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IN the first part of this book I have given the reader a direct and lineal succession of this most antient house from their original, (as far as I am able to discover it) to the year 1776

And have also taken notice of and described the leading collateral branch, in the person of Sir John Stanley, whose successors became EARLS of DERBY, and have lineally deduced them from him to the demise of Edward, the late Earl above-mentioned.

I have likewise given the pedigree and genealogy of Sir Thomas Latham, Lord of Latham, and the marriage of his only daughter with the aforesaid Sir John Stanley, with their issue in the leading line, to the time before-mentioned ; together with the history and descendants of his natural son, Sir Oskatel, which hath so far completed the history proposed, and naturally leads me into a new scene of proceeding by a lineal and successive description of every other colletaral branch issuing out of, or from the original stock, some of whom went out full early as the said Sir John ; but his branch being highly advanced in honour and dignity, claims the first notice; and I will, as intended, give the reader a true sight of our proceeding, and prevent all confusion in the coherence of one part with the other.

The first and next branch in due course is, the honourable and worthy house of Greswithen, in the county of Cumberland, whose origin and descendants are described by the following printed table.

'Genealogia et Antiquae Familiae de

William de Stanleigh, Lord of Stanleigh; in the county of Stafford, Esq

JOAN eldest daughter and one of the heirs of Sir P. Bamville, Knight, Lord of Stourton.

John de Stanleigh, Lord of Stanleigh and Stourton in Wirral, in the county of Chester, Esq. son and heir of William.

WILLIAM of Stanleigh, Lord of Stanleigh and Stourton, who lived in the 26th of Edward III.

-ALICE, daughter of Hugh Massey of Timperley.

WILLIAM of Stanleigh, junior, Lord of Stanleigh and Stourton, he lived in the 10th of Richard II.

-MARGERY, the daughter and heir of William Hooton, Ld. of Hooton.

WILLIAM of Stanleigh Knight, Lord of Stanleigh

-MARGERY, the daughter of John Ardern, Knight.

WIILIAM of Stanleigh, Esq Lord of Stanleigh, he lived in the 10th of Hen. VI.

-MARY, the daughter of Sir John Savage, Knight.

JOHN Stanleigh, the younger son.

-ISABEL, daughter and heir of Sir Thos. Latham, Lord of Latham.

JOHN Stanleigh; Knight, Steward of the Household to King Henry IV.

-ELIZABETH, the sister of Sir William Harrington, Knight.

Sir Thomas Stanley, Knt. Comptroller of the Household to King Henry VI. who created him the first Baron Stanley. of this Thomas are the EARLS of DERBY, the Lord Monteagle, and the Stanley's of Lancashire.

John Stanleigh of Greswithen, in the county Cumberland, the younge son

John Stanleigh of Greswithin, son and heir of John, he lived in the 10th of Edward III.

NICHOLAS Stanleigh, Esq. son and heir; he had by, his wife, the manor of Awsthwaite, now called Dalegarth.

-CONSTANCE-daughter and heir of Thomas Awsthwaite of Awsthwaite.

Thomas Stanley, Esq. of Awsthwaite, in the county Cumberland, son and heir; he lived in the 10th of Henry VI.

John Stanleigh, gentleman, second son of Hall Thwaite, the county of Cumberland.

William Stanley, gentleman, third son. Nicholas Stanley, son and heir of Awsthwaite, he lived in the 38th of Henry VI

Thomas Stanley, of Hall Thwaite.

THOMAS Stanley, of Dalegarth, Esq.

-ANN, Daughter of Sir Richard Huddleston, Knight.

John Stanley, son and heir.

WILLIAM Stanley,-of Dalegarth, Esq.

-ALICE, daughter of Sir R. Ducket, Knt.

William Stanley, son and heir.

THOMAS Stanley of Dalegarth, Esq.

-MARGARET, the daughter of J. Fleming, of Rydal, in the county of Westmoreland, Esq.

Roger Stanley, son and heir.

JOHN Stanley, of Dalegarth, Esq.

-MARGARET, the daughter of Thomas Senhouse, Esq.

THOMAS Stanley; of Dalegarth, Esq

-ISABEL, daughter of John Leak, of Edmonton.

EDWARD Stanley; eldest son.

-ANNE, one of the two daughters, and coheirs of Thomas Briggs, of Cowmire, in the county of Westmoreland, Esq.

JOHN Stanley, Esq.

-MERCY, daughter.of Thomas Stanley,, of Lee, in the county of Sussex Esq.

EDWARD Stanley,Esq

ISABEL, eldest, daughter of T. Curwen, of Setto Park, Esq.

Christopher Stanley, second son.

THOMAS Stanley, youngest son, master of the mint.

THE widow of Sir James Wytford.

Mary Stanley the daughter and sole heir, married to Sir Edwd. Herbert. Knt. second son of William, Earl of Penmbroke.

John Stanley, of Arnaby, in Cumberland, gentleman

Christopher Stanley, eldest, son of John Stanley, of Arnaby.

William Stanley.

Thomas Stanley, of Lee, in Sussex.

Richard Stanley.

William Stanley.

Thomas Stanley.

John Stanley.

JOHN Stanley, Esq.

-DOROTHY, daughter of Edward Holt, of Wigan, in Lancashire, Gentleman.

Thomas Stanley died with issue.

Edward Stanley died young.

Richard Stanley.

William Stanley died young.

Isabel Stanley, married to W. Copley, of Gosforth Hall, in Cumberland, Gent.

Barbara Stanley died un-married.

Dorothy Stanley, married to Robert Maudesfley, of Maudesley, in Lancashire, Esq.

Edward Stanley unmarried.

John Stanley died without issue.

Marmaduke Stanley died without issue.

EDWARD Stanley Esq.

-MILDRED, daughter of the Right Rev. Sir George Fleming, Bart. Lord Bishop of Carlisle.

Catherine Stanley.

Dorothy Stanley.

John Stanley, Rector of Workington, married Clara, the daughter of Philipson, of Callgerth, in Westmoreland, Gentleman.

John Stanley died young.

Edward Stanley.

Jane Stanley.

Clara Stanley.

Thomas Stanley died un-married,

William Stanley died young.

Holt Stanley, Lt. in Brigadier Gen. Wentworth's regiment of foot, unmarried.

Richard died unmarried.

Dorothy Stanley, married Huddleston Park, of Whitbeck, in Cumberland, Gent.

Isabel Stanley, married John Kilpatrick, of Whitehaven, in Cumberland, Gent.

Loveday Stanley, unmarried.

Elizabeth Stanley, married Richard Cook, of Camerton, in Cumberland, Esq.

I have to observe farther of Thomas Stanley, Master of the Mint, that Sir Edward Herbert, younger son to William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, married Mary, the daughter and sole heir of Thomas Stanley of Standon; in the county of Hertford, Esq. in the year 1570, youngest son of Thomas Stanley, of Dalegarth, in the county of Cumberland,


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