Derbyhaven, 1868

Derbyhaven, 1868

Derbyhaven is a small hamlet on the Bay to the east of Castletown separated from Castletown Bay by the narrow neck of land leading to Langness - the road exiting mid left runs past Hango Hill to Castletown - at this period no development along it until King William's College. The road exiting mid base leads to Langness - the 1711 smelthouse (for lead) is some 500 feet to the south but little futher development (no Fort Island/Golf Hotel for example) existed. The long narrow building was the herring house of 1771 for preserving herring either by salting in barrells or red herrings produced by smoking the salted herring (kippers are different in that the fish was split before smoking and date from mid 19th century) - the building has been converted into private dwellings.

79776 Derbyhaven and Marine Hotel, I.O.M
c. 1907 view looking south
Derbyhaven - looking north

The large ornate building to right on 1907 view is the Marine Hotel

The PH (other 'P's are pumps). to the North dates from at least 1837 when kept by John Kelly - Mathieson implies that this tavern is the Derbyhaven Hotel but this I think is much later and stood on the corner.

Plan Derbyhaven 1846

The Watch house was for the tidewaiters as Derbyhaven as it was always a better port than the nearby 'miserable' port of Castletown. The breakwater (off the main map, in mid bay a little to the north of the Castletown road) was built in 1842/3 but the port never developed any further.

The c. 1907 view shows the farmhouse on Langness with Derbyhaven and bay in background:

Derbyhaven c.1907


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