Cottages in Castletown - KK Malew 1703

This table is extracted from J. Roscow "The Development of Castletown 1601 to 1703" Proc IoMNH&AS vol XI #1 p5/28 2000 - note that names have been 'normalised' to the modern spelling of Manx family names.

 It was the last before the Act of Settlement , after which new books with a different order were used




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1 The Lord 12 Gun position commanding the harbour at the castle gates 1647 Liber Vast
1b KEWIN Thomas 4
2 The Lord 12 Wash house by the gate
3 COTTIER Henry 12
4 LOONEY Thomas, carpenter 16
5 LOONEY Thomas, carpenter 8
7 NORRIS John 12
8 HALSALL Arthur 24
9 HALSALL Arthur 24
10a THOMPSON William, Mr 8 part 16d Schoolmaster
10b PARR Deemster John & wife Jane 8 part 16d
11 PARR Deemster John & wife Jane 12
12a SEDDEN Humphrey 20 part 60d
12b PARR Deemster John & wife Jane 4 part 60d
12c CREER Widow & children 24 part 60d Adjoins Thompson's garden
12d HUDDLESTON Silvester 12 part 60d Near Castle St.
13a The Lord 6 Ex Wm Fargher, Tom Huddleston (Felons) 1647 Liber Vast
13b QUOTT Thomas & mother 6
14a HARRISON William 12 Near Edward Corris on Parliament Sq.
14b PARR Vicar Gen 4 Robert, John & Mrs Margaret Quayle
14c KILLEY Edward, weaver 12
15a MERCER Rhoda & daughters 6 Soloman's Corner, cellar by riverside
15b PARR Vicar Gen 31 part 43d Robert, John & Mrs Margaret Quayle
15c SEDDON Humphrey 12 part 43d Garden at the old chapel
16a HALSALL Arthur, porter 6 A cellar
16b HUDDLESTON Robert 6 A cellar by Halsall's
17a The Lord 120 part 120d Parliament Sq.
17b CORRIS part 120d Re-rented in 1648, see plot 148
17c various part 120d 1661 see plots 149 to 152 incl.
18 Ceased 1560
19 HALSALL Arthur & wife Isabel 28 South Parliament Sq.
20a The Lord 18 Cellars previously belonging to Bishop
20b QUIRK Robert, boson 6
21 PARR Vicar Gen 84 Robert, John (Clerk) & Mrs Quayle
22a KEWIN Thomas, slater 12
23a LACE Henry & his mother 37
24a HALSALL Anthony, Rev 13 part 92d
24b GELLING William 9 part 92d
24c HALSALL Anthony, Rev 67 part 92d
24d THOMPSON William, Mr 3 part 92d Schoolmaster
24e BOARDMAN John 12 A garden and stable
25a The Lord 23 (ex Quinney)
25b QUOTT Thomas 1
26 The Lord 12 part 30d By old chapel
27 The Lord 18 part 30d
28 HALSALL Anthony, Rev 20 West side of Parliament Sq.
29 BOARDMAN John & son Robert 8 In Chapel St.
30a BOARDMAN John & son Robert 8 In Chapel St.
30b HUDDLESTON Silvester 2 Cellar `beneath' the old chapel
31 0 Site of the old school
32a BOARDMAN John & son Robert 10 part 12d In Chapel St.
32b STEVENSON Alice 1 part 12d Cow house West St.opp Lord's house
32c MADDRELL James 1 part 12d
33a HUTCHIN Phillip 18 part 61d The sea end of the new chapel
33b QUINNEY Christopher 18 part 61d Part of above by the new chapel
33c BOARDMAN John 12 part 61d In Chapel St.
33d STEVENSON Alice 13 part 61d Near the new chapel
34 The Lord 24 (ex Allan)Site new chapel 1698
35a The Lord 16 (ex Mylchreest)Site new chapel 1698
36 The Lord 8 (ex Stevenson)Site new chapel 1698
37 The Lord 24 (ex Allan & Walker) Site new chapel 1698
38 WATTERSON John, weaver 1 In the Market Sq.
39 The Lord 7 Was Diall Hill
40a REDFERN Thomas & John 52 part 116d West Market Sq.
40b WATTLEWORTH John 64 part 116d West Market Sq.
41a PIGGARD William 18½ part 49d West Market Sq.
41b WOODS George & daughterJane 6 part 49d West Market Sq.
41c WOODS George & daughter Jane 6 part 49d West Market Sq.
41d PIGGARD widow part 49d West Market Sq.
41e SMITH John & wife June Lucas 12 part 49d West Market Sq.
42 PATTEN Thomas 5 East Market Sq.
43 STEVENSON Alice 11 East Market Sq.
44a PATTEN Thomas 16 part 20d Castle Street by the little tower
44b HUDDLESTON Silvester 4 part 20d Ottiwells, end of Castle St.
45 MADDRELL James 16 Castle St.
46 BREW Ceasar 8 Castle St.
47 The Lord 40 N.W. corner of Market Sq.
48 MERCER Rhoda & daughters Abigail & Sarah 40 West of the Lord's house
49 WOODS George & daughter Jane Thorpe 6 Corner of West St. west side
50 The Lord 4 Passage out of Lord's haggard to West St.
51a ROTHMELL married to Byron Fox 24 part 44d Shop, West St. west side
51b BOARDMAN John & son Robert 8 part 44d West St. west side
51c KILLEY Edward 6 part 44d West St. west side
51d BOARDMAN John 6 part 44d West St. west side
52a BREW widow 12 part 24d West St. west side
52b STANLEY widow 12 part 24d. West St. west side
53a BOARDMAN John 4 part 12d West St. west side
53b THOMPSON Richard 8 part 12d West St. west side
54a QUIGGIN John & wife 6 part 18d, no 1 West St. west side
54b BARRY Elizabeth 12 part 18d, no 1 West St. west side
55a QUAY Thomas 9 part 18d, no 2 West St. east side
55b SAINT widow & children 6 part 18d, no 2 West St. east side
55c SAINT William 3 part 8d, no 21 West St. east side
56a QUILLIAM John 6 part 16d West St. east side
56b HAMILTON Ellen alias Rothmell 4 part 16d West St. east side
56c ROTHMELL John 2 part 16d West St. east side
56d BOARDMAN John, & son Robert 4 part 16d West St. east side
57a CALCOTT Ferdinando 12 part 24d The new wing to Bagnio House
57b CRY Phillip 12 part 24d West St. east side beside Bagnio
58 WILLIAMS Nicholas & wife Kathleen 28 On Market Sq.
59 STOWELL George 4 Church St. by the little tower
60 STEVENSON John 4 part 8d Church St. east side
61a KEWIN Mary 2 part 8d Church St.
61b QUAYLE (Ballatrollag) 2 part 8d Church St.
61c STEVENSON John 2 part 4d Church St.
61d KEWIN Margaret 1 part 4d Church St.
61e QUAYLE John ½ part 4d Church St.
61f QUIGGIN John & wife ½ part 4d Church St.
62 WHETSTONE John 6 Water St.
63/4a LAWRENCE Thomas 19 (1d extra since 1601)
63/4b The Lord Water St. wash-house 3½d
65a MOUGHTY William 4 part 16d
65b PARR, VICAR GEN Robert, John (Clerk) 12 part16d And Mrs Margaret Quayle
66a TAUBMAN Elizabeth, wife of Thomas 2 Of the Bowling Green Farm
66aa BREW widow 2 part 8d
66b CALCOTT Turner & wife 4 part 8d
66na LAWRENCE Thomas 2 (a) part 8d All 8d is in Water St.
66nb The Lord 3 (a) part 8d Site of kiln, ex Widow Parker (Stanley) by wash-house
66nc QUINE William 3 (a) part 8d
67a STOWELL George 6 part 18d
67b CALCOTT Turner, & wife 12 part 18d
68a TAUBMAN Elizabeth 15½ part 30d Wife of Thos. of Bowling Green
68aa BREW widow 1 part 30d
68b WHETSTONE John 13½ part 30d
69 WHETSTONE John 18
70 WOOLFENDON Francis 7
71 SHIMMIN William 10
72 LOONEY Thomas, senior 19
73a QUAYLE Robert part 10d
73b CLAGUE William part 10d
73x MOORE widow 7
74a WHETSTONE John 9 part 18d
74b BREW Phillip 9 part 18d Now Arthur Halsall's
75a QUOTT Thomas part 15d
756 MURRAY Robert 1 part 15d
75c CREGEEN Lewis (3d of 4d) 4 part 15d With wife Alice Moughty
(1d of 4d)
75d CREER Gilbert part 15d With John Cowin & Tom Quott
76/7 MURRAY Robert 10
78a WHETSTONE John 1 part 30d
78b VOASE Henry & children 29 part 30d
79a HARRISON John (Ballaglonna) 27 part 32d
79b CALCOTT Turner & wife 1 part 32d
79c TAUBMAN Elizabeth 4 part 32d
80a QUIRK Thomas, & children 8 part 14d
80b QUAY Edward & wife 1 part 14d
80c BELL Mary 4 part 14d
80d VOASE Henry 1 part 14d
81a COFTSANS John & wife 6 part 16d
81b CALCOTT Turner & wife 10 part 16d
82a MOORE Robert, miller 1 part 4d
82b QUAY Robert, miller 1 part 4d
82c VOASE Henry 2 part 4d Voase's barn
83 QUAY Robert, smith 16 Has been a smithy since 1557
84 NELSON John 4
85a CALCOTT Robert 25 part 36d
85b MORRISON Daniel, doctor 10 part 36d
85c GELL John 1 part 36d
86 NORRIS John, hatter 4
87a QUAY Robert, miller 1 part 4d
87b MOORE Robert 1 part 4d
87c QUAY Thomas 2 part 4d
88 GELL John 12
89/90a GELL John 1 part 20d
89/90b CORRIN Robert, postman 5 part 20d Church St. east side
89/90c CALLOW William 6 part 20d
89/90d NORRIS John, hatter 6 part 20d
89/90e GELL John 2 part 20d
91 MORRISON Daniel, doctor 48
91na CALLOW William 2 part 4d
91nb GELLING Robert 2 part 4d
92 KEWISH John 6
93a KEWLEY John, taylor 6 part 12d
93b CALLOW William 3 part 12d
93c KILLEY widow 3 part 12d
94a CREGEEN Lewis & wife part 54d
94b KEWISH John 3 part 54d
94c CALLOW William 3 part 54d
94d SHIMMIN Thomas part 54d
94e MORRISON Daniel, doctor 33 part 54d
94f NORRIS John, carpenter 2 part 54d
95a CORRIN Henry 5 part 8d With his wife and children
95b KEWLEY John, taylor 3 part 8d
96a MOORE Gilbert part 22d
966 CORRIN Edward part 22d
96c QUALTROUGH John & wife 7 part 22d
96d NORRIS John, carpenter 2 part 22d
97 CORRIN Edward, shoemaker 12 Wife Mary Woods
98a KILLEY widow 4 part 8d
98b QUALTROUGH William, wife Margery part 8d 4
99 CORRIN Edward 6 Wife Mary Woods
100 QUALTROUGH William, wife Margery 6
101 WATTERSON Thomas, cooper 6
102a MOORE widow 4 part 16d
102b KEWIN widow 4 part 16d
102c MOORE widow 3 part 16d
102d QUAY Richard 4 part 16d
102e KEWIN widow 1 part 16d
103a KEWIN widow 4 part 10d Mill St. east
103b QUIRK Phillip 2 part 10d Mazon's house
103c COWLEY Thomas 4 part 10d
104a QUIGGIN Isabel 3 part 6d
104b MOORE widow 2 part 6d
104c QUIRK Phillip 1 part 6d
105 GREEN Robert 8 Known as Quill's house
106a SHERLOCK John 11 part 24d Anthony was his grandfather
106b GELLING George & wife 4 part 24d Opposite to Mill Street entrance
106c GREEN Robert & wife 2 part 24d
106d CARTOON Jane 7 part 24d
107a BARRY widow 48 part 52d
1076 KEWLEY John 2 part 52d
107c MOORE widow & son 1 part 52d
107d QUIGGIN Issabel 1 part 52d
108 QUAY Richard 8
109a STOWELL George 10 part 20d The Bog Croft by the river
109b CALCOTT Turner 5 part 20d The Bog Croft by the river
109c VOASE Henry 5 part 20d The Bog Croft by the river
110 MOORE John 12
111a MOORE Jane, widow ½ part 16d
111aa GREEN Robert ½ part 16d With Richard Quay
l l 1b MOORE Jane, widow 5 part 16d
111c KEGG Ann 5 part 16d
111d WATTERSON John 5 part 16d
112a WHETSTONE John 12½ part 50d
112b WHETSTONE John 12½ part 50d
112c CALCOTT Ferdinando 22 part 50d Part of the Lord's garden
112d NORRIS John, hatter 1 part 50d
112e CALLOW William 1 part 50d
112f WATTERSON John 1 part 50d With Francis his wife
113a TAGGART Margaret, widow 10 part 16d
113b HARRISON John, fetly 6 part 16d Fetly is his nickname
114 WATTERSON Thomas, cooper 4
115 SHIMMIN Robert 4
116a QUIRK Robert, boson 3 part 8d
116b QUIRK Robert, pred 1 part 8d
116c SHIMMIN Robert 3 part 8d
116d SHIMMIN Robert 1 part 8d
117a COTTEEN John 5 part 10d
117b BELL Thomas 4 part 10d
117c CORRIN Edward, shoemaker 1 part 10d
118a QUAY Robert 2 part 8d
118b WATTERSON Thomas, cooper 2 part 8d.
118c QUAY Robert 4 part 8d
119a COTTEEN John 1 part 8d
119b HUTCHIN Phillip 3 part 8d
119c COTTEEN John & sister 4 part 8d
120a COTTEEN John 5 part 9d
120b HUTCHIN Phillip 4 part 9d
121a KILLEY William, taylor 8 part 12d
121b BELL Thomas 4 part 12d
122a HUTCHIN Patrick part 10d 2d garden bought off Gilbert
122b SCOTSON widow part 10d
122c BELL Thomas 1 part 10d
123 Not used
124 SAINT widow & children 2
125 CORRIN Edward, shoemaker 2
126 TAYLOR Henry 4
127 BOARDMAN John & son Robert 4
128a DUGGAN Nicholas 1 part 12d
128b WATTERSON John, Ballasalla 1 part 12d
128c QUACKEN Margery 2 part 12d
128d KEWIN Francis 1 part 12d
128e LOONEY Francis 2 part 12d
128f CREGEEN John 3 part 12d
128g LOWEY Robert ½ part 12d
128h TAYLOR William 1 part 12d
128j KELLY John ½ part 12d
129 KEWIN widow 2
130 CLARK Thomas 2
131a KELLY John ½ part 8d
131b QUAYLE Mrs & children 1 part 8d All Queen St. properties
131c BREW Caesar part 8d
131d WALKER George, smith 1 part 8d
131e The Lord 1 1648
132a STEVENSON Major 1 part 9d
132b SAINT widow & children 4 part 9d
132c QUOTT William 4 part 9d
133 TAYLOR Henry 4
134a COWIN John 1 part 3d
134b QUAY Richard 2 part 3d
135 TAYLOR Henry 4
136 WATTERSON John, weaver 3
137 KELLY John 2
138 SAINT widow & children 2
139a SAINT widow & children 1 part 2d
139b TAGGART widow 1 part 2d
140 WATTERSON John 1 New 1591
141 COTTEEN John 1 New 1593
142 WOODS George & daughter Ellin Thorpe 2 New 1593
143 WALKER George 2 New 1593 Queen St.
144 KELLY John 1 Queen St.
145 WALKER George 1 New 1593 Queen St.
146 COTTEEN John 4 New 1593

All below are new plots since 1594:

147 HALSALL Arthur, porter 1 1645 Enclosure in the Great Garden
148 CORRIS Edward 6 1648 Part of old 17
149 KEWIN Thomas 2 1661 Part of old 17
150 WOODS George, daughter Jane Thorpe, 1666 2 Part of old 17, an outlet
151 PARR John, Deemster 1 1688 Part of old 17
152 WILLIAMS Nicholas, Mr 1 1688 Part of old 17

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