[from Brown's Directory, 1882]


The parish of LEZAYRE (the garden of the Island) extends from Michael and Ballaugh on the west, to the sea ; and the mountains of Lonan and Maughold on the east ; and from Andreas and Bride on the north, to Braddan on the south. Its extreme dimensions are seven miles long from north to south, by five miles broad from east to west, and its area is about 22 square miles. This extensive parish consists of two very dissimilar portions—a low, flat district in the north, the southern part of the Curragh ; and a high, mountain region in the south, which includes the whole of the central range, from Pen-y-Phot to North Barrule. The northern portion of the parish is flat and uninteresting, but fertile and well cultivated. In it, and in the adjoining parts of the neighbouring parishes of Andreas and Bride, were formerly several large lakes which are now drained, and their sites reclaimed. One, called Lough Malor, and marked in Speed’s map, was a mile in length, and fell into the Sulby river, near Kella. Another, nearly as large, was drained into the sea by the Lhen Mooar. The waters of these lakes were carried off by a deep drain (called the Lhen Mooar Trench), made about the end of the 17th century, and their sites now form part of The Curragh. In working these reclaimed lands large numbers of fossil trees have been dug up, together with numerous relics of the fossil elk (Megaceros Hibernicus), the first complete specimen of which was found in this district. The southern part of the parish is high and mountainous, penetrating into the heart of the central mountain mass, and including the highest points in the range—Snaefell 2,034 feet, North Barrule 1,842 feet, Clagh Ouyre 1,808 feet, Pen-y-Phot 1,772 feet, Slieau Menagh 1,257 feet, and Mount Karrin 1,064 feet. The chief glens of the district are Glen Mooar, or Sulby Glen, and Glen Auldyn, both mountain glens of great beauty ; and the principal river is the Sulby which, rising on Snaefell, flows down Glen Mooar and emerging on to the Northern Plain at the village of Sulby, skirts the northern base of the mountains. After receiving the Glen Auldyn stream it runs into the sea at Ramsey. The parish is exclusively agricultural, and, with the exception of the village of Sulby, at the mouth of Glen Mooar, and the northern suburb of Ramsey, which has greatly increased of late years, the population is sparsely scattered over its surface. Its population in 1851 was 2,468, and in 1871 it was 1,620. The district is a vicarage, and the present incum bent is the Rev. Arthur A. Bridgman, B.A.



Allen, James, farmer, Upper Grange
Allen, William, farmer, Clanagh
Anderson, William, farmer, Nappin
Armstrong, William, Glen Auldyn
Ashdown, Doctor, Glentrammon House, Glentrammon


Boyde, Miss, dressmaker, Sulby Glen
Boyde, Robert, shoemaker, Cooilbane
Brew, Joseph, labourer, Glenmoar
Bridson, John, labourer, Sulby Old Village
Boardman, Peel, C rest
Bridgman, Rev. A. A., Vicarage
Brown, Robert, rope manufacturer, Milntown


Caine, James, labourer, Cronk-arrow
Cain, Jane, widow, Ballagarrow
Cain, Jane, widow, Sunnyside
Cain, John, labourer, Vollan
Cain, Robert, fisherman, Narradale
Cain, William, farmer, Garey
Cain, William, labourer, Ballamanagh
Caley, Edward, labourer, Clanagh
Caley, Miss Elizabeth, Sulby Old Village
Caley, John, labourer, Close-e-Volly
Caley, Mary, widow, Sulby Village
Caley, William, labourer, Cooilbane
Camish, Eleanor, widow, Church Town
Cannell, John, labourer, Sulby Village
Cannell, Mary, widow, Sulby Village
Cannell, Thomas, farmer, Balladoole
Cannell, William, fisherman, Ballacowle
Cannon, Robert, farmer, Ballachrink
Cannon, William, farmer, Ballarighteragh
Canton, Rev. W. J. H., chaplain, Parsonage, Sulby
Cartwright, Thomas R., farmer, Ballagarrow
Casement, Charles, joiner, Glen Auldyn
Cashen, Philip, fisherman, Slieumanagh
Cashin, William, labourer, The Drum
Christian, Ann, Close-e-Cashin
Christian, Daniel, labourer, Dhoor
Christian, Ellen, widow, Sulby Old Village
Christian, John, farmer, Ballacowle
Christian, John, farmer and joiner, Sulby Glen
Christian, John, farmer, Ballamanagh
Christian, John, farmer, Aust
Christian, John, joiner, Sulby Glen
Christian, Thomas, joiner, Ginger Hall
Christian, W. B., H.K., Milntown
Christie, Jane, widow, Sunnyside
Clague, Charles, labourer, Cooilbane
Clague, Jane, widow, Sulby Village
Cleator, William, innkeeper, Ginger Hall
Clucas, Esther, Grest
Clucas, John T., Aust
Clucas, John T., Ballavarcheen
Clucas, John T., H.K., Thornhill
Clucas, Robert, sailor, Grange
Colburn, Robert, farmer, Aust
Collister, Henry, labourer, Glen Auldyn
Collister, William, labourer, North Balleigh
Colvin, Robert, farmer, West Aust
Comash, Philip, labourer, Grange
Corkill, John, joiner, Sunnyside
Corkill, Robert, labourer, Dhoor
Corlett, Ann, farmer, Ballagarrow
Corlett, Ann, widow, Sulby Village
Corlett, Catherine, widow, Sulby
Corlett, James, farmer, Ballachrink
Corlett, James, labourer, Aust
Corlett, James, labourer, Dry-close
Corlett, Jane, farmer, East Kella
Corlett, John, farmer, Baldromma
Corlett, John, labourer, Clanagh
Corlett, John, labourer, Kerroomoar
Corlett, Margaret, widow, Sulby
Corlett, Thomas, labourer, Kerroomoar
Corlett, William, blacksmith, Church Town
Corlett, William, labourer, Sulby
Corlett, William, tailor, Sulby
Corlett, William, tailor, Glenduff Cottage
Corris, William, fisherman, Ballamanagh
Corris, William, labourer, Close-e-Cashin
Corteen, William, labourer, Grest
Cottier, James, farmer, Kerroomoar
Cottier, John, labourer, Kerroomoar
Cottier, John, labourer, Sulby Old Village
Cowin, Isabella, widow, Slieumanagh
Cowin, John, farmer, Garey
Cowin, John, fisherman, Balladoole
Cowin, James, labourer, Sulby Old Village
Cowin, Mary, widow, Narradale
Cowin, Peter, sailor, Ballacuberagh
Cowle, Thomas, labourer, Ballacuberagh
Cowle, Thomas W., farmer, Ballacuberagh
Cowley, Ann, widow, Sulby Village
Cowley, James, labourer, Ballacowle
Cowley, John, farmer, Crammag
Cowley, John, gardener, East Aust
Cowley, John, labourer, Clanagh
Cowley, Margaret, widow, East Aust
Cowley, Thomas, farmer, Creggan
Cowley, William, farmer, Ballamanagh
Cowley, William, farmer, Ballacuberagh
Cowley, William, spinner, Sulby Old Village
Craine, Arthur, labourer, Slieumanagh
Craine, Catherine, spinster, Ballamanagh
Craine, Catherine, widow, West Aust
Craine, Daniel, labourer, Sulby
Craine, Elizabeth, widow, Sulby Village
Craine, Isabella, farmer, Ballamanagh
Craine, John, farmer, Rose Cottage
Craine, Margaret, widow, Sulby Glen
Craine, Thomas, farmer, Ballacaley
Craine, Thomas W., farmer, Holly Lodge
Craine, William, station master, Sulby Bridge
Craine, William, farmer, Ballamanagh
Craine, William, farmer, Sulby Glen
Craine, William, fisherman, Ballabrooie
Craine, William, joiner, Sulby Glen
Craine, William, labourer, Ballamanagh
Cregeen, John, farm steward, Ormly Hall
Crellin, Henry, labourer, Kerroomoar
Cretney, Thomas, mason, Sulby Village
Criggle, Thomas, labourer, Glen Auldyn
Crow, John C., farmer, East Aust
Crow, Robert, labourer, North Balleigh
Crowe, Thomas, farmer, Nary
Crump, Edward, Glentrammon
Cubbon, James, labourer, East Aust
Cubbon, John, labourer, Ballamanagh
Cubbon, Robert, farmer, Ballacowle
Cubbon, Thomas, Sulby
Curphey, Hugh, labourer, Milntown
Curphey, James, labourer, Clanagh
Curphey, John, miller, Sulby Corn Mills, res., Sulby Village
Curphey, Robert, labourer, Milntown
Curphey, Thomas, joiner, Church Town
Curphey, William, farmer, Ballacottier


Faragher, John, farmer, Staward
Fargher, Thomas, dyer, Sulby Old Village
Fargher, Thomas, farmer, Staward
Faragher, William, joiner, Close-e-Volley
Farrant, Edward C., H.K., captain of the parish, Ash Hill, Ballakillinghan
Farrant, Miss Susannah M., Ballakillinghan
Fayle, John, labourer, Glenmoar
Fayle, Sarah, widow, Balladoole
Fell, Ann, shopkeeper, Sulby Old Village
Fell, John, farmer, West Kella
Fell, Thomas, shoemaker, Clanagh
Fisher, Elizabeth, spinster, Ballacaly
Fisher, William, labourer, Cooilbane
Fisher, William, labourer, Sulby Old Village
Foreshaw, —, Mona Cottage


Garrett, Catherine J., lodging house, Thornhill Cottage
Garrett, Thomas, farmer, Ballacaley
Garrett, William, farmer, Ballagarrow
Garrett, William, labourer, Mill House, Milntown
Gawne, John, farmer, Clanagh
Gawne, Mary Ann, shopkeeper, West Aust
Gawne, Robert, labourer, Ellanbane
Gawne, William, Sulby Old Village
Gell, John, labourer, Rheastmoar
Gell, Thomas, labourer, Clanagh
Gelling, James, labourer, Ballacrink
Gelling, William, labourer, Milntown
Gibb, Janett, widow, The Grove
Gill, John, labourer, Ballamanagh
Glen Auldyn Woollen Mills, George Lawton
Glenmoar Inn, William Anderson, Sulby Village
Graham, John, farmer, Glen Auldyn


Hampton, Catherine, spinster, Balladoole
Herron, Mary, widow, Glen Auldyn
Hick, John, M.P., Woodlands


Joughin, William, labourer, Dhoor
Joughin, William, labourer, Kerroomoar


Kaighan, William, labourer, Nary
Kayll, A. C., H.K., Rheastmoar
Kayll, Cochrane, Prospect Villa
Kayll, Thomas, Aust
Keating, Eliza, widow, Kerroomoar
Kelly, Casar, farmer, Grange
Kelly, Isaac, sailor, Ballamanagh
Kelly, James, labourer, Sulby Glen
Kelly, John, fisherman, Sulby Village
Kelly, Robert, labourer, Close-e-Volley
Kelly, Robert, labourer, West Aust
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Corrady
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Grange
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, Ballamanagh
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, Milntown
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, Grest
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, Sulby Glen
Kelly, William, gardener, Kerroomoar
Kelly, William, labourer, Aust
Kelly, William, labourer, Balladoole
Kelvin, Margaret, widow, Ginger Hall
Kermode, James, labourer, Close-e-Volley
Kermode, William, fisherman, Aust
Kewin, Arthur, gardener, Ballacowle
Kewin, Daniel, tailor, Sulby Old Village
Kewish, Ann, widow, Ballabrooie
Kewish, Frederick, labourer, Ballacuberagh
Kewish, Thomas, farmer, Sulby Glen
Kewley, John Joseph, Board Schools, Sulby
Kewley, Thomas, farmer, West Ballamanagh
Killey, Sarah, widow, Glenmoar
Killip, Catherine, farmer, Ballabrooie
Killip, James, farmer, Rock
Killip, John, farmer, Narradale
Killip, John, farmer, Rock
Killip, John, shoemaker, Sulby
Killip, William, farmer, Slieumanagh and Curragh
Killip, William, labourer, Grest
Killip, William, shoemaker, Close-e-Volley
Killip, William, tailor, Clan agh
Kinnish, Robert, labourer, Aust
Kinnish, Thomas, labourer, Ballabrooie
Kinrade, Jane, Breckey
Kinrade, John, labourer, Narradale
Kissack, Arthur, farmer, North Balleigh
Kissack, Jane, farmer, Sulby
Kissack, John, labourer, Narradale
Kissack, John, labourer, West Aust
Kissack, Miss, Ginger Hall
Kissack, Thomas, labourer, West Aust
Kissack, William, farmer, North Balleigh
Kneale, Esther, widow, Sulby Old Village
Kneale, James, blacksmith and farmer, Sulby
Kneale,James, farmer, Dry-close
Kneale, James, labourer, Sulby-street
Kneale, James, farmer, West Aust
Kneale, James, labourer, Aust
Kneale, James, labourer, Ballacuberagh
Kneale, Jane, widow, Glenmoar
Kneale, John, farmer, Ballagarrow
Kneale, John Southward, Milntown Corn Mill
Kneale, John, farmer, Gob-e-Volley
Kneale, Margaret, widow, Milntown
Kneale, Robert, fisherman, Kerroomoar
Kneale, Thomas, farmer, West Aust
Kneale, Thomas, fisherman, Thornhill
Kneale, William, farmer, Ballacuberagh
Kneale, William, labourer, Sulby Old Village
Kneen, Hugh, farmer, Glenmoar
Kneen, James, labourer, Glentrammon
Kneen, John, farmer, Ballacowle
Kneen, John, labourer, Grest
Kneen, William, labourer, Glenmoar
Knight, Philip, joiner, Glenduff


Lace, Ann, widow, Balleigh
Lace, Hannah, widow, Balladoole
Lace, Isabella, widow, Slieumanagh
Lace, Jane, widow, Dhoor
Lace, Robert, gateman, Milntown
Lace, William, bootmaker, Glenauldyn
LaMothe, J.C., High-Bailiff of Ramsey, Ellanbane
Law, Thomas H., Ballachrink Cottage
Lawson, James, fisherman, Balleigh
Lawton, George, woollen mill, Glen Auldyn, cloth, flannels, serge, blankets, and yarn
Leece, Isabella, widow, West Ballamanagh
Loney, Catherine, Ballakillinghan
Looney, Edward, labourer, Clanagh
Looney, Thomas, sailor, Ballacuberagh
Lord, Ann, widow, Sulby Old Village
Lord, Mary, spinster, Milntown
Lord, Robert, gardener, Milntown
Lord, Thomas, labourer, Milntown


Maddrell, John, labourer, Ballacottier
Maddrell, Robert, fisherman, Ballagarrow
Malcolm, Alexander, Ginger Hall
Moore, John, farmer, Balladoole
Moore, John, labourer, Ballacuberagh
Moore, Margaret, grocer and provision dealer, Sulby
Moore, Robert, labourer, Narradale
Moore, Robert, labourer, Sulby Glen
Moore, William, farmer, Nary
Moore, William, labourer, Close-e-Volley
Moore, William, labourer, Vollan
Moore, William, seaman, Balladoole
Mortimer, John, gardener, Mount Pleasant
Mylechraine, John, farmer, Corrady
Mylechraine, John, labourer, Ballacuberagh
Mylechraine, John F., labourer, Sulby Glen
Mylechraine, John, quarryman, Ballacuberagh
Mylrea, James, farmer, Glenmoar
Mylrea, William, labourer, Narradale
McWhannell, James, Glenduff


Qualtrough, Elizabeth, farmer, Garey
Quayle, Ann, widow, Clanagh
Quayle, Ann, widow, Close-e-Volley
Quayle, Caesar, farmer, Grest
Quayle, Catherine, widow, Carrick
Quayle, Daniel, labourer, Clanagh
Quayle, Edward, farmer, Ballaskella
Quayle, Henry, Glentrammon
Quayle, John, coachman, Milntown
Quayle, John, farmer, Close-e-Mona
Quayle, John, farmer, Dhoor
Quayle, Mrs., farmer, Narradale
Quayle, Philip, farmer and miller, Sulby
Quayle, Philip, labourer, Church Town
Quayle, William, farmer, Blockairy
Quayle, William, farmer, Slieumanagh
Quayle, William, labourer, Ballabrooie
Quilleash, William, station master, Sulby Glen
Quine, John, labourer, Aust
Quirk, John, sailor, Ballacowle


Radcliffe, Robert, labourer, Church Town
Radcliffe, Thomas, shoemaker, Sulby Bridge
Richmond, Francis, farmer, Balleigh
Richmond, Francis, gardener, Ballachrink
Roberts, John, tailor, Sulby
Roberts, John, tailor, Sulby Bridge
Robinson, Samuel, farmer, Ashcroft
Robinson, Samuel, mason, Glen Auldyn
Rowsthorn L., widow, Ormly Hall [nb Rawsthorn, Levina in census]
Rudd, Thomas, Myrtle Hill


Sayle, Joseph, labourer, Ballamanagh
Sayle, Edmund, labourer, Thornhill
Sayle, Peter, cartman, Glenmoar
Sayle, William, labourer, Ballavar cheen
Sewell, Priscilla, spinster, Belle Vue
Sharp, Alexander, farmer, Ballacuberagh
Sharp, William, farmer, Narradale and Cronk-arrow
Shimmin, William, labourer, Slieumanagh
Simpson, Thomas, Thornhill
Skillicorn, Edward, farmer, Aust
Skelly, Catherine, spinster, Thornhill
Smith, Ambrose Henry, Post-office, Sulby
Smith, William, labourer, Slieumanagh
Southward, Francis, woollen manufacturer, Sulby Old Village
Southward, Thomas, woollen manufacturer, Sulby Old Village
Starch Mill Company, William Gadd, manager, Manchester
Stewart, Jane, spinster, Sunnyside
Stowell, John, labourer, Grest
Stowell, William, overseer, Sulby Claddagh
Sulby Woollen Mills, Southward Brothers


Teare, Charles, blacksmith, Aust
Teare, George, farmer, Lough-ne-yiegh
Teare, James, labourer, Cooilbane
Teare, Margaret, farmer, Ballacowle
Teare, Richard, farmer, Glentrammon
Teare, Thomas, farmer, Ballacaly
Teare, Thomas, West Ballacaly
Teare, William, labourer, Grest
Thompson, George, Sulby Glen
Thomson, William, labourer, West Aust
Turnbull, William, gardener, Church Town
Tyson, Agnes, widow, Glen Auldyn


Vondy, Thomas, farmer, Ballachrink


Waddell, James, joiner, Sulby Bridge
Walker, Janetta, widow, Cooilbane House
Walker, William, farmer, Vollan
Ward, Henry W., Greenland
Watt, Jane, widow, Glen Auldyn
Williams, Aaron, farmer, Beach Mount


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