Property Records

Property, apart from a very small amount of freehold, fell into three categories

  1. Lord's Rent - Land nominally owned by the Lord and rented out as tenements - in practice regarded by tenants as their own property, which property right was codified by the 1704 Act of Settlement - the annual rent roll was held in Lib Assed whilst Lib Vas gave the changes from one year to the next - additional levies were often laid by the Lord upon landowners for the support of garrisons etc - these could be fixed for a certain number of years and compounded into the rent - the Composition Books give the names and rentals of such properties - these too were codified by the Act of Settlement and alienation fines imposed at each change of ownership.
  2. Abbey Rental - land which pre 1540 was held by Rushen Abbey but after this year became the property of the Lord - however the rentals and changes to the rentals continued to noted in Lib Mon
  3. Other Baronial land - small tracts held by the Bishop, Abbeys of Sabbal and Bangor etc - noted in the respective Barony book

There are several significant changes to the form and location of records:

Marriage Contracts form about 10% of the Deeds found in North & South Side Sales - these are discussed elsewhere

Lib Assed - indexed by Year

Lib Vas

Property Transfers - indexed by Parish

Note that only a small fraction of the records available on the CD are included on line

The Parish indices for Old Deeds, Old Mortgages, North + South Side Sales, North + South Side Mortgages, and Castletown deeds are complete ; that for the Enrolled Deeds is currently in preparation.


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