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