Episcopal Wills 1762/3 Braddan, of William and Dorothy Fine

(from MM GL711 / LDS 0106386 )

In the name of God Amen. We William Fine and Dorothy
Fine my wife late of Douglas but now occupants of Ballahott in the
parish of Kk Malew being weak in body, but of sound & disposing
mind & memory and considering the uncertainty of human life, do
make and publish this our joint and unanimous last will and testament
in manner and form following, that is to say, First we recommend
our souls into the hands of Almighty God our creatior,( hoping thro' the
meritts and intercession of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Chriust to obtain
pardon and forgiveness of our manifold sins and offences against the 
Divine will) and our bodys to the earth to be decently interred at the
discretion of our executors, and as to what worldly substance & estate
it has pleased Almighty God to confer upon us, we dispose thereof as
follows. We give, and devise unto our eldest daughter Jane Hynes
for and during her natural life only all that our messuage or houses
commonly called and known by the name of the White Lyon Inn wherein
George Shimeld lately dwelt but now in the holding of one Mr Howard
lying & being in the town of Douglas, subject to a certain mortgage or
Incumbrance with which it stands chargeable, and it is our will and
pleasure that the said house after our said daughter's decease is to fall
and come to her eldest child, and in case she dies without issue, then it is to
descend & come to our other children equally amongst them. We also
give and devise unto our daughter Sarah Clark all our houses and
concerns at Laxah in the parish of Kk Lonan, as also our houses and
concerns at the sand side of Douglas which was formerly part of Thomas
Joyner's land. We also give and devise unto our daughter Christinna Kelly
all that house which adjoyns that other house devised to our daughter
Hynes, wherein Mr Joseph Bacon lately dwelt being an intack of two
pence rent (but it must not be understood that the room over the said other
house which Mr Bacon held is to be included in this devise to our said daughter
Kelly We also give and devise unto our daughter Anne all that our
new house known by the name of Laxah Hall with the yard, backside and
easements thereto belonging as the same is now held and enjoyed by us, subject
and chargeable with a certain incumbrance lately raised thereupon to pay off 
and discharge our other daughter Elizabeth Moore her portion, and we also
give and devise unto our said daughter Anne the one half of the intack
which we purchased from one Cashen, the other half thereof being already
disposed of to our own son-in-law John Clark. We also bequeath unto o[ur]
sister Jane Reney, or to her children, the sum of five pounds British
Lastly we hereby declare it to be our will and pleasure that the whole
of the said houses and concerns devised to our children as aforesaid to
be and remain for the use and benefitt of ourselves and the survvour [of]
us during our naturall lives, unless we or the survivour shall
hereafter think proper to let our children have their said legacys []
and we also nominate and appoint the survivour of us executor and
residuary legatee of all the rest of our goods chattles & effects moveable
and immoveable whatsoever. In witness whereof we have hereunto
interchangeably sett our hands this 8th day of June [no year given !]
Wm Fine, Dorothy Fine
signed published & declared
by the testators as their last will
and testament in the presence of
Philip Moore , John Ford ?
Whereas this our will mentions that our daughtr Nancey was to[]
the new house she being now married to Mr Thos Durie and
[] got a marriage contract which is to be fully paid them we
farther agree that the longest liver of us both may dispose
of the same house as we or either of us think proper either by []
gift or grant as will be most convenient, the foregoing part of the
will to stand good . Ballahott 26 April 1762
Wm Fine, Dorothy Fine
witnesses Robt Caesar, Elizabeth Kelly
At a chapter court holden at Kk Braddan 9th Nov 176[2]
Mrs Dorothy Fine one of the testators having survived the other
testator her late husband Mr Wm Fine she is thereupon sworn
executrx in form of law & hath given her consent that her part of the
[lost from copy] to her children

William Fine, bur Braddan 23 Jun 1762, was a merchant from Ireland - his daughter Anne made an exceptionally good marriage to the rich merchant Thomas Durie, from Dumfries, who had moved to Douglas. Anne's portrait hangs in the Manx Museum

His various daughters married:

Jane - Patrick Hynes
Sarah - John Clark - Onchan 3 Jan 1748 (also an IGI record 5 Dec 1748 Saint Mathews - ? is this banns )
Christian - John Kelly
Elizabeth - Edward Moore - Braddan 24 May 1757 (? Frances Wilkins wrongly quotes husband as Philip Moore - this Edward Moore was an ancestor of A W Moore)
Ann - Thomas Durie - Malew 12 May 1760 (Darey in IGI)



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