The Barrovian - A Magazine produced for Old Boys of King William's College

Issused 3 times a year - the first issue was April 1880 though a magazine had been published much earlier. A feature from early 20th Century is a centre fold page of illustrations - many taken post 1920 were by Rev E. H. Stenning, a keen photographer. The years of WW1 and immediately afterwards saw many notices and photos of past-pupils killed in the War - in total 135 old boys, two masters and one ground staff died out of some 546 who fought.

These pages are a selection:


Mother Schofield's Cottag
"Mother Schofield's Cottage
(Demolished 1911)

From #128 March 1922

This was one of the small cottages that were on the foreshore along the Castletown to Derbyhaven road (Derbyhaven can be seen in the background). "Mother" was the college epithet for those who ran tuck shops etc.


Telephoto shot of KWC
Telephoto view of College buildings from Ballasalla quarries

From #129 July 1922

The building centre midground is Quayle's Folly - demolished in WW2

Quayles Folly
close up of Quayles Folly

Quayle's Folly, a square tower-like building with a pyramidical roof built from the local limestone stood on the Castletown-Douglas road near where Ronaldsway Airport now stands. It was demolished early in WW2 as it was on the line of a runway. Apparently built by the Quayle family of Bridge House. (see Jenkinson's guide of 1874)

aerial shot of KWC
"A New View of College"

From #121 November 1919

An early aerial shot taken from an submarine hunter airship, Z34, taken in 1918 (apparently Z34 was in the habit of 'dropping in' on the College for lunch).

Hango Hill can be seen near foreground (with protective embankment) - next to which is a 'tuckshop'.

Telephoto view of College taken from Langness
Telephoto view of College

From #127 November 1921

Taken from Langness - shows the narrow neck of land leading to the Golf course + St Michael's Island, Derbyhaven bay to right, Castletown bay to left with Hango Hill visible left midground

Castletown Promenade in 1891
Castletown Promenade in 1891

From #119 March 1919

Looks a somewhat re-touched picture postcard shot. Hoy in 'A Blessing to this Island' identifies the two figures left foreground as Frank Walters (with boater) and Heenry Christopher.

The View is looking along from the Old Douglas road towards Hango Hill visble in background right

Castletown Harbour
Castletown Harbour

From #125 March 1921

The boat entering the harbour (beyond the swing bridge) is the IoMSPCo Tyrconnell - a cargo vessel(built 1892) bought in 1911

KWC OTC Annual Inspection 1922
OTC Annual Inspection 1922

From #133 Nov 1923

Annual Inspection by Colonel John Campbell, V.C., D.S.O., C.M.G., Coldstream Guards


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