Benjamin Philpot, 1791-1889

Benjamin Philpot (age 94)Born 9 Jan 1791, Laxfield, Suffolk, orphaned in early childhood and adopted by father's elder brother who had no male heir. BA Christ's Coll. Camb 1812; fellow from 1814, first marriage 1816 (biography does not give name ! though described as 'ward of his uncle') she died shortly after giving birth to 3rd child (only one of whom, a daughter, survived). Death of Uncle had given him living at Walpole which he left (to care of a curate) in 1820 on death of first wife. Second marriage 1822 to Charlotte Vachall (d. July 1876 aged 74). Through connections which are not at all obvious from his biography (a most frustrating book for any one interested in his Manx years) he was offered the Chaplainship of St George's by Bishop Murray, which post he held from August 1827 to May 1832. On arrival of Bishop Ward in 1828, was offered post of Vicar General as Ward was keen to get rid of the notorious William Roper who had been appointed by Bishop Murray, contrary to all tradition that the post be held by a cleric. Became Archdeacon of Man, and Rector of Andreas, May 1832 until his departure August 1839 for Cressingham Norfolk - again for reasons not fully explained though possibly having declined the Bishopric (according to the biography) on the death of Bishop Ward maybe he felt he should move. Moved again in 1860 to Lidney, Forest of Dean, where he spent 12 years before moving to Dennington, Suffolk from where he retired to Surbiton. Died 1889 just short of 100th year and is buried at Lidney with his wife.

Would appear to have run the diocese during Ward's extended absences



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