[from Porter's Directory, 1889]


Is the Metropolis of the Isle of Man, an ancient Market Town, formerly the seat of Government and until lately the residence of the Lieutenant-Governor It is situated almost at the extreme South of the Island, about 10 miles from Douglas, 5 from Port Erin, and 4 from Port St. Mary; it was a town of considerable importance until the seat of Government was transferred to Douglas, and even now is considered the most select residential district in the Island. It has a remarkably neat and orderly appearance, and is frequented by a number of better-class visitors, who prefer the quietude and tranquillity of Castletown to the younger and go-ahead Douglas. The antiquarian will find much to interest him in the district. The sun dial on the castle wall is the most unique in any part of the British Isles. It is a solid stone ball, with thirteen faces, and is said to tell the time of day, by the sun, and the time of night by the light of the moon. In the centre of the Market place there is a barrack, occupied at present by the H Company of the Royal Sussex Regiment, under the command of Captain, Gore; another object of interest is a monument in front of the castle,. erected to the memory of Colonel Cornelius Smelt, who died in 1832, having been Governor of the Island for 28 years; but the object most likely to rivet the attention. of the visitor is the grand old castle, generally called Castle Rushen, a stronghold that, has resisted the storms of 1000 years, and looks today the nearest approach to perpetuity. The Church of St. Mary, or as it is locally called, the Government Chapel, is a stately and commodious building, rebuilt in 126 on the site of one erected by Bishop Wilson in 1698; the Rev. E. Ferrier, M.A., and clerk to the Board of Education, is the chaplain. The Roman Catholic Church is a small neat building, On the Green, capable of accommodating 200, and is served from Douglas. There is also a Wesleyan Chapel, of which the Rev. Joseph Brown is minister, and a Primitive Methodist Chapel, Rev. John Hall, minister. The Grammar School was founded in 1666 by Bishop Barrow; the present trustees are the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, the Venerable the Archdeacon, Sir James Gell, Attorney-general, and E. C. Farrant, Esq., MHK. ; the present head master is J. T. W. Wicksey, Esq., London University. There are four private schools and a National school. The Town Hall is an imposing structure, built in 1851. In the immediate vicinity is St. Michael’s Island, sometimes called Fort Island, on account of the erection of a fort there in 1645; almost adjoining the fort is the ruin of a Roman Catholic Church, where it is said St. Patrick knelt and prayed. Within a short distance is Ronaldsway, dear to the heart of every Manxman, as the spot where his ancestors fought and bled for God and country; the names of the residents point unquestionably to their Celtic origin, and the most casual observer can easily discern many of the best traits of the Celtic character - readiness of speech and brightness in phrasing being specially noticeable, even in the humbler classes.

Local Information.


Sub-Postmaster_John Kinvig.
Telegraph Clerk —R T. Kinvig.
Letter Carriers—.A. Johnson and four auxiliaries.
Wall Letter BoxesParliament square, The Green, Derbyhaven, and the Level in Arbory.


Chairman — John S. Kegg. John Gilbert, James Cooper, Robert Kewley and — Kermode. Secretary —W T. Clarke. Outdoor Officer A Clarke.


W. H. Cudd, J. T. Gell, G. E. Kewley, H. E. Gelling, T. M. Dodd Clerk—E. Martin.


Accountant and Commission Agent.

Martin Edward, Arbory rd

Bakers and. Confectioners.

Clague Edward, 13 Arbory rd
Clague Margaret, 7 Malew st
Clarke Wm. James, 59 Malew st
Cooper Edward, Bank st
Cubbon Henry and Robert, 9 Arbory st
Kelly Jane, The Parade
Kermode John Fredk., 23 and 25 Arbory st


Dumbell’s Banking Company—George E. Kewley, local manager
Isle of Man Banking Company—P. Corrin, manager
Manx Bank, Ltd.—R. C. Cretney, manager


Bell Was., 30 Malew st
Christian John, 25 Malew st
Cregeen James, 4 Bridge st
Duke Thomas, Bridge st
Gell Peter, 7’3 Malew st
Hudson Jane, 18 Malew st
Kelly Edward, 12 and 14 Arbory st
Kinvig John and Son, 15 and 17 Arbory st


Sherlock Theodore Edward, Castle Rushen brewery


Clague Robert, 5 Arbory st
Crebbin Was., 2 Arbory st
Gell John Thomas, Market place

Car Proprietors

Gilbert John, The parade
Taggart James, 13 Bridge st


Corrin Wm., 4 Arbory st
Kermode Robert K., 20 Malew st

Coal Merchants.

Clague John, 26 Hope st.
Kewley Robert, 1 Parliament square ‘

Corn. and. Flour Merchants.

Cowley Robert, Parliament lane
Mylrea John Thomas, 7 and 9 Bank st
Sansbury Thomas, 31 Malew st


Bradshaw George, Compton house
Qualtrough and Moore, 15 Malew st
Taggart James, 20 Arbory st

Fancy Repositories.

Barrett Wm. John, 18 Arbory st
Shimmon Sarah, 30 Arbory st

Glass and China Dealers.

Callow Was., 7 Arbory st
Duke John, 29 Arbory st
Kewley Miss E. A., 22 Malew st
Martin Miss, 24 Malew st


Cain Elizabeth, 51 Malew st
Dodd Tom M., Malew st
Kegg John S., 21 Arbory st
Kneale James, 6 Bank st
Kneale Wm,, 6 Arbory st
Mylchreest James, Malew st .
Thompson Catherine, 1 Market place


Armroyd W. C., Arbory st
Austin Isabella, 11 Malew st


Boyd Thomas, 2 Malew st
Clague Robert, 23 Malew st
Hudson George, 10 Arbory st

Joiners and. Builders.

Cooper James, 33 Arbory st ~
Cooper John, 43 Arbory st
Corkill Thomas, 5 Hope st
Stowell Flaxney, Arbory st

Leather Dealers.

Hudson Jane, 50 Malew st
Kelly Edward, 12 and 14 Arbory st
Kermode Was. Henry, 6 Malew st

Licensed Victuallers.

Fielding John, Railway hotel, Hope st
Holden Walter, George hotel, Market place
Kelly Thomas, Crown Arms, The quay
McHarrie Wm., Mona inn, 3 Arbory st
McMullan John, Victoria inn, Malew st
Meacock Mary, Railway refreshment rooms, Railway station
Moore Sarah, Castle Arms hotel, The quay
Shimmin Richard, Union hotel, 1 Arbory st

Marble Masons.

Cubbon John, 49 Malew st
Quilliam John, 3 Mill st

Marine—store Dealer.

McGaigan Michael, Malew st

Mineral Water Manufacturers.

Castletown Mineral Water Company- Geo. Dodd, secretary; John Davis, manager

Painters and Decorators.

Corrin Catherine, 37 Malew st
Kelly James, 2 Bank st
Stowell Flaxney, Queen st

Printer and Stationer.

 Backwell Matthew, 12 Malew st


Clucas Wm., Castle st
Kelly Edward, 12 and 14 Arbory st
Kermode Wm. Henry, 6 Malew st


Bridson Lucy, 2 Parliament square
Jones Catherine, 3 Parliament square
Lace Agnes, Girls’ Collegiate school, 42 Arbory st
Sparrow Ellen, Girls’ High school, Castle st


Castletown Grammar School—J. P. W. Wicksey, head master
Castletown National Geldart, master; Miss Cubbon, mistress


Clague John, L.R.C.P., London, Crofton
Edmonds Frederick H., Arbory st


Callow Edward, Chapel lane
Cannell Wm., 67 Malew st
Collister George, 5 Malew st
Duke John, 29 Arbory st
Kewish James, 11 Arbory st
Mollan Charles, Bridge st

Timber Merchants.

Coole and Qualtrough, Springfield


Clarke Wm. P., 14 Malew st


Prew Charles, 4 Malew
Swailes J., 28 Malew st

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Dodd Tom M., Malew st
Kegg John S., 21 Arbory
Mylchreeat James, Malew


Alexander Alfred, 120 Malew st
Armroyd W. C., hairdresser, Arbory st
Austin Isabella, hairdresser, 11 Malew st

Backwell Matthew, printer, bookseller and stationer, 12 Malew st
Barrett Wm. John, fancy repository, 18 Arbory st
Bell Mrs., 18 Hope st
Bell Joseph, bootmaker, 2 Albert terrace
Bell Thomas, agent for the Prudential Assurance office, 4 The crofts
Bell Wm., shoemaker, 30 Malew st
Bickerstaffe Chas. clerk to the Attorney General, 34 Hope st
Bickerstaffe Chas. Hy., general dealer, 84 Hope st
Bishop Sarah, College green
Black John P. P., H.M. Customs, 42 Crofts
Blackburn James, joiner, 4 Milner terrace
Blackburn John, blacksmith, The Quay
Boul Miss, district nurse, 8 Douglas rd
Boyd James, ropemaker, Bank st
Boyd Thomas, ironmonger 2 Malew st
Bradshaw George, general draper, Compton house, Castle st
Bridson Mrs., 6 Queen st
Bridson James, fisherman, Queen st
Bridson James, mariner, 30 Queen st
Bridson John, labourer, 44 Queen st
Bridson John, labourer, 4 Mill st
Bridson Lucy, school, 2 Parliament square
Bridson Mary Ann, lodging house, 47 College green
Bridson Richard, labourer, 27 Queen st
Bridson Thomas, tailor, 85 Malew st
Bridson Thomas, ostler, 122 Malew st
Bridson Wm., fisherman, 54 Queen st
Brine Wm., clerk, 28 Malew st
Browne Rev. Jos. M. (Wesleyan), 32 Crofts
Buchan Jane, lodging house, 4 The green

Cain Elizabeth, cowkeeper, 78 Malew st
Cain Elizabeth, 51 Malew
Callow the Misses, dressmakers, 7 Queen st
Callow Edward, tailor, Chapel lane
Callow Wm., glass and china dealer, 7 Arbory st
Callow Wm., fisherman, 41 Queen st
Camaish Alex., constable, 11 Milner ter
Campbell Lauchlin, labourer, 9 Athol ter
Cannell Mrs., Springfield terrace
Cannell Charlotte, The quay
Cannell Elizabeth, Derby house, refreshment rooms, Castle st
Cannell James Woods, mason, 7 Milner ter
Cannell James, mason, 7 Milner terrace
Cannell James, mariner, Chapel lane
Cannell Wm., coachman, 10 Bridge st
Cannell Wm., tailor, 67 Malew st
Carr Louisa, Queen st
Castletown Grammar School, founded by Bishop Barrow, 1666—Trustees, the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, the Ven. the Archdeacon; Sir James Gell, attorney general; E. C. Farrant, Esq.,, M.H.K.— Head master, J. T. W. Wicksey, London University
Castletown Mineral Water Company—John Davies, manager, Alexandra rd; George Dodd, secretary
Caugherty Henry, labourer, 22 Mill st
Caugherty Hy., labourer, 88 College green
Christian Mrs. John, 7 Mill st
Christian Chas,draper’s assistant,9 Hope st
Christian John, fisherman, 22 Bridge st
Christian John, bootmaker, 25 Malew st
Christian John, mason, 114 Malew st
Christian John Hy.,car driver, 92 Malew st
CHRISTIAN MARGARET, select private apts, City view, 1 College green
Christian Robert, coachman, 17 Bank st
Christian Robert, labourer, 17 Queen st
Christian Wm, 45 Arbory st
Christopher Henry Seaton, secretary to the Trustees King William’s College, The Green
Clague Mrs., lodging house, 38 Crofts
Clague Mrs., 7 Bridge st
Clague Charles, coachman~55 Malew st
Clague Charles, tailor, 47 Arbory st
Clague Edward, baker, 13 Arbory st
Clague Mrs. James, plumber, 56 Queen st
Clague John, Customhouse officer, 3 Albert terrace
Clague John, L.R.C.P., London, & surgeon, Crofton
CLAGUE JOHN coal merchant, 26 Hope st
Clague John, outdoor officer Customs, Crofts
Clague John, master mariner, 38 Arbory st
Clague Margaret, baker and confectioner, 7 Malew st
Clague Mrs. M., 79 Malew st
Clague Margaret, 19 Queen st
Clague Robert, butcher, 5 Arbory st
Clague Robert, ironmonger, plumber and bell hanger, 23 Malew st
Clague Robert, 34 Queen st
Clague Thomas, 57 Queen st
Clague Thomas John, 94 Malew st
Clarke George, pensioner, 12 Milner ter
Clarke Robert. Chapel lane
Clarke Wm. James, baker and corn dealer, 59 Malew st
Clarke Wm. P., tobacconist, 14 Malew st
Cleator Mary Ann, 26 Malew st
Clucas John, mariner, 63 Malew st
Clucas Wm., saddler, Castle st
Coffey David; labourer, 13 Mill st
Collister George, labourer. 28 Queen st
COLLISTER GEORGE, tailor and draper 5 Malew st J
Collister Wm, mason, Queen st
Colton Francis, 2 Quay
Comish Ann, 14 Mill st
Comish Thomas. labourer, 36 Mill st
Condon James labourer, 38 Queen st
Condon Richard joiner, 38 Malew st
Connell Thomas, maltster, Bridge st
COOLE and QUALTROUGH timber merchants and. sawmill proprietors, Springfield.
Coole James, joiner, Springfield terrace
Coole John, fisherman, 129 Malew st
Coole Elizabeth, 25 Mill st
Coole Richard, mason, 32 Mill st
Cooper Daniel, joiner, 4 Athol terrace
Cooper Edward, baker and confectioner, Bank st
Cooper Elishr 84 Malew st
COOPER JAMES, joiner, builder and contractor 33 Arbory st
Cooper John, joiner, 43 Arbory st
Corkill Lewis, blacksmith, 7 hope st
Corkill Thos., joiner and builder, 7 Hope st
Corlett John, joiner, 89 Malew st
Corlett Margaret, 81 Malew st
Corlett Thomas, mason, 126 Malew st
Corlett Mrs. Wm., College green
Corrin Ann, College
Corrin Ann, greengrocer, 24 Malew st
Corrin Catherine (late Jas Corrin), painter and decorator, 37 Malew st
Corrin Henry, bootmaker, 40 Mill st
Corrin Henry, labourer, 52 Mill st
Corrin John Wm., joiner, 5 Athol terrace
Corrin John, labourer, 90 Malew st
Corrin Tom, manager of the Castletown Branch of the Isle of Man Banking Company, Market st
Corrin Wm., painter, 88 Malew st
Corrin Wm., mason, Springfield terrace
Corrin Wm., bootmaker, 4 Douglas st
Corrin Wm., chemist, 4 Arbory st
Corrin Wm., painter, School lane
Corry Isabella, 21 Mill. st
Corteen Miss, 50 Queen st
Corteen Hugh, joiner, College
Corteen John, labourer, 16 Bridge st
Costain Edward, carter, 17 Arbory st
Costain Edward, labourer, Bank st
Costain John, mason, 86 Malew st
Costain Wm., mason & builder, 53 Malew st
Costain Wm., mason, 123 Malew st
Cowell John, refreshment rooms, The quay
Cowell Thos., carter, Arch house, Bridge st
Cowley Robert, grain, seed and corn merchant, Parliament lane
Crebbin Wm., family butcher, 2 Arbory st
Cregeen Archibald, carter, School lane
Cregeen James, bootmaker 4 Bridge st
Cregeen John, refreshment rooms, Bank st
Crellin Mary, 1 Mill st
Creer Thomas, labourer, 104 Malew st
Creetch Wm., labourer, Parliament lane
Cretney Annie, 45 College green
Cubbon Miss, Bank st
Cubbon Henry, farmer, 77 Malew st
Cubbon Henry, joiner. 90 Malew st
Cubbon Henry and Robert, bakers and confectioners, 9 Arbory st
Cubbon Jane, laundry, 12 The Quay
Cubbon John, stone cutter, 6 Milner ter
Cubbon John, stone mason, Hope st
Cubbon Mary, head teacher of the Castletown National school (girls), 4 Hope st
Curphey David car driver, 7 Douglas rd
Curphey John, fisherman, 110 Malew st
Curphey Wm., mariner, 5 Milner ter

Dawson Wm., labourer,Malew st
DODD TOM M., family grocer and. wine and. spirit merchant, Malew street
Duke Elizabeth, Parliament sq
Duke Henry, painter, 1 Albert ter
Duke John, tailor and glass and china dealer,29 Arbory st
Duke Richard, police constable, 22 Croft st
Duke Richard, mariner, Duke st
Duke Thomas, bootmaker, Bridge st
Duke Wm., tailor, 49 Arbory st
DUMBELL’S BANKING CO. George E. Kewley, local manager Parliament square

Edmonds Fredk. H., surgeon, 35 Arbory st
Edwards Margaret, 8 Chapel lane

Faragher —, farmer, Queen st
Faragher Edward, labourer, 10 College green
Fargher Margaret, 113 Malew st
Fell Miss, Douglas rd
Fell Benjamin, fisherman, 2 Douglas st
Fell Thomas, labour master, Springfield ter
FIELDING JOHN, licensed. vict., Railway hotel, Hope st
Fitzpatrick Mrs., 20 Bridge st

Gale Ellen, dressmaker, Chapel lane
Gale Margaret, lodging house, 93 Malew st
Gallagher Hugh, mariner, Bank st
Gallagher Patrick, tinsmith, 9 Mill st
Geldard George, head teacher of Castletown National School; girls, Mary Cubbon; infants, Catherine Corrin
Gell and Gell, advocates, Parade
Gell Sir James, Majesty’s attorney general for the isle of Man, The Parade
Gell James Stowell, advocate, The Parade
Gell John, fisherman, 20 Hope st
GELL JOHN THOMAS, family butcher, Market place
Gell Mary, provision dealer, 98 Malew st
Gell Peter, bootmaker, 73 Malew st
GELLING HENRY EVANS, advocate, clerk to the justlces and notary public, Parliament sq
Gelling John, joiner, 12 Mill st
Gelling Wm., baker, 10 Athol ter
GILBERT JOHN, farmer, car proprietor and. proprietor of the Castletown cricket and. recreation grounds, The Parade
Gill Edward, mariner, 11 Athol ter
GOODWIN EDWARD,Malew house, private apartments, 45 Malew st
Graham Mrs,31 Hope st
Gunnell Frank, labourer, 15 Mill st

Harrison James, labourer, 65 Malew st
Harrison John, fisherman, 2 Milner ter
Harrison Mary Ann, dressmaker, 17 Hope street
Harrison Wm., barrack sergeant, Victoria road
Harrison Thomas, labourer, 46 College green
Henry James, butler, 1 Springfield ter
Hide Margaret, 25 Queen st
Hodgson Joseph, mariner, 131 Malew st
Hodson John, mariner, 121 Malew st
Hodson Thomas, 113 Malew st
Hodson Wm., mariner, Bridge st
Hogg Albert John, station master, 19. College green
Holden Walter, The George hotel, Market place
Hornby Charles, Coast guard, 37 Arbory st
Horsham Edwin, coast guard, 39 Arbory st
Hudson Charles, carter, 38 Mill st
Hudson George, brazier and ironmonger, tinplate worker, 10 Arbory st
Hudson Jane, bootmaker, tanner and leather merchant, 50 Malew st

Isle of Man Banking Co., Ltd. (Castletown Branch —T. Corrin, manager, Market pl.

Jeffcott John Moore, advocate, and high bailiff of Castletown, The Crofts
Johnson Ellen, 118 Malew st
Jones Elizabeth, 16 Malew st
Jones Katherine,ladies’ school, 3 parliament square
Jones Rowland, chemist, Malew st

Kaneen John, butcher, 127 Malew st
Karran Captain, Queen st
Kegg John S., grocer and wine merchant, 21 Arbory st
Kieg Elizabeth, 48 Queen st
Kelly Ann, 3 The quay ‘
KELLY EDWARD, saddle; and family boot and. shoe warehouse, 12 and 14 Arbory st
Kelly George, tailor, The, Quay
Kelly Henry, mariner, 1 Athol terrace
Kelly Isabella, 63 Queen st.
Kelly James, labourer, 32 Queen st
Kelly James, gardener, 12 Athol terrace
Kelly James, painter, 2 Bank st
Kelly Jane, confectioner, The Parade
Kelly Jane, 55 Queen st
Kelly John, railway policeman, 24 Hope st
Kelly John, mariner, 52 Malew st
Kelly Philip, mason, 6 Chapel lane
Kelly Philip, 28 Hope st
Kelly Thos., licensed vict, Crown Arms The Quay
Kelly Thomas, fisherman, 18 Bridge st
Kelly Thomas, lodging house, College green
Kelly Wm. labourer, 49 College green
Kennaugh John, farmer, 11 College green
Kennedy John. 116 Malew st
Kemode Henry, master mariner, Spring field terrace
Kemode James, grocer and farmer, 1 Milner terrace
Kemode F., baker and biscuit manufacturer, 23 and 25 Arbory st
Kemode Margaret, college green
Kemode Robert K., chemist, 20 Malew st
Kemode Wm., mariner, 8 Mill st
Kemode Wm. Henry, saddler and leather dealer, 6. Malew st
Kewin Edward, carter, 91 Malew st
Kewin Edward, hairdresser, 4 Chapel lane
Kewish James. tailor and woollen draper, 11 Arbory st
Kewish James, harbour master,1 Quay
Kewish Wm., labourer, 10 Mill st
Kewley Mrs., 33 Queen st
Kewley Miss E. A.. glass and china dealer, 22 Malew st
Kewley Henry, joiner, Mill st
Kewley Robt., coal merchant, 1 Parliament square
Killey Edward, stonecutter, 2 Mill st
Kinrade Mrs., 108 Malew st
Kinvig John, postmaster, The Post office, 15 and 17 Arbory st
Kinvig John, mariner, 36 Malew st
Kinvig John; labourer, Mill st
Kinvig John and Son, bootmakers, 15 and 17 Arbory st
Kinvig Thomas, fisherman, Arbory st
Kinvig Thomas, fisherman, 27 Hope st
Kinvig Wm., labourer, 23 Mill st
Kirkpatrick Anna, lodging house, 5 Arbory road
Kneale James, grocer and provision dealer, 6 Bank st.
Kneale Wm., grocer 6 Arbory st

Lace Agnes, Girls’ Collegiate school, 42 Arbory st
Lace David, mason Castle st
Lace Miss 40 Queen st;
Lassam Chas., College boots, College green
Lewin Elizabeth, 64 Malew st
Leyland James, mason, 5 Mill st
Looney Elizabeth, 13 Hope st

Maddrell John, labourer, 4 Bank st
Manx Bank, Limited Robert C. Cretney local manager, Market pl
Manx Steam Trading Company,Bank st

MARTIN EDWARD, accountant and. commission agent, registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths, coroner for Rushen Sheading. Tower hill
Martin Farrant, bank clerk, Tower hill Arbory rd
Martin Mary, glass and china dealer Malew st
McDodd John, 61 Malew st
McGaigan Michael, marine store. Malew st
McGill David, labourer, 31 Queen st
McGrattan Elizabeth, general dealer, Mill st,
McGrattan Henry, mariner, Castle St
McHarrie Wm., licensed vict., Mona inn, 2 Arbory st
McLaughlin W., farmer, Parliament square
McMullan John, licensed vict., Victoria inn, Malew st
MEACOCK MARY licensed vict. Railway refreshment rooms railway station
Mollan Mrs., 12 College green
Mollan Charles, tailor, Bridge st
Moore John, labourer, 112 Malew st
Moore Sarah Ellen, licensed vict., Castle Arms hotel, The Quay
Moore Wm., plate layer, 117 Malew st
MYCHREEST JAMES, grocer wine and spirit merchant, and Lloyds agent, 2 Malew st
Mylchreest John, labourer, 48 Mill st
MYREA JOHN THOMAS corn and flour merchant, 7 and 9 Bank street
Mylrea Philip, salesman, 3 Milner terrace

Naylor John, postman, Parliament lane,.
Newton Harriet, Arbory st

Patti Thomas, carter, Victoria rd
Power Ed. Wm., tailor, parliament square
PRESTON MARGARET, select Private apts, 2 The Green
Preston Thomas, baker, 80 Malew st
Preston Wm., joiner, 6 Athol terrace
Prew Charles, watchmaker, 4 Malew st

Qualtrough and Moore, general drapers, 15 Malew st
Qualtrough Joseph, timber merchant, Alexandra rd
Quayle Mrs., 106 Malew st
Quayle Ann, cowkeeper, 41 Malew st
Quayle Eliza, 6 Mill st
Quayle G. H., advocate, Bridge st
Quayle John, labourer, 19 Mill st
Quayle John, shopkeeper, 62 Malew st
Quayle Robert, tailor, 44 Malew st
Quayle Thomas, labourer, 10 Milner terrace
Quayle Wm., gardener, 11 Douglas rd
Quilliam George, carter, 56 Malew st
Quilliam George, cowkeeper, 40 Malew st
Quilliam John, cowkeeper, 3 Mill st
Quilliam John, marble mason, 8 Mill st
Quilliam Thomas,farmer, 115 Malew st
Quilliam Wm:, labourer, 23 Mill st
Quine Edward, mason, Arbory st
Quine Henry, constable, 13 Athol terrace
Quine Wm., mariner, 60 Queen st
Quinney Robert, 49 Queen st
Quirk Robert, coachman, College green

Radcliffe James, porter, 7 Athol terrace
Radcliffe John, coachman, 58 Queen st
Radcliffe Sarah, Queen st
Reilly James, labourer, 6 College green
Robert Paul T., fisherman, 8 Malew st
Roberts John, labourer, 50 Mill st
Ryland Mary, 42 Queen st

Sandford John, bellman, 29 Hope st
Sansbury John, warehouse manager, 19 Hope st
Sansbury John, labourer, 29 Queen st
Sansbury Joseph, farmer, Queen st
SANSBURY MARY, select private apts, 50 College green
Sansbury Thomas, corn, flour, seed and manure merchant, 31 Malew st
Sayle Elizabeth, 120 Malew st
Sayle John, mason, 21 Hope st
Sayle Wm., labourer, 119 Malew st
Schofield Hugh, carrier to Douglas, 41 College green
Schofield Tom, joiner, 3 Parliament square
Schofield Thos., joiner, Parliament square
Scott Wm., pensioner, 8 Athol terrace
Senior Wm., labourer, 124 Malew st 3
Sherlock Theodore Edward, brewer and maltster,. Castle Rushen brewery
Shimrnin John, mariner, 4 Albert terrace
SHIMMIN RICHARD, licensed. victualler, Union hotel, 1 Arbory st
SHIMMIN SARAH; Berlin wool and. fancy repository, 30 Arbory st
Shimmin Thomas, labourer, School lane
Simpson Robertson, farmer, 71 Malew st
Skelly Agnes, 2 Athol terrace
Skelly Edward, tailor, Mill st
Smith John, pensioner, Chapel lane
Smith Joseph, coastguard, 24 Croft st
Sparrow Ellen, High School for girls, Castle street
Stevenson W. A., advocate, Hope st
STOWELL FLAXNEY, joiner, builder; contractor, painter and decorator, Arbory st
STOWELL JAMES, secretary of the Gas Works Company, 34 Crofts
Stowell Quayle, Queen st
STOWELL SARAH JANE Croft house, private -apts 14 Crofts
Swales J., watchmaker, 28 Malew st

Taggart James, car proprietor, 13 Bridge st
Taggart James, general draper and milliner, Castletown house, 20 Arbory st
Taggart Thomas, car proprietor, Parade house, Market place
Tate John, labourer, 11 Hope st
Tate John, shoemaker, 43 Queen st
Tate John, mariner, 23 Queen st
Teare Charles, blacksmith, Arbory st
Teare Wm., blacksmith, The Quay
Thompson Catherine, grocer, 1 Market pl
Thompson John, refreshment rooms, 13 Arbory st

Varley Thomas, gardener, Arbory rd

Wales Ellen, 3 Athol, ter
WALKINGTON and CLAGUE private and select lodging house, Bowerley, 30 The Green
WALKINGTON MARY private apartments; 30 College green
Wallace James, greengrocer and gardener, 57 Malew st
Walsh John, coachman, Bank st
Walsh Wm. labourer, 84 Mill st
Watterson Charles, mariner, 15 Bank st
Watterson Edward, labourer, 54 Miii st
Watterson John,mariner, 87 Malew st
Watterson Thomas. gardener, 24 Mill st
Watterson Thomas, mariner, 14 Bridge st
Watson John, joiner, 100 Malew st
Wicksey James Thomas W. head master grammar school, Arbory st
Wilkinson. Elizabeth, 46 Queen st
Wilson Mrs. 14 Queen st
Woods Ellen, Parliament lane


Bell Margaret, 17 College green
Boyd James, 19 Bank st
Boyd Thomas, 86 Crofts
Brown Margaret, 18 Crofts

Cain Jane, Croft st
Cary Colonel Clarence H, Beach house
Cavendish Mary, 5 College green
Christopher Henry S., The Green
Corrin Tom, The Parade
Creer Ellen, 3 Croft st
Creer Esther, 28 Arbory st
Creer Sarah, 30 Croft st
Crellin Mrs., Westhill house, Arbory rd
Cretney Robert, The Parade
Cretney Thomas, 54 College green
Crooks Annie, Rose cottage, The Green
Cubbon George, 22 Arbory st
Cudd Wm., 1 Arbory rd

Dean Rev. Denman, Arbory rd
Devine James P., Bay View house, College green
Dickson General Edward John, Lorn house
Dinwoody Wilfred 7 College green
Douglas Mrs. M. M. E., Rushen house
Duke Wm., 21 Queen st

Ferguson Eliza Ann, 36 Malew st
Ferrier Rev. Edward, MA., 3 Arbory rd
Fisher Jane, 22 The Green
Fisher Thomas, Bay view, The Green

Gell Sir James, The Green
Gell James Stowell, The Green
Gelling Catherine, 60 Malew st

Henry, 7 Arbory rd
Hall Rev. John, Malew st
Harvey Isabella, 14 The Green -
Hawkins Lucy, Westwood
Howden Wm., 15 College green
Jeffcott Catherine, 54 Malew st
John Moore, The Crofts
Jones Mary, 18 The Green

Kegg Philip, 85 Malew st
Kewley Mrs., 33 Queen st
Kewley Eleanor, 34 Arbory st
Kewley George, Arbory rd
Kneale Margaret, Arbory st

Llewelyn Miss Christian F., 23 Arbory st
Lucas Mrs. and Miss, Scarlett rd
Lucas Annie. Scarlett rd

Mackey Mrs. Francis, 2 Croft st
McLellan Clara, Westham, Arbory st
Martin Edward, Tower hill
Martin Tarrant, Tower hill
Meacock Mrs., College green
Moore Jane, 9 College green
Mylchreest James, Bay view, The Green
Mylchreest John, Arbory st
Mylrea John, 46 Crofts

Newton Augusta, Westham, Arbory st

Openshaw James, Stream house, College green
Osborne Henry, 111 Malew st

Qualtrough Alice, 83 Malew st
Quayle G., Bridge house, Bridge st
Quayle Elizabeth, Queen st
Quayle Margaret, 39 College green
Quayle Mary Jane H., Bridge house

Raynes Margaret, Weatham, Arbory rd

Samsbury Catherine, 52 College green
Sansbury Thomas, 44 Crofts
Schofield Robert, Myrtle cottage College green
Sherlock Thomas, Victoria rd
Stowell James, 34 Crofts

Taggart Isabella, Mona house, Malew st
Turner Edward, College green

Wagstaff Rev. —, Arbory st
Watterson John, 6 Bridge st
Wharton Mrs. Herbert, 20 The Green
Wicksey James Thomas W., Arbory st
Wilby Margaret, 4 Croft st
Wilson Mary, 15 Arbory rd
Witton Margaret, 40 Crofts


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