[From Manx Ballads, 1896]




HEMMAYD gys y keyll,'dooyrt Robbin y Vobbin.
'Hemmayd gys y keyll,' dooyrt Richard y Robin.;
' Hemmayd gys y keyll,' dooyrt Juan y Thalloo;
' Hemmayd gys y keyll,' dooyrt ooilley unnane.
' Cre nee mayd ayns shen ?' dooyrt, &c.*
' Helg mayd yn dreain,
' C'raad t'eshyn ? C'raad t'eshyn ?' '
' 'Sy crouw glass ayns-shid,'
' Ta mee fackin eshyn,
' Cre'n aght yiow mayd sheese eh?
' Lesh maidjyn as claghyn,
' 'T'eh marroo, t'eh marroo,'
'Cre'n aght yiow mayd thie eh ?
' Nee mayd cairt failley,
' Quoi lesh Yees y cairt 2
' Juan Illiam y Fell,
' Quoi vees immanagh?
' Filley'n Tweet,'
' T'eh ec y thie,
' Cre'n aght yiow mayd broit eh ?
' Ayns y phann thie-imlee.'
'Cre'n aght yiow mayd ayn eh ?
' Lesh barryn yiarn as tiedd,'
' T'eshyn ayn, t'eshyn ayn,
' T'eshyn broltg t'eshyn broit,
' Cre'n aght yiow mayd magh eh ?'
' Lesh gollage mle liauyr,'
' T'eh goit m agh, t'eh goit magh,3'
Quoi vees ec y yinnair
Yn ree as ven-rein,'
Cre'n aght yiow mayd ecit eh?'
Lesh skinn as aall,'
T'eh eeit, t'eh eeit,'
'Sooillyn son ny doail,'
I Lurgyn son ny croobee,'
'Scrobban son ny moght,'
'Crauyn son ny moddee,'
'Yn dreain, yn dre~in, ree eeanllee ooilley,
Ta shin er tayrtyn, Laa'l Steoaln, 'sy connee;
Ga t'eh beg, ta e cleinney ymmoddee,
Ta mee guee oo, ven vie, chur bine dooin dy lu.4



WE'LL away to the wood,' says Robin the Bobbin,
' We'll away to the wood,'says Richard the Robbin;
' We'll away to the wood,' says jack of the Land.
' We'll away to the wood,' says every one.
' What shall we do there ? says, &c.*
' We will hunt the wren,
' Where is he? where is he ?'
' In yonder green bush,
' I see him, I see him,'
' How shall we get him down?'
' With sticks and stones,
' He is dead, lie is dead,
' How shall we get him home?
' We'll hire a cart,
' Whose cart shall we hire?
' Johnny Bill Fell's,
' Who will stand driver ?
' Filley the Tweet,
' He's home, he's home,
' How shall we get him boiled ?
' In the brewery pan,
' How shall we get him in?
' With iron bars and a rope,
' He is in, he is in,
' He is boiled, he is boiled,
' How shall we get him out ?'
' With a long pitchfork,
' He is out, he is out,
' Who will be at the dinner
' The king and the queen,
' How shall we get him eaten
' With knives and forks
' He is eat, he is eat,
' The eyes for the blind,
' The legs for the lame,
' The pluck for the poor,
' The bones for the dogs,
' The wren, the wren, the king of all birds,
We have caught, Stephen's Feast-day, in the furze;
Although he is little, his family's great,
I pray you, good dame, do give us a drink.

* Each line is repeated four times with
" dooyrt Robin y Vobbin,
dooyrt Richard y Robbin,
dooyrt Juan y Thalloo, dooyrt ooilley unnane,"
as in lirst verse.

2 " whose will be the cart."
3 "He's taken out."
4" Give us a little drop to drink."

* Each line is repeated four times with
" says Robin the Bobbin, says
Richard the Robbin, says
jack of the Land, says every one,"
as in first verse.

see also Manx Soc vol XVI pp151 et seq


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