[From Manx National Songs, W.H.Gill, 1896]

The Battle of Santwat.

In the same year (1098) there was a battle between the Manxmen at Santwat, and those of the North obtained a victory. In this contest were slain the Earl Ottar and Macmarus, leaders of the respective parties'

CHRONICON REGUM MANNIÆ ET INSULARUM . (Manx Society's Publications, Vol. XXII.)

Tradition says that the women of the North, having come to the aid of the men, turned the issue of the battle in their favour, and that in consequence they became by law entitled to a larger "widow-right" than those of the South.

[according to Moore (Place-names p287) Santwat ('sand wað') is on the shore near Jurby Point however this is disputed by Cowley who makes the case for Patrick. Cowley also states that it was the southern women who helped turn the battle in their favour - as was also shown by A. Ashley "Property in Relation to Marriage and the Family" Juridicial Review VXV #2 pp150/181 Aug 1953]

Words by A. P. Graves Music by W. H. GILL. (By request.)




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