Brief Biography of W.H.Gill, 1839-1923

W. H. Gill Brother of Deemster Fred Gill, born at Marsala Sicily where father Joseph Gill was based. Educated at King William's College - later went to work for General Post Office in London

Wrote much music and songs, along with Dr Clague produced Manx National Songs [1896] and the later Manx National Music. After Gill's Manx Fishermen's Evening Hymn had come to be regarded as the Manx "national hymn", he was emboldened by the use of a pan-Celtic National Anthem at the 1906 Festival to create the Manx National Anthem, adapting the folk tune"Mylecharaine" to his own words. He launched it at the 1907 Guild, and having dedicated it to Lady Raglan, the Governor's wife, he expressed in the programme notes the hope that "it would be worthy to stand side by side, although at a respectable distance from, 'God Save the King'". Gill's presumption in providing a Manx National Anthem was criticized by the Manx press, but the time was ripe to have one.

Married Harriet Amelia Buttery(born London) and had 7 children.


Brief biography and full bibliography in Cubbon's Bibliography. See also his Memorial Notice in Barrovian #133

Some autobiography in Manx Minatures II Mannin #4 p242/7 1914

Article A Manx Composer Manx Quarterly #16 pp369/371 1916

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