[From Seacombe, History of House of Stanley]


Second son of Sir John Stanley the first,

by Isabel de Latham.

THIS gentleman married to his lady, Maud, the only daughter of, and heir to, Sir John Ardern, of Elford, in the county of Stafford, by whom he became possessed of a fine seat and plentiful fortune, and made that the residence of the family whilst the male line continued, who made a most eminent figure in military life. By his lady he had issue a son; named John, who succeeded him in honour and estate.

Sir John Stanley, successor to his father Sir Thomas, married three wives, but by the two first had no issue living. By his third marriage, which was to Douce, the daughter of Leigh of Baggaley, he had one son, named John.

Sir John, son of the above Sir John, had issue a son, named Humphrey, but by whom, record as well as history, are both silent, farther than that the said Sir John died in the year 150, and was succeeded by his said son,

Sir Humphrey Stanley being a martial man, and of great experience, was sent by King Henry VII. in the year 1495, against John, Lord Audley, and other opposers of that Prince, assembled on Black-heath, in Kent, where he entirely defeated them, but died that year, leaving a son and heir, called Sir John Stanley, of Pipe.

This Sir John Stanley, of Pipe, married Margaret, the daughter of Sir Thomas Ger-rard, and by her had issue two daughters only, by which the male line of this most worthy house was extinct.

But the elder daughter marrying to one Roger Stanley, of Alderley, in the county of Chester, had issue by him a son, named Roger, and stiled Roger Stanley, of Alderley, in the county of Chester.

Roger Stanley, son of the first Roger, married Jane, the daughter of J. Clarke, of the county of York, and by her had a son named John, and stiled John Stanley of Alderley, in the county of Chester.

John, the son of the above Roger, afterwards Sir John Stanley, of Alderley, in the county of Chester, married Mary, the daughter of Marberry, and by her had issue two sons, Thomas and Edward.

Sir Thomas, the elder brother, stiled Sir Thomas Stanley, of Nether Alderley, in the county of Chester, married Elizabeth, daughter to Sir Peter Warburton, and by her had issue, a son, named Thomas.

Sir Edward the younger brother, was a martial man, and received the honour of knighthood in the Low Countries, for his great services performed there, but was after-wards slain in Ireland, in the year 1586.

Sir Thomas, his elder brother, by wfrs, Warburton, succeeded his father, and had issue a son, named Thomas, but by whom I am not informed, further than that Sir Thomas, son of the above Sir Thomas, had also a son named James, but by whom I cannot discover.

James, son of the above Sir Thomas, I conceive to be the late Sir James Stanley, of Alderley ; but have not been favoured by the family, with any account thereof, although requested.


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