[From Mylechairane,1859]



WHAT fairer views could Genius select
Than here arrest our gaze ? O glad surpise !
With magic touch of pencil, taste correct,
Douglas, and Peel, and Castletown arise,
And Ramsey, that more indolently lies
On woodland plain, 'neath Mona's northern skies.

Marvellous art ! to re-produce at will
Each phase of Nature, - in her various mood
Enchantress alway ! - tempest-tossed or still;
Graceful in storm - how fair when gently wooed.
Strong, beaut'ous Nature !- ever young and new -
Impart thy vital force, our ebbing life renew.

In olden time, like half-remembered dream,
Man'nan's fair Isle scarce won the Tourist's thought!
No Minstrel sang her charm; and who would deem
Her beauty unsurpassed, till Genius brought
His pencil here ? Now. views of Mona rise
Dear as the portrait of a friend we prize.


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