Wellington Hall

Wellington hall in its later use as a bazaar, c.1895

The WELLINGTON MARKET is a substantial and commodious building, with a spacious entrance from Duke-street, and side entrances from Factory-lane and Drumgold-street. It was erected in 1836, and opened to the public January 20th, 1838. It has an extensive range of stalls erected on each side and at the upper end. The greater part of the stalls were let by auction from that time till the20th November following, at a rent averaging about seven pounds. Such, however, is the obdurate perversity of the country people, that they never avail themselves of it, though they can do so without any charge or toll ; they prefer standing with the produce of the dairy or fowl yard, during the most inclement weather, in a small crowded square near St. Matthew's Chapel. The new building, therefore, remains almost untenanted, and it is to be feared that the occasional hire of the hall, which forms the upper story, and which is let for public meetings, will afford but a scanty remuneration to the proprietors.

Kerrish's Guide 1855

Before long it was converted into a bazaar.

The building, long hidden behind adjacent buildings, was demolished in 1998 to make way for an extension to Marks and Spencer's.

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